10 Rarest League Icons

rarest summoner icons LoL

Personalize your profile by using the rarest league icons in League of Legends. League of Legends has over 100 million players, with each player having a profile. Players can either buy league icons or complete game missions to get icons. Finding that one special avatar to use in your profile can be quite tricky sometimes …

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10 Best Ward Skins in League of Legends

league of legends top ward skins hero image

Illuminating the darkness of Summoner’s Rift, wards have existed since the beginning of League of Legends itself. Due to technological limits, wards have been bland and unassuming for the longest time. With recent advances in graphic technology, wards have gone from an unassuming lamp post into an intriguing trophy collection with endless bragging rights. Here’s …

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Top 10 Most Fun Top Laners – League of Legends

fun top laners

Unless you’re playing with real fun top laners, the top lane in League of Legends can seem a bit boring or exhausting. There’s nothing much to do in the top lane, but fun champions can be extremely powerful and fun to play. The champions’ current skill ranking and strength based on metas was considered when …

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10 least played champions

least played champions

The least played champions in the league of legends often have a pick rate lower than 2%. There are over 100 champions in League of Legends, and a single match can have a total of 10 champions selected to play. However, some champions don’t get playtime at all. Most of the least played champions are …

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10 Easiest Junglers

Easiest Junglers

Beginners are advised to pick the easiest junglers to earn gold, experience, and level up in the game. A jungler is expected to clear jungle camps and maximize resource allocation. New players are expected to pick champions that will help them farm jungle creeps easily at the start of the game. Picking the easiest junglers …

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