10 Best Skyrim conjuration spells

Skyrim conjuration spells

Skyrim conjuration spells are some of the most unique magic based skills in Skyrim. The power of the spells used combined with the skills make up the most complex and interesting features of the game. The skill of conjuration is the most distinctive, here’s a list of the best Skyrim conjuration spells one can use.

  1. Bound BowBound

One of the most used spells by a majority of players. Relatively, it works the same way as the bounce sword. It can capture souls when used to kill enemies. Moreover, it comes with an unlimited number of arrows. If you’re a good shooter and knows how to handle your bow well, then this is the perfect conjuration spell for you.

  1. Conjure Ash GuardianConjure

Conjure Ash Guardian is another spell originating from the Dragon Born DLC as well. It attacks by shooting a blast of ash towards its enemies. This is almost the same method used by Dwarven centurion attacks that also uses steam attacks. At close counter, they will deploy a flame explosion on their enemies. They move and behave in the same way as Storm Atronachs.

  1. Conjure MistmanSkyrim conjuration spells

Introduced in the dawn guard DLC, this spell conjures the Mistman for a minute. A Mistman is a legless floating skeleton which uses the power of frost spells to launch attacks on its enemies. Additionally, it can also pick up weapons from the ground. They’re excellent skeleton archers and much stronger than other half bodied skeletons in Skyrim. Considered best for basic summon and making ranged attacks. Lastly, they cast Ice spikes to their enemies and are much faster than Conjure Boneman.

  1. Bound SwordSkyrim conjuration spells

Undoubtedly, one of the most loved conjuration spell by many players. Indeed, its stats are not disappointing. This powerful weapon comes with a base damage of 9, which can be enhanced to 14 by the use of a mystic binding perk. Moreover, its most important aspect is that it can capture souls when you use it to kill your enemies.

  1. Conjure Seeker

This conjuration spell introduced in Dragon Born DLC. Basically, it summons a seeker for a minute or so. A seeker is a creepy creature with a floating tentacle monster shape. Also, it is a creature of Hermaeus Mora. Undeniably, one of the coolest Daedric princes to be ever created. Not to mention, when it attacks, it uses a seeker drain. This seeker casts prolonged fireball spells that drain the enemies health, magicka and stamina for about 10 seconds.

  1. Conjure Dremora Lord

This is an expert spell used to conjure Dremora Lords for about one minute. After that, the summoned Dremora Lord can be expelled using neither the expelled Daedra spell nor can it be under the control of a dragon priest. As a result, this makes it an essential partner when fighting against Dragon Priests. Although they lack a bow, Dremora Lords are a force to reckon in battle. They best fight in close quarter range using the great Daedric Greatsword. Their stats are amazing, and they boast with high health pools together with a rugged armor. In addition, their two-handed skills are at 100. You can obtain this spell as loot or buy it from vendors found in the whole of Skyrim. However, you’ll need a little bit of mastery Skyrim skills to put this spell into practice. Also, remember that he detests anything to do with Mehrunes Dragon.

  1. Storm Thrall

I consider this Conjuration spell to be much more effective and powerful than the Frost thrall and Fire thrall. Most importantly, it can summon a storm atronach permanently to serve you. Besides, it contains shock spells at its disposal which produces a lightning type of shock that hit the targeted enemies and then bounces back to hit any other enemies in close quarters. This spell can also utilize the power of chain lightning to attack a good number of enemies simultaneously hence causing a greater damage output. This conjuration spell is particularly helpful in ranged battles involving archers and dragons. However, they are a bit weak when it comes to enduring punishment.

  1. Frost ThrallSkyrim conjuration spells

Just like the Flame thrall, this conjuration spell can summon a frost atronach to serve you forever. Further, the Frost thralls contain multiple spells and attacks at their disposal. Not forgetting their normal melee attacks which they best use they spiky hand to launch an attack on their opponents. They also come with a frost cloak which inflicts high damage on any enemy in their close quarters. The reason why I like Frost Thrall most is that I like their amazing power to heal themselves whenever they’re injured. Frost atronachs are excellent in attack with or without followers, and you can survive the whole game provided you keep them close. They can even stop dragons using an AoE “stagger” attack.

  1. Flame Thrall

This is a master conjuration spell hence not recommended for newbies. It comes with the ability to summon a Flame atronach by the use of a Frost or Storm Thrall spells for your servitude forever. In addition, the summoned flame atronach comes with about 400 health points. Concurrently, you can increase these health points to 600 by use of an elemental potency perk.  It has excellent stats because it causes a massive damage output. You can acquire this Skyrim conjuration spell from Phinis Gestor after successfully passing the ritual spell. Flame thrall is the best spell in case you want to survive for long in gameplay and complete your journey successfully.

  1. Dead SpellSkyrim conjuration spells

Without a doubt, this is the best permanent spell among Skyrim conjuration spells. Owing to the fact that you can reanimate any dead boy you come across as long as it is human or in humanoid form. Reanimated bodies will be able to serve you by your side forever as long they’re not killed. This spell can be used on alive humans and humanoids as long as you murder them first and reanimate them to fight alongside you. It works much better when you face your worst or fiercest enemy provided that you’re able to kill him. Thereafter, you can cast the Dead spell conjuration to him and make him your servant forever.

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