10 Skyrim standing stones

Skyrim standing stones

Skyrim standing stones boost various abilities and attributes of your character. Each stone has special effects that work on your character upon activation. However, only one stone’s effect can be activated at a given time. These stones are usually found in the wilderness on your way to Riverwood, and there’s a total of 13 standing stones in Skyrim. Listed below are 10 Skyrim standing stones that can give your character special powers.

  1. The Thief/Mage/Warrior StoneSkyrim standing stones

You’ll find this trio of guardian stones outside of Riverwood. They’re usually the first Skyrim standing stones one would encounter when they begin their Skyrim journey. These stones give players 20% more experience in 3 different skills. The Mage Stone, The Thief stone, and The Warrior stone allow players to specialize in Magic, Stealth, or Combat skills, respectively. Surprisingly, archery lies under The Thief stone even though it is more of a combat skill. Thief stone is one of the best Skyrim standing stones that you can use in stealth mode.  These stones increase your level faster than usual as your skills rank up faster.

  1. The Shadow Stone

This stone is found south of Riften near Nightingale Hall. The stone is protected by a high-level necromancer and multiple hostile skeletons. Hence, you should be cautious when nearing the stone. This stone, when activated, gives you a unique invisibility effect. Unlike effects that are from casted spells, this stone’s effect takes place instantly with no delay. This effect lasts for about 60 seconds. However, you can only activate this spell once per day. Actions that may cancel the invisibility spell include speaking, pick-pocketing, or attacking.

  1. The Serpent StoneSkyrim standing stones

You’ll find this stone in Serpentstone Isle, east of the College of Winterhold. The stone is protected by an Ice wraith, which is a hostile frost spirit. Once activated, the player can launch a ranged attack that will, in turn, paralyze a target for 5 seconds. During this short period, you can recover your health, stamina, or magicka. Additionally, the paralysis venom will deal a 25 points damage to the opponent. This amazing effect can be used once per day. However, to obtain this stone, you must prove yourself as a worthy Stormcloak rebel by joining the Stormcloaks for initiation.

  1. The Tower Stone

It is located high on a glacier between Dawnstar and Winterhold, northeast of Hob’s Fall cave. Make sure you don’t approach it underneath by the shoreline as you may fail to see it. This stone has an effect that massively increases your efficiency in combat. It works best for players that go loot hunting. Also, it allows you to unlock an expert or an even lower level lock instantly. It is the best alternative for a player who doesn’t have a Skeleton key.

  1. The Lady StoneSkyrim standing stones

This stone is located in the middle of Lake Illinalta, on an Island West of Riverwood. Once activated, the stone gives the player a 25% boost to his health and stamina regeneration. It is best used by characters who choose stealth mode or any other melee character. This stone greatly increases combat effectiveness and gives a player time to regain his lost stamina and health.

  1. The Apprentice Stone

The Apprentice Stone is found on an Island, north of Fort Snowhawk. Once activated, this stone boosts magicka regeneration by 100%. However, the effect has a counter-effect that increases the weakness to magic attacks by 100%. This means that players under The Apprentice stone effect will not only recover from Magicka attacks faster but also be more vulnerable to Magicka damage. All things considered, players should exercise caution when using the stone’s effect.

  1. The Steed StoneSkyrim standing stones

You’ll find this stone northwest of Solitude, near Ironback Hideout. Once activated, it negates the effects of all previous Skyrim standing stones. Moreover, the stone increases carry weight by 100 and does away with the movement penalty of armor. You’ll feel like the worn armor weighs nothing. Hence, it’ll be much advisable to wear the best Skyrim heavy armor to utilize the maximum power of this stone. The effect works on every type of armor, whether it has been smithed, enchanted, or renamed.

  1. The Lover Stone

The Lover Stone is found east of Markath. Once activated, it gives a 15% boost to all skills making the character even faster. Players playing the original version of Skyrim should note that they cannot gain resting bonuses while the Lover Stone is active. Hence, it is best used for players with Lycanthropy. The Lover stone’s general effects will make you power level faster than any other Skyrim standing stones.

  1. The Lord StoneSkyrim standing stones

This stone is located east of Morthal near the Shrine of Mehdrunes Dagon. Once activated, the stone adds 50 points to your armor rating and increases magic resistance by 25%. It is commonly used by experienced players playing on master difficulty. New players will have to wait until they reach their endgame to utilize its power fully. It works by lowering magic resistance caps and armor ratings. Making it much easier for a player at master level to reach these ratings easily. Tanky characters best use it as it makes them near-invincible in battle. The fact that it grants players a magic resistance of up to 85% makes them less susceptible to magicka attacks. The Lord stone is inferior to the Atronach stone when it comes to defense, but at least it doesn’t carry a penalty with it.

  1. The Atronach Stone

The Atronach stone is found south of Bonestrewn Crest. Once activated, it gives the player passive power that boosts his magicka by 50 points. Moreover, it increases spell absorption by 50% but reduces magicka regeneration by half. In combat, the mitigated magicka damage will be equal to the replenished magicka power. Nevertheless, reducing magicka regeneration by half is still a big disadvantage to the user. Above all, The Atronach stone is the best Skyrim Standing stone that has great anti-mage effects. Use this stone’s power when you’re up against other magic users. It also comes in handy when you’re facing dragons, falmer, or necromancers.

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