10 Best Sims 3 expansion

best sims 3 expansion

Sims 3 released 11 expansions in total, find out the best sims 3 expansion packs in this article. Sims 3 follows the same storyline as the other Sims games before it. You have the responsibility to control virtual worlds full of simulated people. In Sims 3 new features and tools players can use are added. Released in June 2009 it has sold more than 7 million copies. Check out the best sims 3 expansion packs from the list below.

  1. Seasonsbest sims 3 expansion

Change how your world looks with this Sims 3 expansion pack. Let your Sims be worried about getting sick and catching a cold during winter. Experience seasonal festivals and holidays with each season. Every season comes with something special about it. Learn new skills appropriate for each season and how to cope with the weather.

  1. Island Paradisebest sims 3 expansion

Sink into a whole new world of your imagination. This is one of the best Sims 3 expansion packs for those who love to have a good time. Find yourself in a big tropical Island. Choose how you’ll live, whether it’ll be spending the day swimming or basking in the sun at the beach. Your Sims will earn extra cash by running a beach resort. Choose to live in a boathouse or scuba dive the whole day. Either way, it’s your choice on how to enjoy yourself best.

  1. Into the Futurebest sims 3 expansion

With this expansion pack, your Sims can explore the future. High technological gadgets are available to take them into the future. This Expansion also provides the option of going back in time. Even so, the activities undertaken in the past have far reaching consequences on your Sims future. Hence, be very careful in the things that your Sims do in the past. When you go into the future, your Sims are required to learn new things there and apply what they learn to upgrade your home. This expansion pack comes with so many futuristic items.

  1. University Life Expansion

Have your Sim experience modern University education with this Expansion packs. It follows the same script as World Adventures just that you’ll be stuck in a campus with several activities to undertake. Young adult Sims can get scholarships to the best universities and receive education for the betterment of their future. Moreover, while in, University they can decide to join social groups of their choice. The social group feature allows the Sims to form personal relationships with their peers. Eventually, they get to work in fields related to their career choice at University.

  1. Showtime Expansion

This Expansion is a little bit different from Latenight because it offers an actual career. In Showtime Sims are required to perform at big stages in front of their adoring fans. Sims receive up to 3 stage performances to hype their careers. Follow through the success story of your Sims. Sims who accomplish more in good time move from the Bungalows to the Villas. There are tons of careers to undertake as a stage performer. Sims can choose either to become magicians or singers. An exclusive edition of this Expansion includes in-game content from American singer, Katy Perry.

  1. Pets Expansion

This is the best Sims 3 expansion for you if you love pets. The pets available in this Expansion are Cats, Dogs, and Horses. Cats and Dogs are the easiest pets to keep. Horses require a little bit more work. Sims have the responsibility of training the horses for racing, breeding the horses and selling them to the highest buyer. Besides, Sims can earn rewards by ensuring their horse win in a race before the Equestrian center closes. Unicorns were also made to be part of this Expansion. They come with a lot of advantages to the Sims.

  1. Generations Expansion

This Expansion covers the needs of every age group. They’re different life states in this Expansion, and you’ll have to experience one first before moving to the other. You can start as a toddler and evolve into a teenager. Kids can create memorable moments and fulfill their imaginations. Teens can participate in school, and extra-curricular activities are encouraged. Adults face various challenges in their day to day life. With this Expansion, you can share your past with others and earn rewards for that. Extra features such as cloning and age freezing are in this expansion pack.

  1. Late Night Expansion

In this Expansion, people become simulated with a celerity system. This system requires the Sims to raise their popularity by visiting the local pubs and clubs. They’re encouraged to become social and party hard. Their celebrity status is maintained by their careers in acting or directing. Career tracks are available, and Sims are required to choose the one that suits them most. Sims that accomplish their goal of becoming popular earn rewards. Also, they receive an invitation to new joints and the most exclusive clubs. The towns are modern as they feature apartments and a Subway for transport.

  1. Ambitions Expansion

This Expansion is built specifically for simmers who would like to work and get paid for it. They’re several professions provided in this Expansion they include: Firefighting, Styling, Ghost hunting, Private Investigation, and architecture. Any Sim can choose the profession that he suits best. Each job has a weekly stipend, and you’re offered some more money when you finish a task successfully. Additionally, Sims can decide to become self-employed. This means they’ll have to look for jobs and advance their skills in the job. They’re perks offered to Sims who choose this form of employment.

  1. World Adventures Expansion

Explore the world with this expansion pack. With this Expansion, Sims can travel to any of the three locales at any time. Upon reaching their locale of choice, they can undertake several quests that will give them more rights to operate freely in that locale. Majority of the quests require them to search for ancient relics and collectibles in tombs. Alternatively, they can become tomb raiders or archeologists. Thus earn some remuneration to sustain themselves. There are 3 locations in the Expansion, namely: France, Egypt, and China. Sims can choose the location of their choice. Depending on what they intend to do since each location serves a particular purpose.

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