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10 Easiest Junglers

Easiest Junglers

Beginners are advised to pick the easiest junglers to earn gold, experience, and level up in the game. A jungler is expected to clear jungle camps and maximize resource allocation. New players are expected to pick champions that will help them farm jungle creeps easily at the start of the game. Picking the easiest junglers in the game will help beginners get acquainted with the game easily. Here are the top 10 easiest junglers you can find in the game.

  1. RammusEasiest Junglers

Rammus will first disappoint you if you haven’t obtained enough items for him. He’s a bit slow and boring to use when he hasn’t yet unlocked his ultimate. With 3+ items, Rammus becomes a very strong jungler. He becomes so good at tanking and deleting enemy camps. When paired with a high damage team, he is one of the easiest junglers.

  1. ViEasiest Junglers

Vi is an easy to play jungler in the game. She is the best champion to start ganking with after your first roundtrip in the jungle. Vi is very good at ganking, especially when you upset the balance during an attack. Ganking needs some form of practice to perform well, and Vi is always ready to help new players gain that experience. A 3+ item Vi is undefeatable by any champion whom she comes across.

  1. ShyvanaEasiest Junglers

Shyvana is one of the champions with the highest pick rate in the game. She combines different playstyles that players can explore in their jungler’s role. Also, in terms of her abilities, she’s average. Her item build and runes help the player deal Physical damage. She’s pretty good at ganking and taking objectives quickly. Shyvana becomes very powerful when she turns into a dragon during her ultimate. This increases true damage that she inflicts on her enemies, and she buffs. In this form, she takes on any enemy in her way. Also, when the battle intensifies, she can escape in dragon form.

  1. Volibear

Volibear is an incredibly powerful jungler. He has a high tankiness and ganks so good. Also, he is very good, especially when he faces individual opponents. Volibear is not that good in farming; hence, you can save him for your second round instead of using him in the first round. If the enemy team has weak laners, then you can use Volibear for tanking. Avoid opponents that are good against tanks when using Volibear. Lastly, ensure that your team has a good engage game before picking Volibear.

  1. Fiddlesticks

This is one of the easiest junglers in League of Legends. There are several reasons why I’d advise any new player to pick Fiddlesticks. First of all, he heals himself, meaning you’ll be able to maintain your Hp even if things get tough in combat. Secondly, he can deal heavy damage when facing multiple enemies. Lastly, he has one of the best ultimates. After level 6, he doesn’t need the team as much and can ward off enemies by himself.

  1. Zac

I’d call Zac a team player; this is because he’s pretty useless on his own. Despite the fact that he has a ward skin awarded to him. If you have that one extra spot on your team early in the game, then save it for Zac. This is because he’s good at ganking, especially from long distances.  As long as the other teammates are good at dealing high damage, then you’re good to go with Zac as part of your team. This is because he’s very poor in dealing any sort of damage.

  1. Amumu

Amumu has one of the best Area of Effect compared to the other champions. Best used when faced with multiple enemies in combat. Using his 13% passive increases the true damage dealt on his enemies. You can convert magic damage from Cinderhulk and Thornmail into true damage using his passive. True damage dealt is up to 37%, which means you can maintain your Hp while securing easy kills and assists. New players can take advantage of this by using Amumu to advance in the game and gain more experience. It is much easier to take down your enemies as long as he still has his blue buff.

  1. Master Yi

Master Yi can only be considered an average champion before he enters his ultimate. He needs about 3 items to come online. Once he does come online, he becomes a nightmare to his enemies. He can ghost, move through minions, and strike down any enemy he comes across. Master Yi is almost undefeatable when he has the 3 items. New players can use the power of Master Yi to conquer their enemies in the game. Also, they can learn how to survive on their own since a 3+ items Master Yi rarely needs a team to catch out enemies. However, always be careful of him not to lag behind since he takes time to catch up with the team.

  1. Nunu

He’s considered a support champion but one of the easiest junglers. However, avoid using him when dueling enemy champions. This is because he has minimal abilities when it comes to duels. His most powerful Q, Consume, can only be used on monsters and minions. Hence limiting his battle options. Even so, he receives a buff every time he uses the Q on any jungle monsters. His Visionary trait makes him Mana efficient if he casts an ability free after up to 5 auto-attacks. You only need 450 points to use Nunu, which means most new players are accessible to him.

  1. Warwick

Warwick can withstand a lot of enemy attacks due to his Eternal Thirst ability. He also has the power to heal himself when he auto-attacks and deals magic damage. Hence boosting his overall health and the amount of heal received. Because of this, new players can use Warwick to fight jungle monsters while sustaining their health. Hence they will stay much longer in the game and gain the needed experience to survive in the jungle. He has another ability called Hungering Strike, which heals him for 75% of the damage dealt to the enemy. As a result, you’ll be able to maintain your health points without taking any potions. He’s the easiest jungler for any player that wants to learn the game.

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