10 Best rdr2 melee weapons

rdr2 melee weapons

Rdr2 melee weapons come in handy in advanced stages of the game. At the very start, Arthur will be unarmed. This means he’ll only have his fists to use against his opponents. For combat and sneak attacks, you’ll need to upgrade and acquire the best rdr2 melee weapons to survive. Here’s a list of the best rdr2 melee weapons.

  1. Hewing Hatchetrdr2 melee weapons

Found at the Moonstone Pond on the southern shore in the eastern grizzles, adjacent to an abandoned shack. You can also find it on another location, at the south side part of the moonstone pond in a tree stump. It is mainly for the hewing process. The hewing process is a process that converts logs into lumbers. Even so, it is still a good weapon to be used in melee attacks. You can use it for short range attacks and a few medium range ones because you can throw it. It deals damage of up to 2.5 on your enemies. Moreover, it can be used for hunting and protect you from animals.

  1. Broken Pirate Sword

Sail through the Southern bridge of Saint Dennis, and you’ll come across a tiny Island. On this tiny Island, you’ll find a wrecked boat on its shores. Here you’ll come across the Broken pirate sword which almost looks similar to a Machete. It has ancient cutlass with a long sharp blade, and on the edge, the handguard has Gold decoration. Even though this weapon cannot be customized, it still deals great damage on your enemies in melee combat. On the negative side, you can only use it in short range attacks.

  1. Civil war kniferdr2 melee weapons

This knife is useful as a hunting knife during your adventures. It can also be a perfect weapon against your enemies in battle. You’ll find this knife at the Fort Brennand Basement in Roanoke Ridge. This basement lies at the southwest part of Van Horn. In the basement, you’ll find the decorative knife on a crate covered in Rust. Another location you can stumble upon this knife is at the Butcher Creek settlement. Just like its name suggests, this knife has its origin back when soldiers used it in the Civil war. It is made up of a solid blade, a wooden handle and D-shaped handguard for easy handling.

  1. Cleaverrdr2 melee weapons

You can buy this blade for about $8 after the ‘Dear Uncle Tacitus’ from all fences in chapter 5. It’s useful in hunting and chopping animal carcasses, thick meat and bones. It is made up of a wide blade axe and a short wooden handle. You can use it for short range attacks and a few medium range ones because you can throw it. The Cleaver has good damage stats of 2.5/4 and accuracy of 1.0/4. This devious weapon is a perfect combat weapon to be used in melee attacks.

  1. Double Bit Hatchet

The Double Bit Hatchet functions like any other normal hatchet. Found stuck in a tree stump at the northwest part of Wallace Station in Big Valley. It has a double-bladed head with two sides. One side is very sharp and mainly used for chopping and cutting. The other side is less sharp and often used for splitting wood in the forest. It is light enough to be carried in short and long trails. You can use it for short range attacks and a few medium range ones because you can throw it. However, this weapon cannot be customized.

  1. Hunting Knife

This is the perfect weapon for sneak attacks at any close quarters range. You can stealthily attack your enemy with this knife without a loud engangement ensuing. Enhanced with a razor sharp blade, steel crossguard, and a wooden handle. It’s a multipurpose weapon that can be helpful in multiple situations. It can be used during hunting to kill and skin animals. On the positive side, this weapon can be customized by players to be useful in combat. Furthermore, you don’t need to go to a specific location to find this weapon. It’s available for acquisition at the beginning of the game.

  1. Machete

This is the best rdr2 melee weapon for any combat mode. Firstly, you can deploy this weapon in case of a sword attack to defend yourself. Secondly, it is useful for impromptu stealth attacks on your enemies. Thirdly, it can help you to create an easy trail along your journey by clearing thick undergrowth on the path. Fourthly, it deals more damage in battle compared to knives. Lastly, it can be used for hunting and killing animals. Moreover, it has a longer range of attack compared to the other melee weapons.

  1. Viking Hatchet

To find this weapon, you’ll first need to get to Old Tomb, located adjacent to a river Northwest of Annesburg. You’ll find the Viking Hatchet down the tomb by the alter. You can also collect it as part of the Viking set as you progress through the game. The other 2 sets that come with this weapon include the Viking Helmet and the Viking comb. This unique ancient weapon is enraged with Nordic patterns and is bound together in leather. You can use it for short range attacks and a few medium range ones because you can throw it. However, this weapon cannot be customized.

  1. Wide-Blade Knife

This is a unique hunting knife made up of a wide and curved sharp pointed blade with a wooden handle. You can find this weapon in Beryl’s Dream mines, at Big Valley. This knife will be sticking out on a corpse that was hiding the magnitude of his crime. It is an ideal weapon for hunting and killing animals. Also a good rdr2 melee wepon for use in combat.

  1. Antler Kniferdr2 melee weapons

This unique weapon lies in the North West part of Hanging Dog Ranch near Little Creek River. On the Northwest path, you will find a bear stabbed to death, and this knife will be on the bear. It is the only place you’ll ever find this blade. It seems like there was a huge fight between the Hunter who killed the bear but also didn’t survive the fight. This knife is from the antler of a stag. Part of this blade is snapped off near the crossguard. The Antler Knife is a unique collectible and one of the best rdr2 melee weapons.

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