10 Best Windows 95 Games

Best Windows 95 Games

The Best Windows 95 Games are readily available for all gaming fans. Most of these games are usually shareware. Nevertheless, you can get a few freeware games as well. A player can often access these games separately through a browser that can be quickly installed. Here is our list of the top 10 best Windows 95 games. Also, take a look at the 10 best PvE games here.

  1. Poker BrokerBest Windows 95 Games

Poker Broker is typically a single player poker game. It is generally classified as freeware. The player usually starts the game with $5,000. He is then allowed to bet as much as he wishes. After this, he is supplied with five cards. He can freely swap any of the cards, all of them or none at all. In the second deal, any hand with less than two jacks loses. A Hand that has a pair of honor cards gets back its stakes. Anything above this wins multiple stakes. Poker Broker is a game that has neither a high score table nor a save game feature.

  1. Telephone Puzzle 2Best Windows 95 Games

The Telephone Game is a shareware, single-player, mouse- controlled puzzler. Telephone puzzle 2 is a reasonably straightforward affair. Here, words are represented as numbers. The words are based on the position of letters on the telephone. For instance, 2 is represented by A, B, or C. 3 is represented by D, E, or F. The player must determine the type of word each number represents. 2662586466, for example, represents the word ‘Conclusion.’ All the games are timed. Statistics are also maintained depending on how many puzzles the player can solve. This game has neither a high score table nor a save game function.

  1. Pressure DropBest Windows 95 Games

Pressure drop is a color-matching game that is controlled by the keyboard.  One or two players play it. Each player has a Chromagun. The Chromagun moves right and left on a rail. The rail is positioned at the bottom of the screen.  The Chromagun spits rays of different colors. Soon ranks of colored tiles will come down from the screen top. The player is now compelled to destroy the bricks using their Chromagun. They shoot selected tiles to achieve this. The tile’s color and tone are gradually altered. Eventually, each of the bricks in the block becomes identical. Since the tile blocks are descending, they have to be destroyed, or else they hit the Pressure ray. The ray is made to move up the screen by every block that hit it.

  1. Lights!

Lights is a single-player, logic game that is controlled by the mouse. It is a shareware that is quite similar to Lights Out.  Each player is provided with a 4×4 Grid. Most of the cells are green in color. A few are red. The cells have randomly generated, hidden relationship. For this reason, if you click on a cell, the state of one or the other cells instantly changes. Lights is a game with three levels of difficulties. The following extra features are found on the registered game: three-state buttons, high score table, customizable grid size, and difficulty setting.

  1. Super Marble Solitaire

This game is a single-player, peg solitaire game. You play this game solely using the mouse. Moreover, you can quickly drop the pegs and marbles into position by dragging them as required. You may get the following layouts with the shareware version of the game: The Crossbow, Diamond, On the Edge, Man in the Middle, The Cross, French Classic, A Big Plus, Marked on the Edge, Stellar, Triangular, and Hexagonal. The player can also make his own puzzles using the game designer option. The game has options like the undo function and change the background and marble color elements. The game does not, however, have the load and ‘no save’ feature.

  1. Moraff’s Spherejongg

You can play the Moraff’s Spherejongg game with balls or spherical tiles. It is thought that this makes the game easier to play. Spherejongg is a single-player shareware game that can be played either in a full screen or window using the mouse. It comes with a choice of balls, a range of difficulty settings, and layouts. Also, it has hint, undo functions, statistics, and a score table. You can get extra options in the registered or extended version. These include better graphics and puzzles with solutions.

  1. Landmine

Landmine is a mouse-controlled, single-player, Minesweeper game. The gameplay is a standard characteristic in this category of games. The player is expected to select the cells on the grid. Most of the boxes reveal the numbers. Each number reveals the number of mines located in the boxes nearby. Before the player sets off one of the mine locations accidentally, he should ideally identify all of these locations. Landmine is a game with three levels of skills. Each of these has additional hidden mines progressively. It is played on a grid of 12×15. As each player identifies all the mines successfully, he gets rewarded with five extra points of game-time. In case a player detonates a mine, he loses both the game time and points.

  1. Moraff’s Ultra Blast

One or two players play the Ultra Blast. It is an extended version of the Moraff’s Blast I. It is also updated and one of the best Windows 95 games. The game is a combination of the Falling Walls, Special Effects, Traditional, and Breakout Style games. The design of the game features new elements like bricks. These allow the ball to travel through in just one direction, not the other. This game has unique sound effects, 16 million colors, and can keep the top ten scores per game. You can control the paddle using the mouse and move it all over the screen without a hassle.

  1. NanoCore

Nanocore is a Breakout style, single-player game. It is also a 3D shareware game. What is the storyline? The Nanocore is infected. He needs purification. The player has no choice but to utilize an Elementium ball that spews fire on enemies. To achieve his goals, the player must launch the ball, keeping it in play. He must also use the paddle for as long as it takes. In case the ball meets anything that is not a permanent object, it damages it immediately. There are eight levels in the shareware version. The registered version has thirty-two levels. You can change the camera level using the keyboard.

  1. You Don’t Know Jack

This game borrows a thousand questions from the various episodes of the show: ‘You Don’t Know Jack the Net’. Moreover, it adds a new type of question: Wendithap’n. With this, players can compare two events and decide whether or not the original event happens before or after other events. It is also possible that one of these latter events actually never occurred. You will have to find out. Ultimately, one of the best Windows 95 games ever.

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