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10 Best Ziggs Odyssey Augments – League of Legends

best Ziggs augments

The best Ziggs augments are all you need to ensure that any playstyle you use works correctly. If the augments are used correctly, Ziggs is eligible to be the best champion overall in the game. He is able to build full AP and has some of the best healing in Odyssey. Below are the best Ziggs augments in League of Legends.

  1. Bounce best Ziggs augments

This augment makes Short Fuse bounce up to 4 times to the nearest enemy and unaffected targets. Also, it has the potential of increasing the AreaArea of effect when it bounces to new targets and deals the same damage as the on-hit targets. This augment is especially used by players that choose to engage high single target DPS rather than a group of enemies.

  1. Shorterbest Ziggs augments

Shorter is an augment with a high area of effect damage. This is because the cooldown is reduced to an all-time low that allows you to proc it severally for every enemy you come across. It makes Short Fuse’s cooldown lower to 2 seconds and doubles its damage. Due to this, the damage per second is in turn high too with an increased AoE. You can combine this augment with other augments such as Bounce to make it more powerful and efficient.

  1. Distributorbest Ziggs augments

This augment offers Ziggs an extra 150 range when he launches his basic attacks. You can choose to combine it with Kiting if you want to level up faster during the onslaught. It works by keeping you outside the attack range of most of your enemies. For each 1% bonus attack speed you’ll receive a 1% ability power increase. The playstyle is fun and epic to keep you going during the onslaught.

  1. Hexhealing

Sona augments are among the best in the game when it comes to healing properties. Nevertheless, Hexhealing is a Ziggs augment build used to heal up to 2 people to full health. It turns Ziggs single E into the fountain of youth. The augment doesn’t reduce any healing ratio or anything. The healing power is equivalent to the Hexhealing damage. Hexhealing mines can heal allies that activate it. Its healing power can be spread across a wide area and heal a lot of allies with just a single mine. It is the best Ziggs odyssey augment for healing purposes.

  1. Overkill

This is one of the best Ziggs augments in the game. First of all, you can activate this augment seven or eight times in a very short duration. Trust me, this augment does not disappoint when it comes to finishing off your enemies. Once you activate it, it’ll destroy your opponents after only 4 ults. After deploying at least 5 ults, all your enemies will be completely destroyed. Moreover, when Ziggs has this augment, he is immune to crowd control. Also, he’s able to sustain himself and takes 80% less damage. Also, he’s able to cast an additional mega inferno bomb at zero cost while in this overkill state. However, his immunity to crowd control only lasts for about 5 seconds before he becomes vulnerable again.

  1. Afterburner

Afterburner is an amazing augment especially if you want to complete the onslaught in time. It’s has great effects that make your onslaught journey more fun with epic moments. With Satchel charge, Ziggs can knock up enemies when he lands. Upon landing, Ziggs is shielded from enemy attacks for approximately 3 seconds after which he becomes vulnerable. Also, he deals double damage after the initial Satchel’s charge explosion. This gives him a shield equivalent to the landing damage he caused. Hence, if you want Ziggs to have more strength you’ll have to ensure he causes great landing damage.

  1. Fallout

This is one of the best Ziggs augments when it comes to Area of effect damage. It provides more AoE that can wipe out your enemies entirely. For maximum effectiveness, make sure your enemies are in one central position or cramped together in a particular area. Thereafter, activate the augment with Ziggs and bomb them to clear the field. Fallout offers more AoE damage after the bomb explosion. Once activated, it deploys five mini bombs around itself from the initial blast zone radius. All the enemies hit suffer 30% bonus damage, which is, in turn, true damage for about 3 seconds.

  1. Delayed

When Ziggs throws a bouncing bomb to the target area, it normally bounces twice before exploding after hitting an enemy or colliding with the terrain. However, if you have the Delayed augment, it can make the bouncing bomb to bounce up to 6 times till it reaches the end of its trajectory before exploding. Thus, it increases the distance that the bouncing bomb can travel depending on how far it was thrown from. While at it, the bouncing bomb gains 33% damage and a 20% explosion radius each time it bounces. Lastly, upon activation, it gives Ziggs a 200% bonus damage.

  1. Mayhem

A Satchel charge explosion covers an effect radius of about 325 and has a target range of 1000. Upon explosion, it deals magic damage and knocks back all the surrounding enemies.  Mayhem is an incredible augment that makes Satchel charge explosions more efficient. It increases the explosion radius making it twice as large. Even if Ziggs is within the explosion radius, he isn’t affected and takes no damage. Also, the augment lowers the Satchel charge explosion cooldown by 2 seconds for every enemy hit. This covers for a maximum of 90% of the Satchel explosion cooldown.

  1. Brinkbest Ziggs augments

Brink is the best Ziggs augment when it comes to increasing movement and attack speed. You can complete the onslaught for level 1 and 2 if you this augment. Ziggs mobility would be further enhanced if you use this augment. For that to happen, your health must be lower than 60%. Thereafter, upon activating this augment, Ziggs movement speed is doubled. Also, the attack speed is boosted by 50%, and the cooldown abilities halved. This augment has one of the best stats in the game when it comes to giving your champion high mobility and utility.

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