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10 Best Ward Skins in League of Legends

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Illuminating the darkness of Summoner’s Rift, wards have existed since the beginning of League of Legends itself.

Due to technological limits, wards have been bland and unassuming for the longest time.

With recent advances in graphic technology, wards have gone from an unassuming lamp post into an intriguing trophy collection with endless bragging rights.

Here’s a list of the top 10 ward skins worth swaggering about over.

      1. Ward of Draven

    ward of draven league of legends

Our favorite egotistical ax-swinging maniac, Draven, has done many self-serving things in pursuit of Fame; so it may come as no surprise that he had a statue bust of his face placed on a ward for all to admire.

Characterized by a set of inferno-red eyes, the Draven ward is bound to raise a few eyebrows every time you whip it out on Summoner’s Rift.

    1. Battlecast Poro

battlecast poro ward from league of legends

What happens when our favorite adorable fluffy animal (no, not a Puffle) is tired of being sidelined?

It puts on its armor, kisses its family farewell, and treads valiantly into Summoner’s Rift.

The Battle Cast Pro ward skin was meant to capture this exact scenario; don’t believe it? Look it up.

Characterized by a dark metal sheen outlined with red, your enemies won’t know whether to croon or kill it.

In this hesitation, your Battle Cast Poro will buy you valuable time.

    1. Armordillo

armordillo ward league of legends

This crown-shaped ward definitely couldn’t miss being on this list. It looks like it’s giving you a thumbs up and would not disappoint.

Armordillo has adorable golden skin with aspects of green making up its amazing body.

The Guardian of the desert approves of this ward; or that is what you would assume by taking one look at this ward skin.

Characterized by a golden sheen and a spiky Ninja turtle giving you the thumbs up, this ward has a special place in the ward skin hall of fame.


    1. Victorious Ward

victorious ward league of legends

After swimming through the swamp of solo queue, triumphing over countless enemies, lamenting the toxic teammates you have had, you finally make it to Gold Elo.

For your rigorous efforts, you receive a Victorious skin for your troubles. Oh, and what is this in the pocket of the skin?

It is the Victorious ward.

With the widest amount of diversity wards have to offer, the Victorious wards shifts into different appearances based on how far along the ranking latter you got.

Characterized by a crystal ball with a crown, this ward is a collectible worthy of pride.


    1. Urf Triumphant

URF ward league of legends

Embroidered with the notorious URF Manatee, the URF Triumphant ward is an exclusive collector’s item given out on URF releases that come few and far between.

Characterized by what you could say is a Greek-esque walrus with no teeth, a golden spatula, and a crown; the URF Triumphant’s exclusivity will leave all of your teammates jealous.


    1. Mother Serpent

mother serpent ward league of legend

Released in mid-2015, the Mother Serpent Ward depicts a Baron Nashor with its maw wide open, ready to indulge in whatever dares trespass.

Originally a Bilgewater themed item, the Mother Serpent Ward is a nice pickup for lore junkies.

Characterized by a golden Baron Nashor face and a turquoise post holding up either side of its open jaw, true Bilgewater fans must have this ward skin.


    1. Slaughter Fleet

slaughter fleet ward league of legends

Another necessary ward skin for scurvy-ridden Bilgewater fans is the Slaughter Fleet Ward.

Used as the insignia to represent the insurgency of the Bilgewater pirates, the Slaughter Fleet Ward is used to bear fangs at authority and display your grit.

Characterized by a saber entangled with a serpent and backed by two additional sabers, the Slaughter Fleet Ward is the bare minimum required to call yourself a collector of wards.


    1. Tomb Angel

tomb angel ward league of legends

Seldom seen in today’s game of League of Legends, a true relic of the past, the Tomb Angel Ward.

Not a single Top 10 Rarest wards list would dare not include the Tomb Angel Ward and claim to be genuine.

Characterized by a stone grey, faceless hooded figure with wide all-encompassing wings; this ward can surely fetch you a hefty penny.

  1. SKT T1 KK0ma Ward SkinSKT1 KK0ma ward skin league of legends

SKT T1 now coined T1, has the best track record of professional League of Legends play.

A large amount of SKT champion skins are a testament to this fact. But what of the man behind it all, the former SKT coach KK0ma?

He got a ward skin and it is epic.

When I say you must have this ward skin, I mean sell your house and your underwear if you have to.

Arguably the best ward skin with interactive animations and a cute exterior, the SKT T1 KK0ma Ward skin deserves to be deified.

Characterized by a pink yordle in a suit with a headset on flailing a notepad, SKT T1 KK0ma Ward skin is a god-tier ward.


    1. Riggle Ward Skin

Riggle Ward Skin league of legends

Arriving at the top of the list by no meager feat is the Riggle Ward skin.

You may not recognize the name but you surely recognize the dragon trainer ward that debuted alongside Dragon Trainer Tristana.

This adorable little dragon wars gives the feeling of Parenthood as you watch it grow from an egg into a lovable, wide-eyed dragon.

Characterized by a grey stone egg and then an orange silly-looking baby dragon with horns, it would be an absolute shame not to own this endearing dragon.

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