10 Best Bolts in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)

best bolt osrs

Old School Runescape is currently the second most popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) in the world beaten only by World of Warcraft. It’s one of the best if not the best old school themed MMORPG game in the world, right from its old school graphics and sandbox progression, one can tell that this is not a modern, easy game. It has slow tactical combat where equipment positioning and preparation matters. In Runescape crossbows are used as ammunition and bolts are the arrow-like heads used to make crossbows. Below are the best bolts to use in Runescape.

10. Emerald Bolts

Emerald Bolts

These are a type of Mithril Bolts that have been enchanted through the spell of Emerald. They have a 55% advantage of the other players of using their magical poison effect, which have high poison damage of 5. When the magical poison effect is activated, it will be indicated by a cloud of green gas which comes from the target. Emerald bolts are used to aim Avinsies to raise the kill count. The magical poison effect has a higher chance of occurring if a player completes the Kandarin diary.

9. Opal Dragon Bolts

Opal Dragon Bolts

A player who has reached a level 4 Magic can enchant an opal spell to 10 bolts in a single cast. Opal dragon bolts have a special lucky lightening effect which creates a lightning bolt strike on your opponent bringing about extra damage of 11. The Lucky lightening effect has a higher chance of likelihood if a player completes the Kandarin diary, but it works regardless of if the player has a headgear on or not.

8. Jade Dragon Bolts

Jade Dragon Bolts
They require a player to have reached level 14 in order to cast the Jade Spell. The enchanted bolts come with a special effect called the Earth’s fury which results in knocking off of a target of their feet down to the ground even though this doesn’t work with all opponents. They are used In Castle Wars to immobilize the Flag carrier; however, not all Flag carriers are affected by this effect. The only drawback to this type of bolts is that they have to roll twice when used for them to be activated hence decreasing their likelihood of occurring compared to the other bolt types.

7. Adamant Bolts

Adamant Bolts

Adamant Bots are considered as one of the strongest ordinary bolts, and they can only be fired using adamant crossbows or higher crossbows. They can be made from the adamantite bar or in Ruby bolts and diamond bolt tips can be attached to them to add more effects during combat. The price of Adamant Bolts is often higher than most bolts because they do not require a slayer level; they are sold at a price of about 191. Adamant bolts come with a ranged bonus of 100 hence joining the league of the Best bolt OSRS.

6. Amethyst Broad Bolts

Amethyst Broad Bolts

These are an enhancement of the standard broad-tipped bolts. Players have to reach a slayer level of about 65 and a 61 Ranged level to equip these bolts. There are numerous ways of firing these bolts, such as through the use of Armadyl crossbows, dragon hunter and runite. They come with a bonus strength of 115 and more and are applicable in combat just as runite bolts. They are a great alternative to players who don’t want to use the standard broad-tipped bolts and they are best used to slay Turoth and Kurasks in Ranged.

5. Runite Bolts

Runite Bolts
Players need to have a reached a level 88 for them to craft these bolts. They are the best alternative to amateurs or players who are just starting in this game; they come in handy in the early adventures and the best type of ammunition to use as they’ll help you go past your opponents with ease. The only downside to these type of bolts is that they are costly although until recently their prices have fallen and can be afforded by a good number of players. They are mostly recommended when you engage in boss fights. They are usually made from runite metal and are much stronger than most adamant bolts.

4. Ruby Bolts

Ruby Bolts
They are a type of adamant bolts that have been enchanted by the Ruby Magic spell which combines a single cosmic rune, a blood rune, and several fire runes. Ruby bolts come with a special magic effect called the Blood Forfeit effect. This effect produces a shrieking sound when activated and is most effective when used up against opponents that have many hit points, the likes of Black Dragons. The Blood forfeit effect is usually not recommended when facing opponents with a low number of hit points since it may override the bolt damage and cause more harm than good to the player.

3. Diamond Dragon Bolts

Ruby Bolts
Players with a 57 Magic can enchant their dragon bolts by a diamond spell, and these enchanted bolts come with an Armour piercing special effect that increases the maximum hit by at least 15%. It is only activated depending on the player’s level of accuracy and produces a tinkling sound upon activation. Completing the Hard Kandarin Diary increases the chances of activation by 10%.

2. Dragonstone Dragon Bolts

Dragonstone Dragon Bolts
They require a level 68 Magic level to be activated. Dragonstone dragon bolts come with a Dragon’s breath special effect that emits a Dragonfire to the opponent and can inflict up to 20% extra damage on the given opponent. The drawback to this type of bolt is that it does not work if the target opponent acquires an anti-dragon fire shield or an anti-fire potion. They are best used on opponents with a low defense capacity since the Dragon’s breath special effect fully maximizes on this type of weakness.

1. Onyx Dragon Bolts

Onyx Dragon Bolts
They are, in fact without a doubt the Best bolt Osrs in the game currently. Requiring a Magic level of 87, they come with a life leech special effect which offers a 20% bonus damage and a 25% healing depending on the damage. They are the most expensive type of bolts, and this can be justified by how powerful these bolts are. It has a 10% chance of activation, which is surprisingly still great considering the power it holds and this can be increased by completing the Hard Kandarin Diary.

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