10 best synchro monsters

best synchro monsters

The best synchro monsters are insanely powerful and are a must-have in your extra deck. Ever since they were introduced, they have gained their fair share of criticism, especially by long time players. They forever changed the game by speeding it up and led to the introduction of new archetypes. Here are some of the best synchro monsters currently.

  1. T. G Hyper Librarianbest synchro monsters

The T.G Hyper Librarian monster has the same attributes as the Dark strike fighter. In that, it accepts to be summoned by any tuner or non-tuner monster. Once summoned, this monster lets you draw an extra card every time you or your opponent summons a monster. This helps you gain card advantage over your opponent. Thus, the outcome of the entire game changes to your advantage. You can synchro summon easily with this card and gain a competitive advantage over your opponent. It has an attack of 2300, which is quite good for a level 5 card.

  1. Dark Strike Fighterbest synchro monsters

This is a level 7 card that accepts all the other tuner monsters. You can summon this card whether you use a level 1 or 6 tuner or non-tuner monster. It has 2600 attack points meaning it can wipe out most enemies. However, if an enemy is much stronger than it, you can sacrifice one monster during your turn to deal damage to your opponent. This highly depends on your opponent’s monster level. The dark strike fighter never runs out of options when it comes to assaulting your opponent. In case that doesn’t work, the last resort is to tribute the Synchro monster and inflict a 1400 damage.

  1. Blood Mefistbest synchro monsters

Blood Mefist is a level 8 monster with a very high attack. It has one of the best and most powerful effects in the game. This monster can inflict damage of 300 to every card your opponent controls at every start of your opponent’s phase. The same thing happens when your opponent sets a trap or spell. This effect allows you to inflict up to 1000+ damage during your opponent’s standby phase. Remember always to set the card in attack position since it has a weak defense.

  1. Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

This is a level 6 monster with very powerful effects. It allows you to discard any number of cards from your hand and this returns the number of cards you’ve discarded from the field to their respective owners. This effect works best when you use graveyard activated cards from your deck. Another powerful effect of this Synchro monster is the one that allows you to return a powerful monster to your opponent’s hand. Your opponent will be forced to resummon it using extra resources. This shows you how powerful this Synchro monster can be.

  1. Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier

Dewloren has almost similar effects with Brionac. The big difference between the two monsters is that Dewloren can only return your cards from the field and has no power over your opponent’s cards. The only advantage you’ll have is that from every card returned, Dewloren gains 500 attack points. By doing this, it accelerates his attacking capability. Dewloren, is an ice barrier monster that works best with cards such as Swords of Revealing Light as it reuses their effects to gain competitive advantage.

  1. Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend

This Synchro monster accepts any tuner/non-tuner duo. It has a high attack of 3000 and defense of 2500. Once per turn, this card destroys special summoned effect monsters that have 3000 ATK or less on the field. This works best when your opponent’s cards are the majority on the field. However, don’t use the effect if you have the majority cards on the field. Moreover, each monster that the Scarlight destroys inflict damage of 500 to your opponent.

  1. White Aura Whale

This is the only limited synchro monster on our list. Although it is an archetype independent Synchro monster, it only accepts water-attributed tuner and non-tuner monsters. This level 8 monster has a fierce attack of 2800 and very powerful effects. Upon summoning, it can destroy all your opponent’s monsters in attack position. Monsters in defense position controlled by your opponent are not spared either by the White Aura Whale as it inflicts piercing damage on them.

  1. Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

Crystal Wing has a powerful attack of 3000 and a defense of 2500. You have to sacrifice weaker extra deck units to summon this monster. Once in every turn, it can negate the activation of any effect by your opponent, thus destroying the monster. Consequently, it gains ATK equal to the destroyed monster’s ATK. For every level 5 or higher monster it faces in battle, Crystal Wing gains ATK equal to the monster’s ATK during damage calculation.  These powerful abilities make it one of the best synchro monsters in Yugioh.

  1. Goyo Guardian

Just like most Synchros in this countdown, Goyo Guardian accepts any Tuner monster. It has a very high attack of 2800 thus can take down any enemy. For every enemy’s monster, it defeats, it gives you a choice to summon it to your defense position. If this is done multiple times, it reduces your opponent’s hand and greatly increases your defense. Consequently, safeguarding your life points. You can use the stolen monsters to your advantage, such as by using them to summon high-level cards. This is an incredibly powerful card and one of the best Synchro monsters.

  1. Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Trishula is the real deal when it comes to yielding powerful attacks and effects. Upon summoning, this card gives you the power to banish any of your opponent’s card from their hand, field or graveyard. If used effectively, this card can reduce your opponent’s hand, eliminate his monsters and consequently eliminate a Graveyard card that they can activate. The only drawback is that this effect works only once. Even so, it is very effective in devastating your opponent’s monsters. In the event that it takes a Tuner, it demands 2 non-tuner monsters; hence it is much difficult to wield it. Considering the high power of Trishula, it has often been in the list of banned Yugioh cards and is currently limited.

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