How to Provide Better Support with Sage in Valorant

provide better support with Sage

With the many characters and their unique abilities in Valorant, the game can get complicated very fast. Sage is one of the strongest characters in the game, and she’s suffered many nerfs because of it. Her ability to control choke points, make unique team plays, heal, and bring the dead back to life all make …

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Valorant – Encyclopedia of Agents

Valorant is an FPS that focuses on strategic plays more than any other with the usage and limitations of abilities. Under those limitations, you have the ability to create incredible plays with Valorant’s many Agents. But how do you know which Agent is for you? Whether you enjoy snooping around sneakily, barging right through the …

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10 Best Ward Skins in League of Legends

league of legends top ward skins hero image

Illuminating the darkness of Summoner’s Rift, wards have existed since the beginning of League of Legends itself. Due to technological limits, wards have been bland and unassuming for the longest time. With recent advances in graphic technology, wards have gone from an unassuming lamp post into an intriguing trophy collection with endless bragging rights. Here’s …

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