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best anno game

The Anno series consists of many wonderful games; it’s difficult to know the best Anno game. Each game installment has its unique title, but the storyline and gameplay mechanics remain the same. This article will rank the best Anno games primarily made for PC and those made for handheld devices. Choose the best Anno game from the list below.

  1. Anno: Build an Empirebest anno game

Anno: Build an Empire is the best Anno game for Android and Ios. The gameplay is fairly the same as the other Anno games for PC. Except for the fact that it contains in-app purchases, but that’s a normal thing for most android apps. The storyline is the same as other Anno games set in the colonial era. You’re required to maintain the economy of the colony, upgrade existing structures and trade with others.

  1. Anno: Create A New Worldbest anno game

This is an electronic strategy game developed for Wii and Nintendo DS. This game is set in the 14th century during King George’s reign. At that particular period, the Kingdom faces great famine and drought. King George decides to send his 2 sons; William and Edward to explore other parts of the world. You take the role of Edward, who has a more peaceful approach to issues, unlike his brother. You are required to find resources and meet the needs of your citizens.

  1. Anno 1701: Dawn of Discoverybest anno game

This is another electronic strategy game, making it to this list. It’s one of the best Anno game developed for Nintendo DS. It has 3 modes of play, namely: Multiplayer, continuous mode, and story mode. It begins with the player sailing across sea searching for a suitable Island to settle. Eventually, you’ll find an Island to settle. You advance in the game if the settlers’ needs are satisfied. You’re required to build an economically stable city for all your inhabitants. In the continuous mode, you’re allowed to invade other rival settlements and possess them. Similarly, in story mode, you can do the same, but you have to fulfill some tasks first.

  1. Anno 2205

Anno 2205 is the sixth Installment game of the Anno series. It is one of the few Anno games that has a futuristic setting. Players have the responsibility of leading corporations that aim at advancing technology. Besides, they have the role of building city-states. Moreover, they’re responsible for catering to the needs of their citizens. Production depends on the fulfillment of the citizen needs.

  1. Anno 1701

This game setting is in the 18th century during the colonial era. The player takes the role of a colonial ruler whose main task is maintaining and building the colony allocated to him/her. The colony is in the “New World.” The game focuses on maintaining the economy of the colony. Having a balanced economy means a successful colony. After that, you can acquire other colonies by invading and defeating rival players. There are 5 stages of the game, namely: Pioneer, Settler, Citizen, Merchant, and Aristocrat. You’re required to level up each stage from Pioneer to Aristocrat respectively.

  1. Anno 1503

Following the huge success of the Anno 1602, Anno 1503 came as a direct sequel. Just like its predecessor, it became a best-selling game across the globe. In this game, you’re required to maintain a colony based in the new world and ensure its economic prosperity. Set in the 16th century, and it begins with you (the player) as a captain of a ship sailing across sea searching for a suitable Island to settle. Eventually, you’ll settle and begin advancing in civilization. You build an economically stable city for all your inhabitants.

  1. Anno 1602

Anno 1602 is the pioneer game of the Anno series. The other Anno games were build based on the storyline of the Anno 1602. It is the game that introduced progressive artificial intelligence into its gameplay. As a result, it became a top-notch game during its era. Players can create their real-world that fits their imagination. You’re set to explore different parts of the world and discover new settlements there. Trade plays a key role in the game as you have to keep your economy balanced.

  1. Anno 2070

The game released in 2011 and has a futuristic setting. With the highlands having turned to Islands due to the melting of the Arctic Icecap. As a result of the effects Global warming caused by environmental pollution and other factors. The once-popular Islands have been flooded and disappeared under the ocean. You’re responsible for exploring new frontiers and voting in a group of leaders you deem suitable to lead. However, there are no established governments but 3 factions, namely Ecos, Tycoons, and Techs. Use the factions to change and develop your world. Techs are available in later stages of the game.

  1. Anno 1404: Venice

Anno 1404: Venice is an extension of the Anno 1404 Installment. It follows the same storyline as Anno 1701 but has better mechanics. It introduces new features and supports multiplayer mode. The game’s setting is on the medieval period, which is popularly known as the age of discovery. It’s evident as there are constructions of cathedrals and capitalism is also introduced. The gameplay focuses on colonizing islands and setting up settlements, factories, etc. Also, there’s the construction of monuments, and it embraces gothic architecture. Trade plays a key role in the game as you can’t advance further if you don’t generate enough income.

  1. Anno 1800best anno game

Currently, this is the best Anno game in the Anno series. It is also the latest Installment of the game launched in 2019. Even though it’s the latest, the developers chose to go back to a historical setting unlike its 2 predecessors set in the future that’s Anno 2070 and Anno 2205. The game begins during the 19th century Industrial Revolution. It introduces new features related to Industrialisation effects on the people living on the Islands. Additionally, it has some aspects of colonial trade but focuses more on the labor industry and the needs of the workers. It has a new feature where that helps players plan the city hence improving gameplay.

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