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Top 10 Most Fun Top Laners – League of Legends

fun top laners

Unless you’re playing with real fun top laners, the top lane in League of Legends can seem a bit boring or exhausting. There’s nothing much to do in the top lane, but fun champions can be extremely powerful and fun to play. The champions’ current skill ranking and strength based on metas was considered when coming up with this list. Check out the top 10 most fun top laners below.

  1. Singedfun top laners

He is best known for his immense movement speed and the fling. You can use his fling to toss vulnerable enemies into your team and wipe them out. To increase your roam potential with Singed, always take a Teleport. Singed is good for split pushing your enemy’s team lane. It is tough to pin down Singed as he deals a great amount of damage and clears waves quickly. You’ll have fun playing Singed as he has great utility even though he often struggles against ranged champions.

  1. Mordekaiserfun top laners

This champion has recently been reworked, and he’s stronger than ever. Mordekaiser has great abilities, such as the passive darkness rise that he uses to reduce enemy health bars greatly. He uses his big Obliterate and Death’s Grasp to draw in enemies and destroy them. His Ultimate, the realm of death, transports his enemies to a virtual realm of death where Mordekaiser gets a chance to unleash his fierce power and clobber them to death. You can use to eliminate enemies and deal great damage on them. He’s quite a tanky champion, and you’ll have fun with him.

  1. Maokaifun top laners

Maokai is back bigger and better. His item build is buffed up and counters nerfed. His Bami Cinder has a significant buff and doesn’t need a trade-off. If you CC a champion, it is used to deal lots of AoE damage. His laning phase can be used to set up ganks for junglers with high CC capabilities. To make the best use of his abilities, make sure you have mana runes or items. This is because he is a mana hungry tree champion; he never gets enough of mana.

  1. Kalistafun top laners

Kalista is an insanely strong champion and one of the most fun top laners in the game. Her latest buffs have made her even much powerful. She has an enhanced lethal item, the Sanguine Blade, that is mostly used for one on one matches. I recommend not using her early in the game since an early jungle camp can easily counter her. You can use the domination tree to launch swift attacks with Hail of Blades, which will force your opponents to play defensively.

  1. Wukong

After his recent rework, he is no longer a least played champion but slowly rising through the ranks. Wukong is a strong one on one duelist and has an impressive sustain via passive. He still has his original kit’s core aspects, but they have been greatly improved. His decoy, which before the rework did absolutely nothing, now acts as a damaging tool and deals a ton of damage to his enemies. He has an upgraded passive that makes his health regenerate and grants him a stacking armor. These buffs make him hard to kill and extremely tanky. He is a strong early game champion and has a high impact ultimate.

  1. Garen

Garen is a great duelist with an overall great kit. His abilities have been reworked to make him an extremely potent character when it comes to one on one duels and a formidable force in team fights. He often goes for offensive items since he scales well with offensive items. Although he used to be on the frontline and tank most of the damage, he is more of an assassin after the recent rework. However, he has no dash, and it’s difficult for him to come back if he’s behind.

  1. Irelia

Irelia is a capable duelist and one of the most fun top laners. She has excellent kill potential, and a strong counter to some of the best meta picks in the top lane. Her Lonian Fervor passive grants her a stacking bonus damage buff on basic attacks whenever she uses spells. Moreover, she also receives a significant extra damage upon hitting enemy shields. She uses Defiant Dance to reduce the damage she receives from enemy attacks. Thus, negating incoming damage and turning the blocked hits to the enemy. By turning on the pressure, she can make an early kill even when solo. Her ultimate deals great damage on the enemy surrounding the target with a wall of blades leaving little or no chance of escaping.

  1. Jax

Jax is the only champion that wields a lamppost that has made it on this list. This character can duel any champion in the game and defeat them. His most prominent skill is the Counter-Strike, which allows him to dodge incoming damage and counter all nearby enemies for a brief period. This skill, combined with the Empower ability that enhances your next auto attack, makes Jax a force to reckon with. You’ll force your opponents to play more defensively in order to regain their health. He becomes unstoppable in the mid-to-late games and tears down all enemy champions standing in his way.

  1. Kled

Kled is one of the champions that benefited form the Conqueror reworks. He deals more damage now and is able to kite. Although he still struggles against tanks, he can get on his raptor more confidently and can be really potent. He has a great amount of utility and a great duelist. His ultimate grants his team an incredible movement speed buff.

  1. Ornn

Ornn has a high damage output and a great kit which features a lot of CC. He is most useful when it comes to ganks and valuable in team fights. His Volcanic Rupture ability makes it scary to lane against him. He uses it to slam the ground and produce a fissure that deals great damage and slows down his enemies. You can combine it with Searing Charge to deal more damage with minimal risk.

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