10 Best Solo Board Games

best solo board games

There are tons of good board games, but let’s only concentrate on the best solo board games. These are games made for an individual player who wishes to play by his own rules and time. Of course, multiplayer games are fun, but solo games allow you to challenge yourself at your own pace. With this in mind, check out the best solo board games available.

  1. Zombicidebest solo board games

This game is set up in the post-apocalyptic world. The main objective of the game is fighting the undead. Your character has a chainsaw and a Molotov cocktail which he uses to fight off Zombies. This game supports both solo and multiplayer mode. Also, the level of difficulty increases with each mission that you complete.

  1. Tiny Epic Galaxiesbest solo board games

Tiny Epic Galaxies won the 2015 Board Game Geek award for the best solo board game. It is an incredibly fun game to play. This game is set up as a space exploration board game and is a robust solo game to play. The main objectives involve acquiring planets and managing their resources. Also, you are required to build your influence across the galaxy. Regarding gameplay, it has excellent graphics and also one of the shortest playtimes compared to other board games.

  1. Scythe

This game has its setting back in the 20th century. Solo gamers play by against a single Automa although the game can support multiple players. There’s a big difference in gameplay for players who choose to play solo and those who opt for multiplayer. The main focus while playing against a single Automa is to acquire enough land and build influence. You have the power to build armies, conquer new territories, and construct new buildings. The ability to choose your level of difficulty makes it one of the best solo board games.

  1. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Here’s the best solo board game to put your detective adroitness to test. You’ll be required to employ your expertise and aptitude to solve multiple criminal cases. With a total of 10 cases to solve, your detective skills better be competent enough. You can choose the cases to tackle first based on your preference. The type of cases ranges from the Infamous Jack the Ripper case to West End Adventures cases. You can play it for around 90 minutes challenging your ingenuity against Sherlock’s.

  1. The Lord of the Rings Card Game

This fantasy game is epic, fun, and challenging at the same time. It is published by the Fantasy Flight Games and is a highly addictive solitaire card game. Many players are familiar with this game from the Lord of Rings franchise. Players familiar with the franchise would have added an advantage of learning through the gameplay easily. In spite of that, players who aren’t familiar with the franchise still find it an interesting game to play. The design is amazing, and it can support single and multiplayer mode.

  1. Onirim

Imagine being stuck in your dream and needing to find a way out. You will only win this game if you awaken yourself. This can only happen by discovering eight door cards, which are the key to your freedom. To discover a single door card, you’ll have to draw and discard trios that have the same color. As you progress in the gameplay, the level of difficulty increases. For example, you’ll have to face Nightmare cards and Dead-end cards that steal cards from you and stall your progress, respectively. This is a unique game recommended for any solo board player.

  1. Terraforming Mars

This game is set up in the 25th century and is one of the best solo board games inspired by Science fiction. The main agenda of the game is to transform Mars into a habitable planet which can support human life. You’ll have the task of heading one of the leading corporations in making Mars habitable. As the head of the corporations, you’ll be having several tasks to accomplish. There are other competing corporations that you’ll have to beat in completion of projects so as to be the best. All in all, this game has great design and is the perfect game for Sci-fi enthusiasts.

  1. Friday

In this survival board game, you are required to aid the escape of Robinson Crusoe from the Island. However, this doesn’t come easy. You’ll have to go through many hurdles and challenges. This is what makes the game much more interesting. There are about 3 challenges in the game, each one with a different level of difficulty. Firstly, you have to fight off and defeat wild creatures to progress to the next challenge. Secondly, you have to make it through the jungle successfully, or you won’t make it out of the Island. Lastly, defeating pirates who block your way will grant you freedom out of the Island. It is a fun and easy to play game for any player.

  1. Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Land

Adventures on the Cursed Land is one of the best survival solo games. It requires players who are resilient and wouldn’t give up easily. This game isn’t for the faint-hearted; it is extremely difficult to win. As hard as it may sound, you can still win this game multiple times if you familiarize yourself with it. It has unique scenarios and adventures to be undertaken. Also, it has one of the highest replay values amongst solo board games. The fact that it has adequate memory makes it a top-notch board game. This means you won’t lose your progress and decisions you make early in the game remain for the rest of the game.

  1. Mage Knightbest solo board games

This is one of the best solo board games. It revolutionized the entire board game with the adoption of the solitaire genre. Mage Knight is the name of the character you’ll play in the game. This character is a powerful hero in the Atlantean Empire. Your main role is to explore and adventure across the Kingdom accomplishing various tasks. The tasks include but are not limited to building armies, fighting off monsters and collecting magic items. Altogether, it is a beautiful game to play and experience.

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