10 Best Naruto Female Characters

naruto female characters

One thing that makes the action-packed manga series exciting are the Naruto female characters. There are more male characters than females in the series. Hence, we have to make the right character choice when selecting the best characters. It all depends on your character preferences. Some choose their characters based on looks, which is quite deceiving. While others prefer to look at the character’s fighting prowess and demeanor. In this article, we’ll consider all the factors. Pick your favorite Naruto female characters from the list below.

  1. Tentennaruto female characters

Tenten outstanding ability lies in her power to use a legendary weapon without practicing on how to use. Very few Naruto female characters can showcase this ability without dying from Chakra exhaustion. Tenten is a powerful ninja and additionally, smart. She has perfected her fighting skills by learning and practicing Fuinjutsu.

  1. Mei Teruminaruto female characters

Mei Terumi is the Mizukage who succeeded Yagura Karatachi after his dreadful reign. Despite her status, Mei has maintained his calm personality. She is open-minded, cheerful, and kind towards others. However, she has a low tolerance to anyone who speaks lowly of her. Her fighting ability is excellent, and she is a powerful ninja. Also, she knows a little Taijutsu. She is a big rival to Tsunade, even though we can easily tell that Tsunade is a little bit better than her.

  1. Konannaruto female characters

Well, this is one character who has made it into this list because of her fighting prowess. I’m not saying she’s not beautiful, but her strength is her most outstanding feature. She is not only strong but also a skilled fighter. There’s one time she almost defeated Obito. She makes it into this list, although she’s not the main character but a supporting one. Her family killed during the Second Shinobi World War. Konan is the only female founding member of the Akatsuki family but later defected after the death of Nagato. I love her calm and compassionate character.

  1. Chiyonaruto female characters

She is one of the best Ninjas that I’ve come across. Despite her old age, she was still able to battle and defeat Sasori, her Grandson. Sasori is considered by many as one of the greatest ninjas, but still, Sasori beat her. Even her arch-rival Tsunade has great respect for her. She has a great mastery of the puppet technique, which is used to create and control puppets. She is highly skilled in Taijutsu and has in-depth knowledge of Fuinjutsu. Lastly, she is a medical-nin and a poison expert.

  1. Sakura Haruno

Sakura is one of the most intelligent Naruto female characters in the entire series. Her stats in data book are commendable and excellent. She’s the most complex character, and her strength lies in her mind. One thing that made me love this character is her ability to heal herself during a battle in case she’s injured. To top that up, she’s a great medical ninja. Hence, if you set out in battle with Sakura, you have nothing to worry about. Through her hard work and determination, she has learned most skills useful in battle.

  1. Temari Nara

Temari is one of the best Naruto female characters when it comes to fighting in long-range. Her personality is quite adorable. Often described as an independent, strong-willed, and smart woman. Sh does not hold back from speaking her mind when she is upset or wants to raise a strong point. Also, she is an ardent peacemaker. She may only revert to battle if only it is absolutely necessary. Her only flaw is that at times she is arrogant but all in all she’s a good character. Her beauty is astonishing, and she bores a great resemblance to Karura, her mother.

  1. Kushina Uzumaki

You obviously know her, the girl with pretty red hair from the clan of Uzushiogakure. Also called Red Hot-blooded Habanero by her schoolmates. She’s a headstrong girl who always goes for what she wants. Her only flaw is her short temper whenever she gets provoked. She’ll violently lash at anyone who dares cross her line. Something that shows she is fearless and brave. In fact, she openly displayed this when she decided to sacrifice her life to stop Nine Tails. Though it was a sad moment, she decides to put her family first and save her newborn son. What a selfless strong lady she is and one of the best Naruto female characters.

  1. Kaguya

The alien princess, Kaguya, is described as the ultimate villain in the world of Naruto. She is a fearless character who would battle it out with anyone who comes her way. Remember there’s a time Naruto and Kaguya were up against Kaguya, and they couldn’t beat her. They had to borrow some power from Rikudo and use it to beat her. This shows how strong Kaguya is and her excellent prowess in battle. Kaguya can battle it out with any Naruto female character and still win. She is the first-ever Naruto female character to wield the Chakra.

  1. Hinata Uzumaki

She is the former Heiress of her clan, the Hyuga. Although her father later disinherited her, this did not kill her strong-willed spirit. She rose up and became a member of Team 8. Team 8 is a strong Ninja team under the command of Kurenai Yuhi. Remember the reason why her father disinherited her was that he thought she would never make it as a Ninja. Hinata proved him completely wrong. She has a kind personality, always taking into consideration what others feel. Hinata is a peaceful character, soft-spoken and polite.

  1. Tsunade

Hands down, Tsunade is the greatest ninja compared to the other Naruto female characters. She has the mastered mystical arts that she utilizes in battle. Her Ninja techniques are top-notch, and her extensive experience in battle makes her a force to reckon with. Another amazing ability of Tsunade is that she has vast medical knowledge and thus can heal the injured in battle by use of Mystical Palm technique. She has excellent chakra control and definitely a high intelligence power. Tsunade has saved countless lives and is considered a heroine in Konoha. She is the 5th Hokage in her village; thus, the strongest Shinobi in the entire village.

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