Top 10 Best Rings in Skyrim

Skyrim rings

Skyrim rings have powerful effects that can give you an upper hand in battle. Rings in Skyrim have different effects and values; some rings are more powerful than others. Players can only equip one ring at a time in the game. Also, rings in Skyrim can be enchanted the same way weapons and armor is enchanted. Enchanting your rings not only increases its overall value but also increases your enchanting skill. Here are some of the best Skyrim rings you can obtain.

  1. Enchanted RingSkyrim rings

This piece of silverware boosts your health by 20 points. You can obtain it in whichever class you’re playing. To obtain this ring, you’ll have to take part in the College of Winterhold quest. You can steal this ring during your little adventure in the dungeon of Saarthal while participating in the quest. Also, you can either choose to keep the ring after the quest or return it. If you choose to return the ring, you’ll get a small gold reward. Its powerful effects best work for players that aim for a tanky build in the game.

  1. The Ring Of HircineSkyrim rings

This ring belongs to Hircine and allows the player to transform into a werewolf for the number of times he wants. To obtain it, a player needs first to complete the companion’s questline. This is if you want to be the one controlling the transformations as many times as you wish. The other way of earning this ring is by convincing a Falkrath werewolf to give it to you so as you return it to Hircine himself. It is a cursed Daedric artefact that provides the player with the power to change into a werewolf. This ring works best if the player is cursed with lycanthropy.

  1. Ring Of NamiraSkyrim rings

It is a cannibalistic ring that gives the player power to eat corpses. The ring increases your health and boosts stamina by 50 points. This unique and malevolent act of eating corpses helps in regenerating the health and ability of the player. To obtain this ring, you must complete the Daedric quest of Namira and be on the cannibals’ side. This ring is most used by players who want to play a sinister character in the game. It also triggers a random encounter when you wear it and may disappear if you’re in werewolf form.

  1. Muiri’s Ring

Muiri’s ring is so far the most powerful Alchemy based ring in the game. This ring increases the character’s crafting ability and boosts the power of crafted items by 15%. It has a 434 Gold value but has no combat advantages. To obtain this ring, you need first to complete the ‘Mourning Never Comes’ quest. It is not a ring that everyone can acquire since it needs someone with high alchemy skills. You must be an alchemy ready to kill Nissle for the Dark brotherhood, to have it. After completing the Dark Brotherhood quest, you get your own unique item.

  1. Nightweaver’s Band

To obtain this ring, you need to complete a Dark Brotherhood quest called ‘Recipe for disaster.’ It is one of the best rings for sneaky mages. This ring increases magic destruction skills and sneak skills by 10 points. The Nightweaver’s Band ring comprises both sneak magic and destruction magic, which in turn makes it very powerful. It is perfect for silent magicians that enjoy sneaking around and blasting their enemies.

  1. The Bond Of Matrimony

This ring is obtained after marrying any spouse (a wife or a husband) in Skyrim. You just have to complete a task for your intended wife/husband. The ring is given to both spouses, and you can choose to steal your spouse’s ring if you want to. It reduces the cost of Magicka restoration spells by 10%. It doesn’t do much than helping the Dragonborn cast restoration spells. This ring is just a wedding gift to show you’re married ’till death do you part’ with your spouse. You can disenchant this ring, but I don’t find any valid reason to do this.

  1. Silver-Blood Family Ring

This is the ideal ring for Blacksmiths. It has been in possession of the Silver-Blood family for years. To obtain it, you must first complete a quest for the Silver-Blood family. You must be ready to kill Madenach, and as a reward, the family will give you the ring. This ring will boost your smithing skills by 15%. It can be worn with other smithing items making it one of the best Skyrim rings for smithing purposes. You can also earn yourself this ring by completing the ‘No one escapes Cidhna Mine’ quest. However, not many Skyrim players know this.

  1. Ahzidal’s Ring Of Necromancy

One of the few rings that Necromancers and Conjurers can wear to make them more powerful in casting Skyrim conjuration spells. It works by making summoned undead creatures explode in a ball of ice when hit. As a result, enemies in range deal 50 points of frost damage. You’ll find this ring in Kolbjorn Barrow upon completing the ‘Unearthed quest.’

  1. Ahzidal’s Ring Of Arcana

This is a magic-based ring that will grant you access to 2 additional spells. The spells are Freeze and Ignite, which enhance your skills in destruction magic. There’s no way that players can learn these skills; hence the only way of putting them to use is by obtaining this ring. This ring is best used by mages anticipating some destruction chaos. To earn yourself this ring, you must complete the ‘Unearthed quest,’ but you’ll need to complete a puzzle to obtain it.

  1. Ring of the Erudite

Obtaining this ring is not easy; you must become a Vampire Lord after the Bloodline quest is over to have it. Actually, it is one of the most difficult rings to obtain but worth the effort. You must own a Skyrim special edition or the Dawnguard DLC to access this ring. Also, there are few places in Skyrim that it can be found as random loot. It boosts your Magicka restoration skills and earns you 100 points of Magicka.

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