10 best bomberman games

best bomberman games

As a classic games’ lover, I took time to analyze the best bomberman games from the first game released in 1985 till now. Bomberman games are mainly centred around the use of bombs to destroy obstacles and monsters. There are many bomberman games worth checking out, but I’ll only discuss 10 games. Without further ado, check out the best bomberman games below. 

  1. Bomberman Tournamentbest bomberman games

This is one of the best Bomberman games for single-player mode. It has much better audio and visuals compared to the other single-player bomberman games. Also, the background and surrounding environment are well integrated into the game. It is unlike the other previous titles that had limited interaction options with the surrounding world. Moreover, the game has new features added that were missing in the previous titles. Players get the chance to battle their karabon and breed them to create new species. Bomberman Tournament is a truly amazing single-player mode game.

  1. Bomberman Blastbest bomberman games

Blast is one of the best 4-player Wii games and can accommodate up to 8 players on multiplayer mode. This is the kind of party game that gets you going whether you are playing it online or offline. Also, contemporary gamers can easily play together with the old-timers without worrying about button learning. The game has two versions, one which is downloadable and the other can be purchased physically. The main difference between the two versions is that the downloadable version only has the traditional battle mode. While the retail version has a traditional battle mode, story mode and many other additional features. 

  1. Bomberman Ultrabest bomberman games

Ultra released in 2009 is the 3rd entry of downloadable Bomberman games. Also, it is the first downloadable Bomberman title to be released for the Playstation platform. The game comes new features and additional content that make it much more interesting. Players can fully customize their Bomberman and unlock the selection of outfits at the beginning of the game. There are more than 150,000 combinations to choose from and a lot more customizable content. Moreover, the game has an addition of 14 new arenas. Compared to its predecessors, Bomberman ultra is bigger and better with only the storyline remaining the same.

  1. Bomberman Generation

If you’ve played Bomberman jetters or act zero, then you’ll notice there’s some sort of similarity with Generation’s gameplay. Generation is a much better game compared to act zero. It attempts to step into the future with a new outlook rather than the traditional top-down view. The levels have puzzles, mini-games and battles using Charaboms. Also, the six worlds featured in the game come with unique bosses with different ways of defeating them. New additional features in the game include creatures that affect the player’s bombing abilities. However, in multiplayer mode, players are unable to use the full 3D movement.

  1. Bomberman Online

Just as its name suggests, this is the first Bomberman game to be played online. I guess time and the internet wave caught up with the Bomberman creators, and they had to jump to the online format of gaming. This game allowed players to connect with other players from different parts of the world and take on each other. I would recommend you form a friend group, switch on multiplayer mode and test your Bomberman skills against other players. If you’ve never played Bomberman Online before you’re really missing out.

  1. Bomberman Jetters

The design of this game is what differentiates it from other Bomberman games. The map design is in 3D and not in the traditional maze-like box. It is more of an open-world game; hence players are encouraged to become more adventurous. The game has mounts that players can use to navigate within the map. Also, these charaboms come with unique abilities that advantageous to the player during his/her adventure. Players also get access to special bombs such as Thunder bombs, Ice Bombs, Aqua Bombs and Hurricane Bombs. 

  1. Bomberman Blitz

Blitz is one of the best Bomberman games especially when it comes to playing multiplayer mode. While other Bomberman games only support a maximum of 5 players, Blitz raises the bar and supports up to 8. With this game, you can gather the whole friend group and compete against each other. It has 10 unique arenas and all the other original power-ups. Basically, that’s the most advantageous feature of Blitz. Otherwise, the design, functionality and gameplay options that it offers are pretty the same with the other Bomberman games.

  1. Bomberman Live: Battlefest

Bomberman Live: Battlefest is only available on the Xbox 360 platform only. Also, it is the last game published by Hudson Soft in the Bomberman series. Just like Blitz this game supports up to 8 players simultaneously. One thing that makes this game stand out is the graphics, and it has better graphics than most of the games on this list. Moreover, it has several modes, advanced power-ups and arenas. The storyline and gameplay are pretty the same as the other Bomberman games.

  1. Super Bomberman 4

Released in 1996, this game published by Hudson Soft has stood the test of time. It stands out as one of the best Bomberman games despite facing stiff competition from its successors. The game came with a lot of new items such as the Cosplay, Power glove and Boxing gloves. All these items had their unique functionalities and abilities. The overall design of the game is appealing; the gameplay, character design and plot are also not disappointing. 

  1. Super Bomberman R

This is the latest entry in the Bomberman series. The only Bomberman game hosted and playable on different gaming platforms. It supports up to 8 players simultaneously and has an online mode with a league system. The league system has levels that require a player to win matches and earn points to advance further in the game. There a total of 50 stages and two players can join in in a cooperative gameplay format. The game has a modern 3D design, and it includes soundtracks at different stages.

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