10 best pistols in fallout 4

Best pistols in Fallout 4

Best pistols in Fallout 4 give you an advantage and improve your survival chances in the game. Fallout 4 has an array of pistols; some are powerful, and others not quite powerful. The wastelands have hundreds of weapons, and finding a good one can be quite difficult. Here are some of the best pistols in Fallout 4 and where to find them.

  1. Zeta GunBest pistols in Fallout 4

You can stumble into this pistol several times in the game. It stuns your enemies with just a single shot. It is a Gamma gun with no additional radiation damage and significantly reduced damage. You can acquire this pistol as a consolation prize for The Secret of Cabot House quest. Alternatively, you can find it in the Cabot House at the science lab table.

  1. .44 MagnumBest pistols in Fallout 4

This is a great pistol for beginners in the game. It has a high damage but unfortunately has a low magazine capacity. Moreover, the fire rate is slow compared to other guns in the game. Additionally, it doesn’t have many customization options, but it has considerable ballistic damage. This pistol will suit your needs at early levels of the game since you will only be facing weaker enemies. You can find it anywhere in the wastelands or purchase it throughout the commonwealth, but you’ll mostly find it In loot crates.

  1. Old FaithfulBest pistols in Fallout 4

It is a laser pistol that has an instigating effect that deals double damage to a full HP target. You can use it for sneak attacks, whereby you’ll receive a 200% increase in damage and extra sneak bonus. The weapon mods fitted to the gun vary depending on the level you are playing when you acquire the gun. Also, the fact that you can turn it to a Sniper rifle if you want to is amazing. Hence, it can be used by rifleman characters, gunslingers, and commandos. To acquire this pistol, go to Diamond city and buy it.

  1. Sentinel’s Plasmacaster

The Sentinel’s Plasmacaster has an instigating effect that deals double damage to a full HP target. The weapon is modded by a standard capacitor, standard stock, short barrel, and standard sights. You can obtain it after completing the BOS New Dawn quest via a Brotherhood of Steel merchant by the name Teagan.

  1. The Gainer

This .44 pistol sets target on fire for a short duration. This is made possible by the legendary incendiary weapon effect that gives it power to fire incendiary bullets. You can use it to take down huge opponents by just a few shots. It has a legendary incendiary effect that gives it power to fire flaming bullets of apocalyptic justice. Also, it deals 15 points of fire damage, which is an incredible stat for a pistol. It comes equipped with a standard receiver, comfort grip, reflex sight, and bull barrel. You can acquire it in Vitale Pumphouse, an unmarked location south of Hub City in the wastelands.

  1. Eddie’s Peace

It has the design of a rifle, but don’t mistake it for one just because of the rifle scope attached to it by Eddie Winter. It was in his possession when he went into hiding during the holocaust. He modified it with a scope and attached polymer grips. The other attached mods are a snub nose barrel, standard receiver, comfort grip, and short scope. You can use it to cripple your enemies by deals 50% extra limb damage on them.

  1. Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun

This gamma gun knocks back all enemies that it hits. You can literally send your enemies flying with just a single shot from this gun. However, this only works for enemies that don’t have radiation resistance. One major difference between this gun and other Gamma guns is that it doesn’t apply radiation damage to enemies. This pistol can deliver telekinetic blasts which release unconditional regular damage that can knock back multiple enemies. You can obtain it as a reward after completing the Jack Cabot quest.

  1. Kellogg’s Pistol

Kellogg’s pistol can be found quite early in the game, but it remains to be one of the best pistols in Fallout 4. It is extra deadly when it comes to VATs as your AP is refilled on critical hits using the relentless ability. It has a high damage and high AP cost. However, the fire rate is low, and you can’t silence it even during sneak attacks. To obtain this pistol, you must defeat Kellog and take his pistol. It is not only useful to beginners in the game, but also experienced players can carry it along as a backup weapon.

  1. Deliverer

Without a doubt, this is the best pistol in Fallout 4. It has great stats; thus, it deserves to be among the best guns in Fallout 4. The pistol reduces AP costs but boosts your chances of hitting targets in VATs. It has a suppressor that is best used when launching sneak attacks. The fire-rate is high, as well as the range, accuracy, and damage. It works best when you’re up against close-range targets. To obtain this pistol, you must first complete the Railroad questline, and Deacon will give you this pistol afterward.

  1. Alien Blaster

This is one of the best pistols in Fallout 4 but the rarest of them all. It is a unique, small, but yet powerful energy weapon out of this world. You can only stumble into this pistol once in the game, and it is well hidden. It has great stats compared to most of the pistols in this list. The fire-rate is high, as well as the VATs cost, accuracy, and damage. It can be modded using a maxed-out science perk to work with fusion cells. The gun has a range of modifications, and you can use perks such as Gunslinger and Bloody Mess to get most of it. Only use this gun when you need it or as a last resort. This is because it comes with its own round of ammunition that you can’t find anywhere in the wastelands. It is exclusive to Nuka World DLC, and you can acquire it by killing the Allen in a cave adjacent to the UFO crash site.

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