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10 Rarest League Icons

rarest summoner icons LoL

Personalize your profile by using the rarest league icons in League of Legends.

League of Legends has over 100 million players, with each player having a profile.

Players can either buy league icons or complete game missions to get icons.

Finding that one special avatar to use in your profile can be quite tricky sometimes as the collection keeps changing over time.

One surefire method of showing your seniority in the League of Legends community is the icon system.

For as long as there have been Summoners, there have been Summoner Icons and they come in a colorful and extravagant array.

Some icons show your duration of playing more than others; some Summoner Icons are used by the League of Legends aristocracy as a means to show off.

Here are the top 10 most posh and rare Summoner Icons of them all.

  1. Dominion Icon

  2. rarest league icons #10 dominion icon

    A relic of the old League of Legends client, Dominion mode has been discontinued and few traces are left that the game mode ever existed.

    Few will remember this game mode apart from ardent League of Legends players who played the 5v5 format.

    But few does not mean any; Riot Games has left us with a memento of Dominion: the Dominion Icon.

    The dominion game mode was quite poor in terms of balance and generally a below-average game mode.

    All in all, there a few players who absolutely loved dominion.

    The game mode was finally shut down in 2016 and removed from the available games list.

    To honor Dominion players, League of Legends gave them a Dominion icon.

    This icon was exclusive to Dominion players who had achieved more than 100 wins. This icon deserves its place in the upper echelon of Summoner Icons.

    Also, it was never to be reproduced again, making it unobtainable and therefore, the Dominion icon is one of the rarest league icons.

  3. Honor icon

  4. honor icon: #9 on top 10 rarest summoner icons

    With toxicity at an all-time high in the League Community, Honor has become somewhat of a lost art.

    The honor system of yesteryear was thrown out and with it, all accountability.

    For those upright souls with many honors before the honor system reform, Riot has bestowed a unique icon upon them.

    Honor icons are specifically for the old-school honorable League of Legends players.

    It celebrates their continuous contribution to the games’ success over the years.

    The current generation of players also won’t be left out, but not everyone will get this icon. Only those players that played a matchmade game a year before the honor relaunch are eligible.

    Four of the icons belong to the old Honor categories, namely: Honorable Opponent, Teamwork, Helpful, and Friendly.

    Most important: you should respect the wielders of this icon or at least honor the memory of what they used to be– honorable.

  5. Harrowing Icon

  6. As part of a Halloween event in 2012 and 2013; and the result of one of RiotGames’ many mistakes making exclusive champion skins mainstream, the Harrowing Icon came to be.

    These icons became part of the league of legends Summoner icons following the Harrowing events of 2012 and 2013.

    In celebration of the sinister Halloween holiday, Riot games decided to release these rare icons.

    Riot Games also released these icons as part of the compensation to veteran players that bought harrowing skins in 2010 and 2011.

    Since they missed out, they got refunded in terms of Riot points that equal the cost of harrowing skins bought and exclusive Harrowing icons.

    There’s a particular icon, Vengeful Wrath, given to players that bought 10000 Riot points.

    It stands out as the rarest and most expensive icon in the game.

  7. Season Two Championship Icon

  8. Riot games released these limited-edition icons as part of the Season Two Championship finals.

    In an attempt to boost viewings of the season two Worlds Championship finals, Riot Games released the Season Two World Championship Icon.

    A redeem code was paraded across the live stream of the finals for all viewers to receive this icon.

    Players were then allowed to unlock their summoner icons for their accounts using a special link provided.

    Also, a Livestream code was broadcast during the World Finals stream.

    Players then used the broadcast code to redeem their icon, which will get uploaded in their account.

    Given the context of the icon, it is sure to never appear for collection again.

    I bet you wish you did not miss that live stream.

  9. Hextech Hard Candy Icon

  10. The next icon is for big spenders with generous hearts, the Hard Candy Icon. Coined in 2014 as part of the sugar rush event, the Hard Candy Icon was given to those who gifted the specialized event skins to their friends.

    This is not an icon for a miserly money-grubber.

    As the event has passed and generous people are sparse, the icon is a luxury that speaks of a person’s generous character.

    This icon was available during the Sugar Rush event from August 26, 2014, to September 2, 2014.

    This event celebrates a series of alternate future skins and occurs in a Candy Kingdom.

    Players who participate as champions in the game are considered candy people.

    To unlock the Hextech Hard Candy icon, players had to purchase retired legacy skins. Afterward, they’d send their preferred gift to a friend/relative.

    Players who did this received the Hextech Hard Candy Icon in 1-5 days. This icon is no longer available, and only players who took part in the Sugar Rush event of 2014 have it.

  11. Perfect Ascension icon

  12. Similar to Dominion, Ascension mode is not a frequent visitor to the rotating game mode.

    Anyone who has ever played Ascension mode is aware of how hard it is to kill Xerath, ascend, and stay alive with the meager healing stations.

    Now imagine you have to kill Xerath, ascend, and never die for the entire 15 to 20 minutes.

    It is nearly impossible, but that is what it takes to be a glorious owner of the coveted Perfect Ascension Icon.

    Let’s not talk about the infrequency of the game mode itself, even if it was a permanent game mode, not many would dare say they could pull off a perfect ascension.

    All these factors together speak volumes of the rarity of the Ascension Icon.

  13. Vintage Icon

  14. Another means of amends to rare champion skin collectors before 2012 is the Vintage Icon.

    The design of the Vintage Icon is nothing to speak of; this is a pretty rare but boring icon because the design has no real effort behind it. However, True Icon Aristocracy knows that the value of an icon lies with its exclusivity and not its appearance.

    It is exclusive to players that owned original limited-edition skins from 2012 events before they were re-added for purchase in the new holiday events.

    For players who still want this icon, they can get it by repurchasing a Limited edition skins it as long as they’re available for purchase on the store.

    All the other ward skins in League of Legends acquired for free won’t give you the vintage icon.

  15. Ranked Icons

  16. Seasonal ranked icons are not all that rare on their own merit; these things are dished out every season for free.

    The rarity in this category of icon comes from the season in which it was distributed.

    Players receive framed summoner icons, which can either be Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

    Banned players fail to secure any of the icons since they’re considered ineligible.

    Eligible players get an exclusive icon for every ranked queue they participate in.

    All players that get to receive ranked icons must be Honor level 2 and above.

    Boosting is not allowed, and any player that does boosting gets automatically disqualified.

    Both professional and amateurs can participate in ranked matches to showcase their skills and competence in the game.

    Each season has a unique icon design for every rank, so there is no duplication of design.

    Imagine the rarity of a season 1 Challenger icon; yeah, that is rare.

  17. Master Beta Tester Icon

  18. Imagine a time when League of Legends graphics were as bad as Old School RuneScape and the game was run amok by bugs.

    That was the League of Legends Beta. This group of players charged at the frontier of the game we know and love today.

    Among these testers, there was still some competition, and so the
    Master Beta Tester Icon was born.

    Given to only the top 500 beta players, the requirements for this icon
    basically existed before the game officially did.

  19. Grand Master Beta Tester

  20. ithout a doubt, the rarest league icon in the League of Legends.

    If the Master Beta Tester Icon is the King of Icon Aristocracy, then the Grandmaster Beta Tester Icon is the Emperor.

    Bestowed upon the top 100 beta testers, the Grandmaster Beta Tester Icon is as “limited edition” as it gets.

    The few who have this icon were the pioneer players of the League of Legends before it gained worldwide popularity.

    There’s absolutely no way to acquire this icon, making it the rarest icon in the entire game.

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