10 best video game ringtones

best video game ringtones

Most of us have gradually become fond of listening to the best video game ringtones. Think of it: Most gaming fans have assumed unique personalities that inspire them to embrace new obsessions. The adornment of a game characterizes obsessions such as inspired t-shirts and other game nostalgics. Video game ringtones are amazing and unique notification sounds. So, here are the best video game ringtones to make your day.

  1. Super Mario Brosbest video game ringtones

One of the essential points to keep in mind when choosing the best videogame ringtones is picking something that will be instantly recognizable. Super Mario Bros, one of the best NES RPGs, certainly fits the bill. Additionally, it has excellent loveable music, and ranks higher, overall. The only downside is that the ring tone is a little bit too common. For this reason, only gaming casuals would choose the Mario theme as their cellphone ringer. No wonder it ranks down here.

  1. Tetrisbest video game ringtones

Thinking about Music A, we are still pursuing the idea that a videogame ring tone should always be well recognizable. We go for the classic “Music A” track. This one belongs to the Tetris Game Boy version. The Tetris comes ninth on our list of ringtone rankings. To be sure, Tetris will be as classic as any modern videogame music can get. The only thing is that, as a ringer, it’s a little bit too frantic. Regardless, “Music A” is the perfect tone for any gamer that can’t pick the favorites faster.

  1. Doombest video game ringtones

This classic Doom track comes highly recommended if you want something readily recognizable as a ringtone. It is also a tune that would always retain its uniqueness. Indeed, its sharp, pure tones will work nicely on most phones. The Doom will always stay fast without making anyone feel crazy. The great thing is that this track still retains enough different characteristics to remain exclusive and avoid too much attention from curious elements. Get the classic Doom for a classic ringtone experience.

  1. Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy’s Chocobo Forest is simply one of the best video game ringtones. It is very much worth your while. Interestingly, the various themes of the Chocobo Forest have always worked well to capture the joyful, lighthearted feeling that anyone would wish for. The Chocobo Forest would perfectly decorate a conversation with your mother complaining about why you no longer call as frequently as you used to. It has solid, consistent music. Most tracks are, however, too dramatic to serve as an ordinary ringtone.

  1. Street Fighter II

Guile’s Theme is a ringtone that, right from the beginning, will ring out loudly and beautifully. If you want a ringtone that will make a great noise to attract attention to your beautiful phone, Guile’s Theme is. Moreover, it is a pleasant song that will encourage you to keep the caller waiting while you keep up with the enjoyment of the nostalgic graphics emitted by the tone. For most people, the Guile song is the most recognizable aspect of the tone, although most types of Street Fighter II songs can also do well as ringtones.

  1. Mega Man 3

The Snake Man stage theme is, these days, quite popular with most gaming fans. Indeed, the Mega Man music long set the trend as an instantly recognizable genre. The Mega Man III follows suit to claim its place among the best video game ringtones of its kind in the market. The track, however, starts with a rather startling music arrangement. It gradually moves into a more melodious type of music. Yes, the Mega Man III undoubtedly rocks and sounds great on any cellphone.

  1. Castlevania

The Vampire Killer is a real classic ringtone that earns its place on your stable of the most popular ringtones on the market. What makes this to be an excellent track for most cellphone ringtones are the punchy NES notes. Yes, not many Castlevania tracks would attain the same class as this. The tune is simply fantastic. Do you want to impress your fellow gamers? This track will garner the respect that you deserve. It is undoubtedly advisable to try this out as a ringtone that will truly make your day.

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Not many gamers have discovered the value of the Invincibility as a beautiful feature to boast about. The ringtone comes out, short, punchy, as well as claiming the exalted status of the most instantly recognizable music on your phone. Yes, the Theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will surely deliver the value of the most beautiful ringtone for a gamer. Surprisingly, this ringtone did not rank high in the charts of the most popular tunes for quite some time. What is certain is that your phone is guaranteed to stay original with the Sonic Hedgehog 2. Always.

  1. The Legend of Zelda

The power of the Overworld Theme should never be understated. Indeed, to say that the tune produced by the Legend of Zelda is instantly recognizable is a gross understatement. The quality that comes with the Legend of Zelda is far above this. When put in your cellphone’s track, the Legend of Zelda will offer the status of an instant badge of honor, sparkling sharply every time you call. This underscores your status as a great gamer. Moreover, it demonstrates to everyone that you have great taste. Further, it brings back the memories of your best days in the gaming world. The most significant thing is that the Legend of Zelda is uncommon and unique.

  1. Metal Gear Solid

The Codec Bleep is reputed to be a fresh brand of tune that is equally exclusive, even extraordinary when put alongside its peers. It bleeps beautifully and is a superb entertainer. One would wish that the phone should keep ringing for a long time to enhance music enjoyment. This would make everyone enjoy the tune. The codec bleep surely fits the bill as among the best cellphone ringers you can acquire. It loops quite easily, fits within context perfectly, and is readily recognizable. Do you want to dress up a solid snake every day without being perceived as strange? Get the Metal Gear Solid, and you are done. The most significant value of the Codec Bleep, nevertheless, is its exclusive nature. Never mind the selfish element. This is the great one to choose.

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