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10 Reasons You Should Play Mobile MMORPG ‘Dragon Raja’

Role-playing games as a genre are considered somewhat of a second life to gamers.

You can be what you want to be when you want to be it.

How in-tune you are with the game is directly linked to how realistic and diverse it is.

One of the most diverse RPGs in the mobile gaming market is Dragon Raja.

Dragon Raja sports a variety of features that you won’t find in any other mobile game.

With that, here are 10 reasons why you should play Dragon Raja.

  1. Four Fighting Classes
  2. At the core of Dragon Raja, there are four classes.

    These include the Swordsman class, Gunslinger class, Assassin class, and Soul Dancer class, respectively.

    When creating your first character, this is the first aspect you will decide on.

    A quick rundown of what the classes entail: Swordsmen are hard to kill (Tanks), Gunslingers do consistent damage over time (DPS), Assassins are high damage (Burst), and Soul Dancers heal and support teammates (Support).

    Whether you want to get in the enemy’s face, assassinate priority targets, lay waste to an entire team, or lift up your fallen teammates, Dragon Raja has you covered.

    Don’t fret about which one you choose as there will be an option to change your class later.

  3. PvP System
  4. For every competitive fighting environment there must be a best and a worst, and Dragon Raja has acknowledged and supported this fact.

    In the Player versus Player (PvP) arena, you test your skills against other players from any one of the four classes.

    Based on your level, win streak, and other statistics, you will be ranked on two ranking ladders.

    One specific to your class, and one that disregards class.

    For those always itching for a fight or looking to put that cocky friend in their place, Dragon Raja’s PvP system has a place for you to display your skill.

  5. Pet and Ally System
  6. The journey to the top of the ecosystem of Dragon Raja can get lonely if you let it; luckily you don’t have to do it alone.

    Dragon Raja has implemented a pet and ally system where you pick and grow pets and allies to join you in battle.

    You may equip two pets at any given time, but there is no limit to how many you can obtain.

  7. Career System

  8. Suppose you do want to isolate yourself and focus on success; guess what? Dragon Raja has you covered.

    As of now, Dragon Raja supports three careers. Namely Cuisine, Superstar, and Shop Keeper.

    You can choose two of these careers in whatever combination you so desire.

    A Cuisine career path involves running around gathering ingredients and experimenting with them to create new things. If you are addicted to trial and error and skill growth, this is for you.

    A Superstar career entails running around everywhere to perform for strangers with the guidance of an agent; all in hopes to raise your popularity. If you are practical and hands-on, give this a try.

    Finally, there is the Shopkeeper career where you will naturally sell things. What you sell, however, is up to you and will be closely tied to your secondary career. Both NPCs and players alike will enter your store, and you’d be good to please them both. If you are a hustler and a salesperson at heart, I think this may be your calling.

    Dragon Raja developers have hinted that a greater selection of career paths are en route; so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t identify with the current career options.

  9. Friend and Marriage System
  10. Remember how I said Dragon Raja devs didn’t want you to be lonely?

    Dragon Raja is a Mass Multi-Player Online Roleplaying game (MMORPG) with many servers and players.

    This RPG has taken great pains to enrich the player-to-player experience.

    One way which they have enhanced this interaction is something they call a bond point.

    Bond points increase as you play with friends and give a variety of bonuses and currency.

    When these bond points reach a certain extent, special interactions like marriages and sworn siblings can occur with additional interactions between the two players.

  11. Bridge Language Barrier
  12. Being a game on the internet, it is inevitable that players will come from all corners of the globe.

    Putting that into consideration, language barriers are bound to be present.

    But just when all hope was lost to talk to that hot Russian girl that does not speak an iota of English, the Dragon Raja developer team yet again has your back.

    Dragon Raja has a comprehensive translation system that allows you to translate text from their language to yours with the tap of an icon.

    When you download the game,  if you see any foreign text relative to your language, look out for a shuffle button (two arrows intertwined).

    You will be amazed how much Dragon Raja can expand your online social circle.

  13. Extensive and Interactive RPG Storyline
  14. The original feature of RPGs that many “RPGs” have left behind for “more appealing” features.

    Dragon Raja does not fall into this sin.

    As of this post, the main storyline has twelve arcs each with interactions, missions, and unique scenery.

    Each interaction leaves a personality trait based on your choice.

    These traits can be seen by yourself and others on your profile.

    Covering all the aspects a good storyline should (Romance, Action, Adventure, Adversity), Dragon Raja’s main storyline is satisfying for all those true RPG loving fans.

  15. House System
  16. A recent addition to Dragon Raja, you can now buy a house, decorate, and live in it.

    The attention to detail IS INSANE.

    You can create a mansion or a cozy little house. An entire glass house, brick house, or a combination of both.

    There are dedicated furniture stores and you can create a pet room or even pet house.

    So if you want to add a pool or build a dungeon, this housing system supports your fantasy home.

  17. Club System
  18. On an individual player level, there are bonds. With a group of players, however, there are clubs.

    Like any Massively Multi-Player Online (MMO) game that has clans, guilds, and clubs Dragon Raja is no exception.

    Players can complete missions, compete against other clubs, or take part in events with a group of trustworthy comrades.

    Each player can also donate gold to a club’s reservoir of money to upgrade the club base; that’s right each club has its own dedicated base.

    Periodically, you will have to return to defend this base from monsters, but there is always someone to hold down the fort.

    With the convenient translation feature, you don’t have to feel alienated from any club because of the nationality or language of the club members.

    You can feel free to be yourself and interact with players that you would otherwise be unable to in any other game.

  19. Mission System
  20. For players who like to grind levels as fast as possible, you already know, Dragon Raja has carved out a place for your kind.

    The mission system in Dragon Raja covers a comprehensive array of activities.

    There are beloved dungeon crawlers, car racing, pop quiz trivia, menial tasks, and much more.

    As you complete these tasks, you will receive additional rewards like extra clothing and gear for your character, raw materials for building vehicles, or even boosts for your character’s strength.

    Missions pull the many features of Dragon Raja into one place to enjoy at your leisure.

As you can see, Dragon Raja has many features for gamers from all different genres. Regardless if you enjoy aesthetic things like picking out clothes or designing a house or grinding through PvP rankings and razing dungeon monsters to the ground, Dragon Raja will accompany you. Be you a socialite or a loner, there is a home for you in the wide world of Dragon Raja.

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