Top 10 Idle Clicker Games

good idle games

There are plenty of good idle games to play on your device. Hundreds of good idle games have been released in recent years. Hence we took our time to list quality clicker games worth your time. We’ve listed the top 10 Idle Clicker games that you will definitely enjoy playing.

  1. Planteragood idle games

Plantera is an amazing idle game. It’s one of the few good idle games that you’ll have to purchase first before playing. You have the responsibility of tending and growing your garden. The main role your character is to fight off pests that invade your garden. The first simple task in the game is to catch a butterfly; this will earn you a coin. After that, you’ll have the task of planting a small carrot patch. Sell your produce and earn enough coins to enable you to plant an apple tree. As you advance in the game, you’ll have a rich, tasty garden.

  1. Trimpsgood idle games

Trimps is a game that allows you to control small impish creatures. These creatures will help you advance in the game and defeat your enemies. You’ll be able to gain resources by accomplishing different tasks at different times. Grow your army of trimps by increasing your resources and food. Hence you’ll deploy the Trimps in constructing new villages, fight monsters and unlock new quests. The game is open-source and has a spreadsheet-like interface. For Mathematicians this one of the best idle games they can explore because it has lots of numbers to manage.

  1. A Dark Room

This is another text based role-playing game appearing on this list. The story line is entirely text based and has information directing you on what to do in the virtual world. It begins with a black Interface and lines of text, asking you to light a fire. A bright blue line runs through the center of the screen, highlighting the next course of action to take. You must light a fire by pressing the ‘stoke fire’ button appearing on the thin blue bar. After some time a stranger will emerge, he forms part of the mystery puzzle in the game.

  1. Bitcoin Billionaire

This game is about earning a massive fortune of bitcoins. Ever wondered how to rake in millions of Bitcoins, here’s a game to show you how. Just like the real world mining of Bitcoins, this game has a bitcoin mining scheme. It’s one of the highly addictive clicker game among the plenty good idle games. The goal is to earn as many Bitcoins as you can and become a Bitcoin billionaire. Just by tapping on the screen, you earn even more coins.

  1. Time Clickers

Time Clickers is one of the futuristic good idle games. Your character is a first-person shooter who progresses by eliminating his enemies. The first major mission of the game is to destroy currency-dropping cubes. Thereafter, you can use the money gained to buy and upgrade your weaponry. Consequently, you’ll have a high damage output per shot. As you advance in the game, you’ll come across bigger stages/arenas, and there you’ll encounter fierce opponents. You’ll be able to earn gold and hire a team of shooters to help you concur your enemies.

  1. Crusaders of the Lost Idols

Crusaders of the Lost Idols is a good idle game filled with heroic awesomeness. This role-playing game allows you to control Non-player characters and take part in numerous campaigns. Your fantasy heroes have the responsibility to defeat hordes of monsters in the game. Whenever you triumph over your opponents, you level up and earn gold. You can use the earned gold to purchase new crusaders to help you win more campaigns. Alternatively, you can use the gold to upgrade the abilities of each character. Enjoy this game further by collecting unique gear.

  1. Realm Grinder

Become the supreme ruler over a small kingdom and grow your realm to greater heights. There multiple ways to forge and grow your new kingdom. Firstly, you will earn coins that you’ll use to expand the wealth of your kingdom. Spend the cash by investing in new structures, and they will, in time, generate income for you. Furthermore, you’re able to earn incredible wealth even when you’re offline. Lastly, you can build alliances and expand your kingdom further. This gives you the power to access unique buildings and make certain upgrades.

  1. Cookie Clicker

Cookie clicker is a good idle game embracing the theme of Baking. It begins with a pre-made giant cookie which you’ll need to click to make other cookies. Every click you make earns you a single cookie. Once you’ve achieved your target and baked enough cookies, you can use the baked cookies to make upgrades. In essence, you can increase the number of your clicks hence the number of cookies made by purchasing new cursors. Another way of increasing the number of cookies made is by hiring grandmas to help you in making the cookies. Also, you can start a farm and plant cookie seeds.

  1. Clicker Heroes

Embark on a never-ending incremental glorious journey with Clicker Heroes. There are good idle games out there, and Clicker heroes fits in that category. Imagine defeating all your dreaded monsters just by a click of a button. You’ll begin as a lone warrior character with a limited clicking power that will bring damage to any monster. After that, you’ll be able to level up with the coins gained from each monster you take down. Consequently, you can upgrade your character and make them incredibly powerful. This will allow you to increase the amount of damage you cause per click. Moreover, you’ll be able to unlock several character abilities.

  1. AdVenture Capitalistgood idle games

Do you like taking part in high-risk investments? Then this is the game for you. Begin your quest and become the greatest venture capitalist with this game. You start as an enterprising entrepreneur with the aim of making it big as a money making simulator. You’re offered a single lemonade stand as your pioneer business. If all goes well, your business grows, and you’ll find yourself running different enterprises. You’ll have the responsibility to run various businesses such as film making, pizza making, and managing banks. This whole game depends on the amount of profit you make. The larger the amount of profit, the larger your businesses can grow and expand.

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