10 easy to draw pokemon

easy to draw pokemon

There are lots of easy to draw Pokemon due to their simple design or appearance. Some are quite easy to draw, while others are complex. We’ll stick to the Pokemons that are easy to master and draw in our list. Pick up a pen and pencil then create some good art. Below are the easiest Pokemon to draw.

  1. Snorunteasy to draw Pokemon

Snorunt is a generation 2 Pokemon and has a triangle shape. If you understand the basics of drawing a cone, then this Pokemon character would be easy to draw. It’s made up of cones, cylinders, and spheres. Drawing it requires basic knowledge of drawing shapes. It’s pretty static, and once you’ve mastered which parts fit where, it would be a no brainer drawing it. To make work easier, try viewing the 3D model and start practicing how to draw it.

  1. Pikachueasy to draw pokemon

Pikachu is a popular Pokemon in the Pokemon Universe. There a lot of guides on how to draw the Pikachu all over the internet. However, this is not an indication that it is easy to draw. The Pikachu is easy to draw Pokemon because it’s loved by many. Hence players prefer learning how to draw it. With a little practice over time, you’ll learn to draw this character off-head. As long as you don’t miss the minor details on its hands and feet.

  1. Jigglypuffeasy to draw pokemon

This Pokemon evolved from the Igglybuff Pokemon. Its shape is round and has pointy eyes. Firstly, draw a circle to represent the head and body. Secondly, draw a tuft on the top part with curvy edges on either side of the tuft to represent an ear. Always follow the minor details like the curvy edges around the body. These edges present the arms and legs of this cute Pokemon. Remember to give this Pokemon a curved tiny smiling mouth. This is because the Jigglypuff is known to sing songs that make your enemies mostly drowsy. Hence present it as a lively character and don’t give it a frowning face.

  1. Drifloon

Drifloon is an easy to draw Pokemon. If you’re an electronic dance music fan, you’ll confuse Drifloon with a one-eyed Marshmello mask. This is because the mask shares some resemblance with the head of the Drifloon. All the same, this Pokemon character isn’t that difficult to draw. On the top of the head, draw continuous small curves with a sharp horn-like ending on the right side. The head is a large oval with an X-like opening around the bottom. As you draw the oval-shaped head, make sure you leave a small gap around the bottom. Subsequently, draw a large thick X on the center of the face. Draw eyes on the left and right sides of the X. The rest of the body is much easier to draw.

  1. Rain Form

This Pokemon character looks like it has its face trapped inside a water bubble. To begin drawing, start in the center of the face with two small circles for the eyes. Leave a large gap separating the two eyes. Up against the top edge of the eyes draw a tiny circle with a little highlight. Fill the bottom area of the eyes with black. Now draw curves covering the eyes and a large circle to represent the face. Lastly, draw a water droplet covering the face with cloud-like legs.

  1. Diglett

Diglett looks like a plant growing up from the ground. It’s a pretty much easy to draw Pokemon. Basing on the fact you need to concentrate on the face while drawing then it’s done. Begin from the very bottom with a crumbled edge of the dirt. It doesn’t have to follow a specific pattern. Just make sure it looks like hill-like structure with a crater in the middle. Draw the top of the head as a curve. The rest of the body as a straight line coming down. Let the bottom hill-like structure cover all the edges of the head. Drawing the eyes and a mouth is a no brainer.

  1. Gulpin

Gulpin very much looks like a potato-shaped Pokemon with a leaf on its head. It will take you seconds to draw this Pokemon. Firstly, begin with drawing the leaf on the right side. Secondly, draw an oval with a sharp curve on the underneath to represent the body. Don’t forget the curve represents a tail on the right side of the body. At first, it’ll look like an apple but the tail-like curve changes that. Lastly, draw two merging circles with open ends on the inside. 2 small lines represent the eyes.

  1. Voltorb & Electrode

These two Pokemon characters are one of the easiest characters to draw. Voltorb existed before the Electrode character, but they’re basically the same when it comes to how they look. The 2 Pokemon characters are marble-shaped. Furthermore, what makes them easier to draw is that they don’t have a complicated face. Just a few lines here and there then you’re done. The distinctive factor between these two Pokemons is their facial expressions. The Voltorb has an angry face while the electrode looks ridiculously angry.

  1. Luvdisc

Luvdisc is an easy to draw Pokemon that introduced in the R/S/E games. It has a heart-shaped body and an eye. You can assume it for a fish because it inhabits the shallow seas in the tropical. The name originates from couples who saw it swimming across the sea. Many people believe that finding this Pokemon means receiving eternal love as a blessing. You won’t have trouble drawing this Pokemon if you know how to draw a sideways heart. Just add the eye decoration to finish.

  1. Dittoeasy to draw pokemon

In the entire Universe of Pokemons, I find Ditto to be an easy to draw Pokemon. Ditto looks like a star with a flat bottom. A dot represents the eyes, and the mouth is a single line. The character body takes the shape of a big block with edges. The top of the head has like 4 curves. I guess the curves on the left and right side of the body represent arms. The feet have 3 small edges and not easily seen curves.

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