10 Best Heroes in Battlefront 2

Battlefront 2 best hero

If you’re chosen to represent your team in selecting a hero, you have to choose a Battlefront 2 best hero to win battles for your team. Battlefront 2 is more polarized than even Star Wars Kinect. Heroes are often associated with the Light Side characters in the Star Wars universe. However, dark side villains can also be referred to as Heroes for their respective sides. There are several characters to pick, and you can get overwhelmed by the number of options given. Based on their strengths and weaknesses, select your favorite Battlefront 2 best hero from the list of heroes below.

  1. Boba FettBattlefront 2 best hero

This hero has incredible mobility that allows him to travel across the battlefield with so much ease. His Jetpacks makes it so easy to traverse the landscape in his bounty hunting missions. He carries with him a rifle that he can use from any range.  Moreover, he can fire rockets from the air, thus destroying any ground troops within range. His aerial capabilities make him a formidable force against opponents. You can use him to launch sneak attacks on enemy soldiers since he can make himself undetectable by enemy radars. However, he is not good when it comes to close-range attacks, and his concussion rockets aren’t of much help either.

  1. BosskBattlefront 2 best hero

You can play Bossk in any playstyle since he’s full of utility. You can choose to wipe your enemies out with Bossk by turning the map into a deadly mine zone. Alternatively, you can choose to snipe them using his secondary fire. Moreover, his blaster capabilities work just fine when the enemy is at close range. You can activate his ultimate and reveal all the nearby enemies, and by doing so, get access to his powerful grenade launcher. He has balanced character abilities in different game modes and doesn’t rely on cheap stunts to defeat his enemies. However, it is difficult to learn and master his play style.

  1. Iden VersioBattlefront 2 best hero

She has one of the most powerful blasters in the game. Her blaster capabilities are so powerful they’ll take out all enemies at close range. The blaster is best used at close quarters and has a grenade launcher attached to it. The blaster launches the primary attack, and the grenade is used for secondary attacks. You can use her droid shield to perform a delayed stun and make her invulnerable for up to 12 seconds. Iden Versio has a pulse cannon best used for long-range combat, but I’d prefer you use her only for close range and medium range fights.

  1. Luke Skywalker Battlefront 2 best hero

Luke Skywalker has the perfect balance when it comes to mobility, offense, and defense capabilities. He pushes his enemies away and delivers devastating Lightsaber blows. The recent updates in Battlefront 2 made him an engaging and skilled character compared to his initial version. The updated version of Luke Skywalker has a high stamina, health and mobility. Also, his abilities have been enhanced compared to the original version.

  1. Kylo Ren

He is known by many as a short-tempered character. Other than that, he is a very strong hero able to pull his enemies towards him and freeze them in place. He has a high damage output but low mobility. You can use his mobility to decimate your enemies if you find yourself cornered. Kylo Ren has a unique lightsaber and is best used for close-range combat. Although he is a good character, avoid placing him on battlefront lines if you want to defeat more powerful enemy soldiers and heroes.

  1. Darth Maul

Darth Maul’s playstyle is quite easy to learn and adapt to. He has a high mobility as he can perform quick dashes in an instant. You can position him well and throw his Lightsaber to his enemies, but you must be good at aiming for this to be effective. His ultimate gives him multi-crowd control abilities that give him power to lift and slam his enemies to the ground. Due to his high mobility, he is best used to conduct hasty assaults on large numbers of enemy soldiers.

  1. Darth Vader

Dark Vader has iconic abilities such as force choking, deflecting blaster projectiles, and saber throwing. He can buff his own damage and improve on his damage reduction. Although he is one of the tankiest heroes in the game, he lacks any real mobility. You can use him as a front-line tank to deflect enemy blaster attacks. He is one of the most relaxed heroes in the game.

  1. Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine has the highest AoE damage in the game unleashing ranged attacks on his enemies using his chain lightning. He is best used to launch sneak attacks on a group of enemies before retreating to cover. He can clear out a group of enemy soldiers and heroes. Due to his limited mobility and survivability, you must not place him at enemy front lines. He has good weapons such as Force Choke, Force Flight, and Sabre Throw plus high stamina and health.

  1. Yoda

Yoda’s playstyle is quite defensive; he often goes for the backlines and unleashes a devastating amount of damage. He uses his damage, absorbing blocks to sustain a lot of damage and has AoE healing. Hence, position him with allied soldiers. His Lightsaber is best used to push enemies far away with a single charge. Due to his small size, enemies find it difficult to target him on the battlefield. He can unleash dash attacks capable of dealing huge damage in a short duration. Unfortunately, he lacks an offensive ultimate ability.

  1. Anakin Skywalker

Undoubtedly, he is Battlefront 2 best hero in the game. Many players believe he is overpowered due to his AoE damage capabilities, incredible CC, and damage output. Ultimately the best duelist hero in the game. He has a 4th ability that charges up if he takes any damage. Once charged up, it wipes out all nearby enemy troops and heroes. You can also use his passionate strike ability to knock back targets and leave the enemy Sith wide open.

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