10 Best Skyrim Illusion Spells

Skyrim illusion

There are many Skyrim illusion spells, all which belong to the Mage playstyle. Players have the power to raise their skill power using these spells. However, the accuracy and effectiveness of this illusion spells depend on the spell resistance power of the opponents. Illusion spells work by altering the mind of your enemies. Below are the best Skyrim illusion spells you can use.

  1. Clairvoyance

Skyrim Illusion

This Skyrim spell is usable from the novice level. You can acquire this spell by buying it from traders like Lucan Valerius and Drevis Neloren or find it in chests. Also, you can purchase it from Court Wizards and general good merchants. This spell shows you the path to the nearest or your next objective. For instance, if you’re engaged in multiple quests and you activate this spell. It will show you the path to the quest that is nearest or is coming next for that matter. The spell works by lighting your path to show you the way. Hence you’ll need to activate it several times so that it directs you.

  1. Fury

Skyrim Illusion

Fury is available from the Novice Level, so it is a great spell for beginners in the game. It gives you the power to launch attacks on anything in your for 30 seconds. It is a low-level version of frenzy when comparing all the demoralizing spells. High Elves do not need training on this spell since they already have mastered it. You can use it from the beginner level up to level 6.

  1. Rally

Skyrim illusion

This illusion spell increases the confidence and boosts the stamina of your targets. Therefore, they can stay with you in battle for long. Most allies on your side will decide to run or flee when battle intensifies. This can leave you at a very critical position since you’ll be much vulnerable to attacks by your enemies. You’ll incur intense battle damage from the direct attacks and won’t be able to defend yourself. This Skyrim illusion spell was made to prevent that. The spell lasts for about 60 seconds with no modifiers. It increases the will power of your targets to fight alongside you. You can use this spell after reaching adept level.

  1. Frenzy

Skyrim Illusion

This is an adept level illusion spell. Upon activation, this spell forces any creature or human to fight anything within its radius for 60 seconds. It comes in handy when facing multiple targets such as bandits. The Bandits will become hostile to one another and fight each other without you breaking a sweat. Compared to other illusion spells such as Mayhem, the spell works for a relatively small area. Unless you dual cast it when you attain the Illusion Dual Casting perk.

  1. Rout

Skyrim illusion

Rout is an expert level illusion spell. It works by causing creatures and people to flee from combat for 30 seconds. Under normal circumstances, it will work up to level 20. However, you can increase it to level 30 by use of perks such as Aspect of Terror and by dual casting. You can buy it from Drevis Neloren upon reaching level 60 of illusion.

  1. Invisibility

Skyrim Illusion

This is the best Skyrim Illusion spell for launching sneak attacks. It gives you the power to be invisible; hence, your enemies won’t even know you’re there. You’ll have 30 seconds of invisibility every time you cast this spell. In fact, the duration is increased to 75 seconds when you dual cast. It’s important to realize that dual casting is marginally more effective as compared to casting both hands independently. Besides, the spell effect becomes 10% more effective when dual casting. However, acquiring this spell is difficult since it is only available at the Expert level.

  1. Call to Arms

Call to arms is a powerful Skyrim illusion spell to cast. It requires casting by both hands because it takes a considerable amount of time to cast. When cast it offers a 25 point boost in all stats such as health, stamina, and archery. The effect lasts for 10 minutes, which is enough time to help you win a battle. It’s the spell that lasts for a long period compared to the other Skyrim illusion spells. Even though you’ll wait for long before using it, the wait is worth it. The only disadvantage of using this spell is that it benefits both your allies and enemies. Hence it is advised you cast it before you go to combat.

  1. Hysteria

Hysteria belongs to the master illusion spells. This means that you can’t purchase this spell. To acquire it you’ll first have to complete the quest of Illusion Ritual Spell from Drevis Neloren. It doesn’t come easy since you’re required to have at least a 90 or above in illusion. Activating this spell scares away all your enemies for 60 seconds. This spell can only be cast by two hands because to charge the spell takes about 3 seconds. This spell works up to level 25 of the game.

  1. Mayhem

Skyrim illusion

This spell when cast over a large area with many people it will cause a Mayhem just like its name suggests. It creates a situation of absolutely no order involving destructive violence. Watch how civilians fight against each other. Upon activation, it will force any creature or human to fight anything within its radius. For this reason, this spell should be only used when necessary or sparingly. It can work over a vast area and cause unintended deaths hence should be cast very rarely. Also, there’s a bounty for anyone who misuses this spell.

  1. HarmonySkyrim illusion

You can guess the effect of this illusion spell just from the name. Harmony is a situation by which individuals live peacefully with each other. This illusion spell works in the same way. Upon casting this spell, all creatures and people put down their arms and peace prevails for 60 seconds. This illusion spell shuns all forms of violence. You can acquire this spell only as a reward. You must first find the Master spell books at the College of Winterhold. For this to occur, you must be at level 100 of illusion. Otherwise, you can’t receive this illusion spell.

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