10 Best Fire Emblem game

Best fire emblem game

The ever-growing popularity of this Nintendo made game has had many players debating on which is the best Fire Emblem game. This article will rank the games from the good ones to the very best. Check out the best fire emblem game in the entire Fire Emblem Franchise.

  1. Fire Emblem HeroesBest fire emblem game

Heroes was the first-ever game in the Fire Emblem series introduced to mobile phones. Although it’s not the very best game, it still can be fun. Some fans have argued that it’s too simplified hence losing the concept for the game. This is true as can be seen with the replacement of character sprites with Cutesy chibi versions. Even so, you can still enjoy playing it on your phone.

  1. Shadow DragonBest fire emblem game

Shadow dragon released as a remake for the first ever Shadow Dragon game. It made the game even better with improved features. Even though it is not a great game as such, it made Fire Emblem known and liked by many players. It improved the popularity of Fire Emblem to the world of gamers. New characters, weapons, and characters were brought along in Shadow Dragon. Also, the game improved the plot, and promotions such as the final boss becoming a dragon were added. However, the art style is not that impressive. Besides, the sprites are not that amazing too. Nevertheless, it is still a great game despite its flaws.

  1. Fire Emblem Fates: BirthrightBest fire emblem game

This game came with improved mechanics, especially when you compare it to Shadow dragon. The choice that matters most in this game is the side you choose. It’s a big decision to make choosing between Hoshido and Nohr. Especially for players who chose to buy the digital versions. For players who decided to pick the physical copies, then the decision is made when making the purchase. Your character choice will influence a big deal on the gameplay. However, there’s no big difference between Shadow Dragon classes and Birthright. I expected some improvements, but it wasn’t that impressive.

  1. Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

Conquest introduced a new feature called ‘My Castle.’ It allows you to customize buildings and improve your defense capabilities. You can interact with your army and equip them with new weapons. During your quest, your settlements would get invaded by enemies. It’ll be your duty to defend it by all possible means. This game also introduced a multiplayer mode. This mode allows you to go online and invade buildings of other players and earn some rewards. However, this game is a little bit difficult than most fire emblem games.

  1. Sacred Stones

This is a non-linear emblem game featuring a world map. It allows players to earn rewards in the form of money and weapons. The storyline is quite the same as the other Fire Emblem games. The lord character is escaping an invasion. Sacred stones became one of the first Fire Emblem games to embrace class changes. Class changes can be used at each playthrough when promoting your units to better classes. Unlike Shadow Dragon, which had no promotion options during class changes. Sacred games is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced players depending on the style of play.

  1. Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening brought about many changes in the entire game. Some fans loved it while others were strongly opposed to the changes. It added new features and mechanics into the game. Nintendo planned to reinvent the game or attract new players to the Fire Emblem Franchise. For the overseas and the North American market, it meant the introduction of Avatar characters. The Avatar is customizable and begins in the Tactician class. Awakening brings about this new crop of characters that are real, and you can interact with them. This is the only feature that makes Awakening so unique compared to its predecessors.

  1. Shadows of Valentia

Echoes follows the same storyline as Gaiden. Gaiden was the second game in the Fire Emblem Franchise. Nintendo decided to improve Gaiden and introduced new features thus released Echoes. Echoes brought about improved graphics, better mechanics, and new characters. Embraced by both new players and players who played Gaiden. The release of echoes was a success. Hence making it one of the best fire emblem game remake. The game introduced 3D dungeons that players loved to explore. The characters voices were fully acted, unlike the previous games.

  1. The Blazing Blade (Rekka No Ken)

If you played Fire Emblem outside of Japan, then this is probably the first game you played. The Blazing Blade was the first ever game in the Fire Emblem Franchise. It sets the standard for the rest of the Fire Emblem games in the series. It has a good gameplay able to be mastered by beginners and experienced players alike. There are tutorials that teach you basic things to do in the game. Also, you familiarize with the storyline and the role of every character. It’s a linear game hence featuring resource management, and you have to go chapter after chapter.

  1. Path of Radiance

Back in 2005, this was the best fire emblem game. This is because it was the first game in the series to have 3D graphics. Also, the characters and Landscapes were  in 3D which made Path of Radiance a top notch game. Moreover, it became the first game in the Fire Emblem Franchise to released as Home Console. Also, the characters had unique avatars. The storyline is pretty the same as the other Fire Emblem games. Just a few changes here and there like the protagonist doesn’t belong to a royal family. Otherwise, Path of radiance is a great game.

  1. Radiant Dawn

Ultimately the best Fire Emblem game to date. Also one of the most expensive and rarest game in the Fire Emblem Franchise. Radiant Dawn is a sequel to Path of Radiance. They follow the same storyline; hence if you’ve played Path of Radiance, this game wouldn’t be hard to grasp. Along the way, it introduced new characters familiar with characters in Path of Radiance. The main character is a light mage, which is a unique factor. Considering the fact that she is the only main lord in the entire game who isn’t a swordsman. Although some players consider it hard to play still, it’s the best Fire Emblem game.

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