10 best harvest moon games

best harvest moon game

The ‘Bokujo Monogatari’ one of the best harvest moon game was first released in Japan in 1996. It was the first-ever game to be released in the popular Harvest moon series. It came into the market and had to compete with the many adventure games that were already quite popular. Remarkably, the series did so well that it became the latest phenomenon in town. Find out about the best Harvest moon game ever released in the series below.

  1. Harvest Moon “Natsume Era” Gamebest harvest moon game

The Bokujo Monogatari, like most other Japanese games, had generally been a more localized production. It was first released in the West using a different name: ’ Harvest Moon.’ Later on, Natsume, who was the game’s initial publisher, lost his rights to market the Bokujo Monogatari brand. He, however, retained the Harvest moon name so that he could use it for some in-house releases. In subsequent years, the producer released several games using this trademark with a famous farming simulator.  However, the original simulator was much more addictive because it featured some unique characteristics that made all the difference. For this reason, most fans still remember the original production with longing and nostalgia.

  1. Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness (2008)best harvest moon game

The Harvest Moon DS happens to be among the most unusual games in these series. As noted above, the Harvest Moon never feared to experiment with new ideas. Despite this, the DS show’s Island of Happiness is the best evidence that this can sometimes backfire and produce unpleasant results. This game begins after a shipwrecked group of people are marooned on an island. To survive, they must put up a village. There are some mechanics of game-play that are intended to increase realism. For instance, the crops require a given number of sunlight days to grow. If it’s sunny for long, they die. The mechanics and the game didn’t perform that well.

  1. Harvest Moon GB (1998)best harvest moon game

The Moon GB game was developed in 1998 and stands out as one of the best harvest moon game. It was a significant attempt to bring over the harvest moon experience onto the handhelds, taking from the SNES. The game achieves much by concentrating on the faithful reproduction of the original game’s farming aspect. This was favoured instead of introducing a downsized version of the entire experience. However, the aspect of married life and romance is one of the most outstanding features that were left out of the game.

  1. Harvest Moon DS (2006)

The Harvest Moon DS is a story that features a protagonist on a mission to rescue the Harvest Goddess and the 101 Harvest Sprites. This is done by attempting to accomplish tasks by connecting to nature. Interestingly, this is much the same as the Wonderful Life on the Gamecube. Moreover, some commonplace happenings in this game include characters who are stuck in beds, scenes failing to trigger, and the advance story revealed. After dedicating many hours in this game, these failures are quite frustrating.

  1. Harvest Moon DS Cute (2008)

The Harvest Game DS Cute is a game that features a primary female protagonist, several awesome bug fixes, and a slightly changed storyline. One notable feature in these games is that you may be put in a situation where you are compelled to marry some characters of the same sex. Actually, this is a first in these series of games. Interestingly, it is not referred to expressly as a marriage. Instead, the terminology used is ‘becoming best friends.’ Surprisingly, this is a game that is still targeted for the children market. Regardless, the girls still move in together and the boys as well.

  1. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns (2017)

The Story of the Seasons is one of the best harvest moon game of recent times. Indeed, the name given to this production does a lot to set it apart as unique in its own right. It also helps to move the brand in the right direction. What makes this game special? Think of it: You can increase your social standing and even greet everyone in passing in each of the three towns in the game. You don’t need to plow through dialogue boxes. The Trio of Towns has a special distinction as the game that lets you be accustomed to every new feature. Moreover, it achieves what many consider to be perfect pacing.

  1. Harvest Moon 64 (1999)

The Harvest Moon 64 is the first-ever game of its kind to feature 3D graphics. This comes as a surprise to gaming fans. The Harvest Moon also introduced a massive chunk of the fan-base to the new series. Such characteristics make the game to be one of the most popular titles in the Harvest Moon franchise. The game is also fast-paced. Not only do you move fast as a player, time also moves quickly, and the crops grow faster as well. You can do a lot with this game in just 15-20 minutes, playing the HM 64. The Harvest Moon 64 is an especially attractive play for people who don’t have lots of time to spend playing.

  1. Animal Parade (2009)

Animal Parade is one of the best games in this franchise, coming from the stable of the Marvelous Interactive. It is the second entry in the franchise. It comes with some highly customized clothing, as well as some speedy graphics. All the primary elements are nicely executed in the game. Moreover, most of the games are expansions of the older titles. For instance, after marrying, you can have two kids instead of just one. The feature was first introduced in the SNES title, which was the original. However, it is absent in most of the subsequent games.

  1. Tree of Tranquility (2008)

The Tree of Tranquility comes with a similar setup, just like other games. It has an exciting twist. This story goes after the protagonist as he tries to link up with the village and its nature. To do well in the game, you will be required to create some magical rainbow bridges, using unique ingredients, to access the areasWithout a doubt, this enhances your progression into a more well-paced structure. Moreover, it encourages foraging and dabbles in every activity offered by the game. The graphics in this game are quite robust, and the music is simply exceptional. Moreover, the farming element is regained in the shuffle. The Tree of Tranquility is more of a tossup between the Animal Parade and TOT.

  1. Friends of Mineral Town (2003)

Friends of Mineral Town takes you back to nature, with plenty of extras. It was made specifically for handheld devices. The game comes with the most beautiful sprites. Indeed, these are among the best Harvest Moon series ever produced. The game features some incredibly memorable characters. You are likely to fall in love with these characters. Moreover, the Friends of Mineral Town has a faster pace, above the other Japanese PS1 games in the Harvest Moon series. This is definitely a game that you would not want to miss in your cabinet.

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