10 best dragon age origins mods

best dragon age origins mods

Any player who wants to experience a better playthrough has to have the best dragon age origins mods. Keeping in mind the fact that when the Dragon Age game first came out, it had a lot of shortcomings, and a lot of mods were not available back then. However, with a few patches Dragon Age: Origins makes up for these shortcomings and features some of the best mods players can use to enhance their overall gaming experience. Also, check out the best Jedi outcast  mods here.

  1. The Hell Out of Howebest dragon age origins mods

This is not a normal dragon age mod that gives you added advantage in battle or enhances gameplay. The Hell Out of Howe is a new story mod that brings out a completely new script to follow as you play the game. With this mod, you have the chance to ensure that the villain suffers even more before he eventually dies. It extends the storyline of the game and gives players the power to avenge. If you hate Howe and his evil deeds, this mod gives you the power to punish him to a greater extent.

  1. Dragon Age Redesignedbest dragon age origins mods

Dragon Age Redesigned is perhaps the most difficult mod to install in the game. It requires the player to follow a few procedural steps before it successfully installs. However, it is one of the best Dragon Age origins mods. Once you successfully install it, you’ll notice that the overall graphical representation of the game has changed. The boring cartoon trolls will have a better and much realistic look than the ones in the original Dragon Age game. Also, players get the ability to choose different versions of companions in the game. This mod gives the game a much modern look rather than the ancient look we’re all used to.

  1. Improved Atmospherebest dragon age origins mods

Just like the name suggests, this mod gives the player a chance to improve the background atmosphere of the game. It affects the way NPCs behave in the entire game. With this mod, NPCs act and behave in a more realistic manner. The way they walk and carry out activities such as gathering at Campfires is more realistic with this mod installed. Also, the battleground looks much better and gets more additional texture. Moreover, the mod improves the chance of your companions landing on banter triggers frequently. 

  1. Forced Deathblows

If you want to have that ecstatic feeling that comes when you perform a finishing move on your opponent, then this is the mod to install. The original game denies the players a chance to exploit their finishing power moves. However, Forced Deathblows restores that power. With this mod, players get to experience a series of finishing moves with every single kill they make. Players get a much better experience than the boring scene in the original game where you just land on your enemy and get to kill him. Forced Deathblows is one of the best dragon age origins mods that brings back those exhilarating moments.

  1. Extra Dog Slots

This amazing mod will help you get attached to your dog companion in the entire game. This is much better rather than leaving your dog companion behind whenever you want a new companion. The mod works by adding an extra dog companion slot; hence the dog doesn’t take up any of your companion slots. Dogs aren’t really useful companions in the game and have limited capabilities. However, having them around with another powerful companion at your side works to your advantage. 

  1. No Helmet Hack

This mod unlocks your hideous character’s face. In the Dragon Age origins first release game, this was nearly impossible. The only thing that came close to this mod was a Mass Effect 2 feature that allowed players to make helmets visible or invisible. Dragon Age players over the years have grown used to the fact that they have no idea of their character’s face. However, with this mod, it is possible to make the helmet disappear, and you get to see the face of your hideous character. 

  1. Auto Loot

Auto Loot is one of the best Dragon Age origins mods. This mod allows the player to take the contents of a corpse without clicking on intermediate screens. It completely removes the need of a middle man when you want to loot an enemy that you’ve killed. This mod does everything for you in terms of hoarding. However, you will have to put up with the creator’s annoying notifications once the auto-loot is done.

  1. Lock Bash

Lock Bash allows you to go through paths and doorways that were previously out of bounds in the old game. With this mod installed, warriors in the game can easily smash any locks and render them open. It is a lock destruction mod at another level; the creator ensured the process of smashing locks is well animated in the game. The only downside to installing this mod is that it has a few bugs that may once in a while make the game hang.

  1. Madd Gift Guide

A lot of players waste their time doing trial and error, trying to find a companion that fits a gift item description. This mod saves time for majority of players. After receiving your gift item before or after interpersonal politics, this mod will help you figure out who the recipient of the gift is. This mod works best for players competing in the ‘Most popular Gray warden contest.’

  1. JB3textures

You all know that Dragon Age visuals are not that impressive. JB3textures is designed to help improve the visuals of the game. New visual elements are added, and existing ones modified to add sharpening and resize textures in the game. Contrast adjustment is made so that the resized textures may look even better. This is a great graphical and background mod that changes the implementation of your graphics card. It gives you better lighting and hence better visuals. Moreover, it improves the overall experience of the game. However, make sure your computer is capable of handling this mod. This is because it consumes a lot of RAM and VRAM.

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