10 Best Persona songs

I’ll analyze the best persona songs in the whole series. This list will contain the most memorable songs from the first entry in the series to the sixth entry. Each entry in the franchise had eclectic soundtracks from a variety of genres. Below are a few of the best songs from the whole series so far. Also, learn about the best Persona 5 gift guides here.

  1. Life Will Changebest persona songs

This is a protest song found in Persona 5. The lyrics are anti-government and encourage a revolution to topple the current regime. The song is relevant, especially when you’re fighting to reach the big man. Also, the message portrayed in the song is relevant to the game’s setting at the time. Usually, the song is played at the palace; this is after the player gives the heist target a calling card. ‘Life will change’ is not a normal battle or battle result track; it is a revolutionary track. However, in the early dungeons, only the instrumental version is played. Players will have to wait for the vocal version in the late game dungeons.

  1. Reach Out To The Truthbest persona songs

This is a Persona 4 reincarnation song with 3 different versions. Also, it is one of the most viewed Persona songs. Even though this list hugely features Persona 5 songs due to their better-realized aesthetic, this song offsets that. Reach out to the truth is lively and will get you going as play the game. The version you listen to depends on the game mode you’re playing. However, the original version is fully remixed and a great track to listen to.

  1. Rivers In The Desertbest persona songs

Rivers in the desert is a fire track that will get you dancing as soon as you hear it. You’ll first hear this track when you’re up against Shadow Shido during the first round, but only the instrumental version is played. The full version of the song is played when you’re up against the Holy Grail or Cendrillon in Royal. Also, when facing Shadow Shido in the second round or Caroline and Justine, you’ll get to hear the full version of the song. Some players even refer to it as the ‘Boss battle theme.’

  1. Our Moment

This epic song is the opening theme song for Persona 3. It is a terrific song with a disco rhythm that will definitely make you dance to it. Also, it comprises rap, which turns the song into an urban hip-hop genre track. This song brings back all the high school memories to life. It brings back the party mode and makes you reminisce all the good moments. Our Moment is a rhythm-action genre song and one of the best persona songs ever.

  1. Mass Destruction

Mass Destruction is a battle them song released for Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES. Yumi Kawamura and Lotus Juice perform it. The song comprises of rap vocals and has a normal rhythmic sound too. Like a majority of Persona 3 songs, there are several versions of the song. In spite of that, I am only going to concentrate on the original Persona 3 ‘Mass Destruction’ soundtrack. The song isn’t that great, but the intro is what makes it interesting. The intro is epic and full of energy. Unfortunately, the rest of the song does not live up to expectations.

  1. Last Surprise

This is not a normal battle song in Persona 5 but a complete banger. The lyrics hit different when you listen to them attentively. They’re meant to encourage the listener as they talk about a female warrior and her prowess in battle. I would say, this is the song to give you that “Never give up!” spirit. Even though it is more of a celebratory song, it will keep you focused throughout the game. You can listen to an instrumental version of this song played on electric guitar in Persona 5’s second trailer.

  1. The Whims of Fate

If you’ve keenly listened to ‘Life will change,’ you’ll note that there’s some sort of similarity when you listen to ‘Whims of Fate.’ This song is the theme hype song of Casino dungeon for Persona 5. The lyrics such as “Give in to temptation! Win it? Maybe lose it all” are considered to be somehow thought-provoking. If you want to feel psyched up, this is the song you need to listen to. The song perfectly captures the distinctive and immersive atmosphere of Persona 5 Phantom thieves. Whims of Fate is a great symbolic song that represents the art of gambling in people.

  1. Burn My Dread

This song, composed by Shoji Meguro, has several versions performed by different artists. The most remarkable version is the ‘Last Battle’ which is performed by Lotus Juice. Also, it has rap lyrics making the song a banger. Yumi Kawamura performs the theme song with a relaxing intro. The song has electronica sound, something which is quite surprising for a gaming song. However, burn my dread, nailed it, and the chorus is what makes it one of the best persona songs. The song will make your day and arouse your interest in Persona games.

  1. When Mother Was There

Well, this song is a masterpiece and genius work by Shoji Meguro. However, it is a bit melancholic and may get you feeling a little bit sad and gloomy. This is especially when you listen to it and think of Futaba Sakura’s tragic past. The sound and track composition make it fit well as the theme hype song of Futaba’s Dungeon. I don’t think any of the other 110 tracks from the game would have fitted more perfectly in this setting. Definitely, when Mother Was There deserves a place among the best persona songs ever.

  1. Memories of You

Memories of you is the final track in Persona 3 that turns many of the listeners to ardent persona 3 fans. It sparks interest to listeners through its well-written lyrics and catchy phrases.  Memories of you begins with a melancholic sound, which is also somehow celebratory. Don’t be surprised if you get a little emotional once you listen to this masterpiece. The song, through its lyrics, encourages listeners to live a fulfilling life and create beautiful memories while on earth. Without a doubt, this is one of the best final gaming tracks that I’ve ever listened to.

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