10 Minecraft best potions

Minecraft best potions

Minecraft best potions are complex to craft, and they require a lot of time and resources. However, they are worth the effort as they make difficult tasks much easier to accomplish. Portions are drinkable; hence you need a dedicated brewing area to make it. Other items you need are a Brewing Stand and Blaze Powder. These potions give temporary effects, boost health and increase damage. Below are some of Minecraft best potions.

  1. Potion of Slow FallingMinecraft best potions

This potion prevents you from taking a lot of fall damage. It slows down all your deadly descents, making them look like casual meanders. Underground explorers best use it since they are the group most vulnerable to fall damage. This potion will cover you for approximately four minutes, so you better utilize that time perfectly.

  1. Potion of InvisibilityMinecraft best potions

This potion is made by a combination of Fermented Spider Eye and the Potion of night vision applied with Redstone Dust. It makes you invisible for approximately eight minutes. However, for this to happen, you have to take off your armour first. You should save it and use it when you run out of Minecraft food items. When in dangerous enemy zones, this potion will give you the needed time to heal and regain your Hp. Also, use it while exploring a territory of powerful foes.

  1. Potion of LeapingMinecraft best potions

This potion is best used when you’re outnumbered or overpowered by your enemies, and you need to escape. You can drink it and escape to the safe zone by jumping over blocks. No matter how high the blocks are, this potion would help you jump as high as you can out of harms’ way. The extended version of this potion has a prolonged effect but will only enable you to jump half a block higher. But they both work the same way and have the same effect when it comes to escaping danger. With the enhanced version, you can jump more than one block higher for ninety seconds compared to the original version of the potion. Hence, brew this potion for emergency purposes or when you’re in great danger.

  1. Enhanced Splash Potion of Poison

You can use this potion as a bomb to hit your enemies. All you need is a regular potion of poison, Glowstone dust, gunpowder combined with dragon’s dust. As we all know, regular potion of poison isn’t much helpful in the game as it only causes damage over time but won’t kill any of your enemies. However, when you combine it with the above-mentioned special ingredients, it makes one very useful potion. The enhanced splash potion of poison can hit enemies from afar and deplete their health every 0.4 seconds for approximately 21 seconds. That provides the sufficient time needed to kill enemies concentrated in one area. All this occurs thanks to the resulting cloud of poison released when the potion’s effects are active.

  1. Enhanced Splash Potion of Harming

It takes time to brew this potion, but it’s well worth brewing if you are serious about fighting the bosses and winning. What you need is fermented eye spider and a combination of the potion of poison and potion of healing. That mixture will give you the potion of harming, which you will then mix with Glowstone dust and gunpowder to make the Enhanced Splash Potion of Harming. This potion is very effective when up against the bosses in the game; it makes it much easier to fight and defeat them.

  1. Potion of Fire Resistance

Fire is your greatest enemy in Minecraft. It can kill you in an instant, especially when playing in the nether. However, this one of the Minecraft best potions that can make you fire resistant. Once you make this potion, you can become immune to fire and lava. The potion of fire resistance is best used for fighting blazes. It completely removes fire damage and allows you to even swim in lava if you want to. Moreover, there’ll be no damage incurred if you choose to walk on magma blocks. You’re also protected from blaze’s ranged attacks. Despite that, the potion only lasts for eight minutes, which is enough if you utilize it well. This potion works well with any explorer in the game.

  1. Enhanced Potion of Healing

Once you drink this potion, it automatically restores your health to four full hearts. The ingredients needed to make this potion are the awkward potion, glistening melon and Glowstone dust, which increases the strength of the potion’s effect. Use this potion when you’re up against powerful foes or in enemy territory as it helps you regain your health fast enough. It can be used during boss fights, adventures, or when exploring. It is actually one of the cheapest Minecraft best potions to craft in the game as it requires only 2 ingredients since Glowstone dust is optional to use while brewing.

  1. Extended Potion of the Turtle Master

This potion works by reducing incoming damage by forty percent. This is almost half the damage you receive; hence it is a very useful potion. However, once you drink it, it slows you down by the same percentage. The effects of this potion often last for about forty seconds.

  1. Potion of Water Breathing

This potion makes it easy for you to breathe underwater for about 3 minutes. The ingredients needed to make this potion are Awkward potion and pufferfish. Nevertheless, you can enhance it by using Redstone dust to extend the potion duration to 8 minutes. This potion is helpful when you decide to go exploring underwater caves, ruins or buildings. If you want to stay much longer in water looking for precious ores, this is the potion to drink.

  1. Extended Potion of Regeneration

This is an enhanced version of the potion of regeneration. Just like the potion of regeneration, it regenerates your heart to full health for a short duration. It lasts 6 times longer than the original potion; hence you can use it for prolonged battles such as boss fights. Also, when you drink it, you become nearly invincible to your enemies for a short period. It is made the same way as the original potion, and all you need is the awkward potion, ghast tear and Glowstone dust. If you want a quick health boost, this is the potion to brew.

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