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10 least played champions

least played champions

The least played champions in the league of legends often have a pick rate lower than 2%. There are over 100 champions in League of Legends, and a single match can have a total of 10 champions selected to play. However, some champions don’t get playtime at all. Most of the least played champions are considered generally weaker than the most popular champions. Below are the 10 least played champions in League of Legends.

  1. Ziggsleast played champions

Recent nerfs made Ziggs worse and undesirable. His overall popularity among players has significantly reduced, and he is more ineffective nowadays. Ziggs is a weak champion and can be easily knocked out in the first round. He even has a tough time dealing damage to towers which was his strength before he was reworked. Nerfs haven’t made him any better, and none of the runes works on him. He can’t roam around without his ult and can be easily countered by enemies. Ziggs is no longer played since he lacks a lot of damage. Also, his strength lies in waiting for his enemies to fall into traps which is a quite an unreliable tactic.

  1. Azirleast played champions

This champion has a high skill floor and ceiling, making him an extremely difficult character. He’s almost defenseless when facing assassins in solo queue. I bet no player would make a mistake of choosing Azir, especially in solo queue. Although he’s a bit weak in the early stages of the game, he improves as the game progresses. In competitive play, you have to be patient and hold down the fort for him if you want to advance to the next stage with Azir. I guess many players avoid choosing him due to his difficult style of play.

  1. Gnarleast played champions

Gnar is a strong champion, but he can be somewhat difficult to play with. You have to master his playstyles to be able to control him. You can choose to play Gnar as a squishy kitting DPS or as a tank with powerful ult. The reason why he isn’t played much is because he is strong when up against tanks. As we all know, many players play solo queue; hence the odds don’t favour him. Also, managing his rage takes quite some time and players would rather choose other champions. He’s quite good in pro play, but unfortunately, his popularity has waned over time.

  1. Taricleast played champions

Taric has all it takes to be considered popular, but still, he’s one of the least played champions in League of Legends. Unlike most champions in this list, Taric isn’t difficult to play with. He has pretty good stats, and his win rate is above 50% yet unpopular among players. First of all, the current meta doesn’t favour him. Secondly, when compared to other champions, he’s less flashy, easily bullied and immobile. Also, the fact that he doesn’t deal much damage makes him less popular. Another factor that makes him unpopular is that he is a mana hungry champion, thus falling out favour with majority of players.

  1. Corki

Corki has barely any real impact in the game, and this is the reason why players avoid him. He deals no significant damage to change the outcome of the game and struggles early in the game. Corki is inferior to ADCs and lacks what it takes to progress to midgame. He has a power spike at level 11, and like many champions in this list, he’s strongest in late game. However, his low kill potential does not allow him to reach that far.


  1. Ivern

As we all know, support champions are among the least played champions in LoL right now. This is true especially for solo queue players who find support champions less fun to play with. Ivern can be quite useful in a team-based type of gameplay, but when it comes to solo queue, he doesn’t impress at all. He is very weak, especially in the early stages of the game. Currently, he is ranked among the least played support champions in LoL.

  1. Volibear

The only advantage of having Volibear in your team is his relatively high damage stat compared to most champions ranked here. He’s a super tank in low ELO games, but the fact that other champions can do a better job than him makes him unpopular. Moreover, he’s one of the easiest junglers in League of Legends. Also, the fact that he is immobile makes him less popular. He’s very poor even when facing an average team and may not have any real impact because he gets kited constantly.


  1. Skarner

Skarner has a dismal pick rate of less than 1%, and his win rate is below 50%. These numbers speak for themselves and make him one of the least played champions. He hasn’t had any reworks and rebuffs recently that’s why nobody ever picks him nowadays. His juggernaut update made him even worse.  Unless you play him as a tanky CC machine or effectively use him as an ult bot, his spires passive gameplay is way too boring. Also, his kit doesn’t make him any better. There’s completely no reason to pick him.

  1. Yorick

Majority of League of Legends players haven’t played Yorick yet because unlike most champions in this list, he’s not free to play. He was reworked to make him better and stronger. However, the rework made it very difficult to click his minions, and this discouraged so many players. Although, he’s an actual fun champion to play with, he is less popular nowadays, and most new players have no idea he exists or simply can’t afford.

  1. Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol is one of the most difficult champions to play with in League of Legends. Mastering his playstyle proves hard for most players. You can only maybe see Aurelion Sol included in games once in a while. Recent nerfs made to him have basically made him more unplayable. Although they were intended to make him more popular and change his play strategy, this backfired. Due to the recent nerfs made to him he can no longer deal damage the way he used to do previously; hence majority of players have shunned away from him. It is also extremely difficult to win games with Aurelian since you must master his unique mechanics beforehand. His unique mechanics are boring, thus making him an undesirable champion to many players.

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