10 Best Food Items in Minecraft

best food in Minecraft

Minecraft players have to eat frequently, the best food in Minecraft often consists of milk, honey bottles etc. Players who fail to eat regularly lose their health and eventually die of starvation. Eating food is essential to a Minecraft player’s survival unless he’s playing in peaceful mode. The mode does not require the player to eat, but the other modes such as easy, normal, hard and hardcore require players to eat to avoid severe damage to their health. Check out the best food in Minecraft below.

  1. Potatoesbest food in Minecraft

The only hurdle players will have is trying to find a village or dungeon that has potatoes. But once you lay your hands upon them and plant them, you’ll never run out of stock for potatoes. Especially if your farm is big and they’re growing near a water body, you’ll have as many potatoes as you wish. The one thing that makes me love potatoes is that they’re easy to cook and quickly restore your hunger points.

  1. Cooked Salmonbest food in Minecraft

Salmons are found spawning in nearly all the water bodies. They’re actually one of the easily obtainable marine foods in Minecraft. Go out for fishing, and you may be lucky enough to find a salmon mob. Also, remember first to learn how to prepare and cook the Salmon before obtaining them.

  1. Cooked Chickenbest food in Minecraft

Who doesn’t love Chicken? It’s quite fun maintaining and rearing Chicken in Minecraft. Just make sure you fence your chicken farm in case you don’t want them to disappear or be scattered all over. They restore a lot of hunger at once and are one of the best food in Minecraft to keep in your inventory. Players can go find Chicken in the wild or choose to go to a farmer. Either way, it is so easy to find and keep them. Once you know how to rear them properly, you’ll never run out of food.

  1. Cake

Well, a lot of players don’t like cake since it takes quite some time to craft. Also, finding the required ingredients such as eggs, sugar, milk and wheat can be quite tricky, especially for new players. However, once crafted, a cake is the most effective food item when it comes to restoring your hunger bar in an instant. It will keep you going for a few extra miles. Eating a cake would prove efficient in helping you regain your energy as long as you do it right. Just set the cake on the ground and eat it simultaneously spamming your right-click.

  1. Steak

Steak is an alternative food item when you can’t find cooked pork chops. They both provide the same amount of saturation and have similar points. But stake is much harder to obtain when compared to cooked pork chops. It is advisable to start a cow farm if you want to have an unlimited supply of steak during your adventure. Also, cows breed fast and easily hence giving you a stack of steaks. It is also much easier for new players to develop a cow farm compared to a pig farm which requires many resources.

  1. Cooked Porkchops

For players who have what it takes to start a pig farm, cooked porkchops are essential food items to have in your inventory. Cooked porkchops give 12 points of saturation and restore your hunger by 8 points. Just like steak, they’re very effective when it comes to restoring hunger and keeping you going in the game. They’re easily obtainable and won’t take much of your time to find them. Before starting your pig farm, make sure you have a carrot farm. This is because they go hand in hand while breeding the pigs. Cooked porkchops are one of the best meat items in Minecraft.

  1. Rabbit Stew

Rabbit stew takes some time and energy to cook. You’ll need to find all the necessary ingredients before preparing this stew. To make rabbit stew, players need a cooked rabbit, carrots, mushrooms, baked potatoes and a bowl. Hence, only experienced have what it takes to make this stew since it requires multiple farming and breeding stations to stock up the items needed. It has one of the highest saturation points in the game and one of the best food items in Minecraft to restore your hunger points.

  1. Golden Carrot

Crafting one of these is quite an effort. Although it is one of the best food in Minecraft, it is not easily obtainable. However, in the long run, the effort pays off, and it’s worth the time it takes. To craft one of these, you’ll need regular carrots and nine gold nuggets. As a result, one gold ingot only produces one golden carrot. Disappointingly it only restores six hunger points, but it makes up for this by giving a saturation boost of over 14 points.

  1. Golden apple

This food item belongs to the legendary category of foods in the game. It is most effective when used to fight the Ender Dragon. Players often decide to sacrifice other items just to obtain a Golden apple. Upon eating it, players heal for 2 minutes, and this shows you just how effective this food item is. It regenerates a healing effect and gives the player a defensive buffer that protects the player from much damage. To craft this food item, you’ll need an apple plus eight gold ingots. If you ever plan on obtaining a golden apple, first start by farming gold. Moreover, you can obtain a golden apple in hidden chest, but this happens rarely.

  1. Enchanted Golden Applebest food in Minecraft

If you thought obtaining a golden apple was hard, then you haven’t heard of the enchanted golden apple. Just like all Minecraft enchantments, it is rare and most difficult food item to craft in the game. The enchanted golden apple is an improved version of the golden apple. It offers more absorption power and better health regeneration. To craft this food item, you’ll need an apple and gold blocks. It uses gold blocks rather than ingots, making it a very expensive item. Players who want to acquire this food item need to check dungeon chests regularly since they spawn there from time to time.

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