10 Fallout 4 Best Headgear

Fallout 4 Best Headgear

Having a Fallout 4 best headgear will complement your set of armor in several ways. Wearing a good headgear reduces the chances of having a traumatic head injury and reduces the severity of the injury. Helmets play a small role in the game, and some players dependent on Fallout 4 perks can even go without them. However, Proper headgear helps a player retain his Hp much longer and reduces the chances of running out of health. Check out Fallout 4 best headgear from the list below.

  1. Mascot HeadFallout 4 Best Headgear

The Mascot head is one of the rarest items you can acquire in Fallout 4. If you’re lucky to have it keep it since you can only obtain this item once in the game. This is because Bosco wears it. After wearing this headgear, he respawns after some time, then appears without the Mascot head. It covers the head but does not cover the entire face. There’s a hole on one side of the Mascot head that leaves the face exposed. The headwear takes the shape of a teddy bear, and you can find it at a school in Diamond City. It has a value of 5 but lacks physical resistance.

  1. Pack HelmetFallout 4 Best Headgear

Players can find this helmet in Nuka-Town backstage, Nuka-World. The Pack raiders found in Nuka-World usually wear this helmet. It’s one of the best animal-themed headgear I’ve ever seen. It is only available in Fallout 4 to players that have the Nuka-World add on. The Pack deer helmet is more appealing, and there are other amazing pack helmets too. These include The pack elephant helmet, pack jaguar helmet, pack moose helmet, and pack buffalo helmet.

  1. Assault gas maskFallout 4 Best Headgear

This one of the good headgears you can find early in the game. Commonly worn with a salvaged green fabric that has tape patches on it. You can match this headgear with different types of armor sets such as the leather coat and traveling leather coat. As earlier mentioned, it is an early game protective head kit; hence, it is not designed to face strong opponents while in combat. Players can use this headgear to protect themselves from radiation and ballistic attacks. The damage resistance is 1 and has 15 bonus points of radiation resistance. Unfortunately, this headgear lacks energy resistance.

  1. Flight helmetsFallout 4 Best Headgear

It is one of Fallout 4 best headgear, and there are three variants of this type of helmet. All of the variants are differentiated with color but have pretty much the same physical and energy resistance. The Yellow, Brown, and Red flight helmet covers the head completely when worn. It is unlike other helmets that often cover the upper part of the head only and leave the face exposed. The Flight helmet is the only helmet that has no distinct color, while the rest have unique colors.

  1. Welding Helmet

It resembles Welding helmets used in the real world and is part of the Brotherhood of Steel headwear. This helmet covers the face and part of the head. You can wear other accessories such as glasses, a bandana, or surgical masks together with this helmet. The damage resistance is 3 and the energy resistance 5. Players can find this helmet on scribes belonging to the Brotherhood of steel patrolling the commonwealth or the ones aboard the Prydwen.

  1. Army Helmet

This helmet would have been Fallout 4 best headgear. However, it lacks energy resistance. That’s why it takes this position on our list. Moreover, you cannot upgrade it at an armor workbench. Even so, it has high ballistic protection of 10. Players can find this helmet on deceased bodies of soldiers or raiders wearing the helmet. It comes with special stat bonuses of agility and strength to players who wear the army fatigue. It is a good helmet to have, especially in the early stages of the game.

  1. Synth helmet

Synth helmet has one of the highest energy and damage resistance in the entire game. It reduces damage taken by 9 and further resists damage from energy weapons with a resistance of 11. It covers the entire head and part of the face. The eyes are covered by a visor that protects them from objects and bright light. However, the visor is a bit disadvantageous because it obstructs the player from having a clear view during gameplay. Synth leaders and synths normally wear this helmet across the commonwealth. It can be obtained by killing Synths or by purchasing it from the commonwealth institute stores.

  1. Synth Field Helmet

This helmet has the same resistance as that of a normal Synth Helmet but has a few differentiating aspects. The Synth Field has a mask that covers the entire face, unlike the normal Synth helmet, which leaves parts of the face exposed. Also, it allows for modification at an armor workbench. Moreover, this helmet is difficult to obtain, unlike its variant, the normal Synth. A few Synths wear it throughout the commonwealth. Players who want to acquire it must first find Synths who are wearing this headgear and kill them.

  1. Metal Helmet

The Metal helmet entirely made from a reinforced metal motorcycle helmet. Just like the normal Synth helmet, it has an auxiliary visor that protects the user’s eyes. One thing that makes the Metal helmet better than the army helmet is that it is upgradable at an armor workbench. It has a ballistic resistance of 9, energy resistance of 4, and a value of 15. You can find this helmet at later stages in the game from level 10. Players who want to obtain the helmet will find it on raiders.

  1. Combat Armor Helmet

It is an upgrade of the old model Combat helmet and the metal helmet. The new combat armor helmet has a new design with ear protection and attachment points. It has improved energy and ballistic resistance of 10. This helmet usually is worn as part of the combat armor set. This helmet is easily obtainable at low levels from raiders. It is the most powerful headgear in Fallout 4.

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