Top 10 Best Circlets in Skyrim

Skyrim circlet

A Skyrim circlet is a crown-like item worn by characters in the game. Circlets are usually worn on the head as ornaments; hence they cannot be worn with any other type of headgear such as helmets. There’s a big difference between a circlet and other jewelry like rings and amulets. Players cannot make circlets at forges if they wish to, unlike the two aforementioned pieces of jewelry. I’ve taken the liberty of searching for quite useful circlets in the game. Choose a Skyrim circlet that best suits you from the ones listed below.

  1. Wedding WreathSkyrim circlet

Majority of the circlets that you’ll come across in Skyrim are pretty useless. However, some of them like the Wedding Wreath, are quite good looking and you can choose to keep them. If you love having flashy and unique items, then this is one Skyrim circlet you should consider having. It is not quite powerful when it comes to effects or rewards; hence there’s not much you can do with it. The wedding wreath is mostly worn by brides in Skyrim. If you plan to have a wedding in the course of your journey, you can keep this circlet. You’ll find it as loot when you complete the ‘Bound until death’ quest or alternatively in Highpoint Tower hidden in a chest.

  1. Copper and Moonstone CircletSkyrim circlet

The copper and moonstone circlet is the biggest circlet in the entire game. It is a unique piece of apparel that you can find as random loot. Moreover, it has a good base selling value and is not completely useless. Unfortunately, once you find this piece of jewelry, you can’t take it with you for the rest of the journey, no matter how good looking it may seem to you. This is because it is worn by Potema’s skull.

  1. Jade & Sapphire CircletSkyrim circlet

The base selling value of this circlet is the reason as to why it has a spot on our list. It has a high base value of 300, which means you can always sell it for profit if it doesn’t suit your needs. Also, it is an easy to find Skyrim circlet, and you can get it as random loot at the Ysgramors Tomb. It is made of Jade with a green pigmentation on the outside and has a beautiful sapphire on the centrepiece.

  1. Jade & Emerald Circlet

Just like all jade items, this one also has a green pigmentation on the outside surface and an emerald at the centrepiece. It is the best nature aesthetic circlet because of its green nature appearance. Another good thing about this circlet is that it can be enchanted and I highly recommend you enchant it. You can choose to wear it with armour or sell it to the highest bidder to traders at the College of Winterhold. If you choose to enchant it, you’ll sell it for a good price and earn profit from it. Some players also choose to exchange it for other valuable items such as robes or rings.

  1. Silver & Sapphire Circlet

This circlet can match with any type of armour. It has different set of colours, although they do appear a little bit dull, it can be worn with a variety of armours and robes. It is one awesome circlet that enhances your appearance with its nice design and sleek style. You can only obtain this circlet by stealing it from Radiant Raiment. Alternatively, you can steal it from the hidden chests in Bards college and sell it for at least 400 gold coins.

  1. Gold & Ruby CircletSkyrim circlet

Gold & Ruby circlet is one of the most beautiful items in Skyrim. It is a luxurious gem valued at 450 gold coins. Also, you can choose to enchant this circlet and make it shine. An enchanted Gold & Ruby circlet is more appealing and expensive than the non-enchanted one. Players at lower levels of the game can only obtain it by stealing it from the Thalmor Embassy, on condition that they lockpicks in their possession. Expert level players can acquire this circlet in normal chests.

  1. Gold & Emerald Circlet

This circlet is the most expensive non-unique circlet in the entire game. It has a base selling value of 500, which makes it the 3rd most expensive circlet in this list. Many players often want this circlet because of its cool aesthetic and design. You can sell it to make a profit or use it to self-enchant your gear. Players can obtain it in Radiant Raiment or from the Thalmor Embassy.

  1. Mage’s Circlet

The Mage’s circlet grants you extra Magicka of at least 20 and utmost 70. However, this depends on the level you acquire it. The best level to acquire it is at level 25, and you’ll receive its full power. To obtain this circlet, you have first to complete a quest of the College of Winterhold called ‘Good Intentions.’

  1. Diadem of the Savant

Diadem of the Savant is one of the few circlets that you can obtain early in the game. It gives you an armor rating of 7 and is the only Skyrim circlet with such provision. Moreover, it further reduces by 5% all Magicka costs, no matter the school of the spell. Nevertheless, it loses value over time as you level up in the game. You can acquire it by stealing it from a Dremora mage in Shalidor’s Maze or wait till it spawns at Froki’s Shack.

  1. Aetherial Crown

It is by far the best circlet in the entire game. It has the highest base selling price, which makes it the most expensive circlet in Skyrim. The circlet has a powerful effect that allows the player to wield Skyrim Standing Stones powers at once. It is upgradable using dwarven metal ingots in a regular forge. If you activate a Skyrim standing stone while wearing this circlet, it’ll apply the standing stone’s new effect and retain the old effect too. To obtain this circlet, you must craft it in the Aetherium forge during the quest of ‘Lost to the Ages.’

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