10 Best Bloodborne Weapons

best bloodborne weapons

Choose the best Bloodborne weapons and become a nightmare to your enemies. Even though, Bloodborne does not have many weapons compared to games like Fallout. Invest in the best weapons and dominate your enemies. After spending countless hours familiarizing with the strength and weakness of every single weapon in Bloodborne’s arsenal. Here are the top 10 best Bloodborne weapons.

  1. Hunter Axebest bloodborne weapons

The Hunter Axe has excellent stopping power and base damage. Also, when you use the double swing to attack with this weapon, it increases your range. This means you can attack multiple enemies at once by using the long-form without suffering much damage. Besides, it’s a good weapon to take down the large enemies. However, if you’re up against a fast enemy, don’t use this weapon because it’s slow.

  1. Repeating Pistolbest bloodborne weapons

One of the best Bloodborne weapons when it comes to stopping power. In fact, there’s no other weapon that has amazing stopping power like this weapon. The range is also good since it can stop most enemies in their tracks. Besides, compared to other Bloodborne guns, the shot speed of the repeating pistol is very high.

  1. Tonitrusbest bloodborne weapons

This is a unique Bloodborne weapon since it uses Bolt attack. To increase the efficiency of the Bolt attack use Bolt related blood gems. This saves you from sacrificing the physical attack, unlike the other Bloodborne weapons. Also, you can upgrade this weapon using the Arcane build and increase its base damage. Besides, you’ll be able to gain more strength and skill. The only disadvantage of the weapon is its range and stopping power.

  1. Saw Cleaverbest bloodborne weapons

The Saw Cleaver has moderately good stats and is one of the starter weapons in the game. First of all, it has high base damage which you can upgrade at later stages of the game. Secondly, the attack speed is good, and you can use it against your most agile enemies, it won’t disappoint you. Thirdly, its move set is quite good, meaning you can move from left to right easily and hit your enemies from afar. Lastly, its upgradable meaning you can use Physical gems to raise the physical damage of the weapon. Also, you can use your points to raise its strength and skill. Additionally, you don’t need to use Arcane to increase physical damage. Moreover, it offers damage bonus multipliers.

  1. Threaded Canebest bloodborne weapons

Threaded Cane is one of the selectable starter weapons in Bloodborne. It’s most advisable for beginners to choose this weapon because it’ll give them an upper hand against their enemies. I like this weapon because of its agility and ability to hit the enemy in the shortest time possible. It’s one of the best bloodborne weapons that beginners can use to launch quick attacks against their enemies. This weapon, later in the game transforms into a whip. The whip allows you to chop off your enemies from a good distance without taking any hits. One amazing thing about this weapon is that it’s very easy to use. Meaning anyone can start off with this Bloodborne weapon. The one downside of this weapon is that it has a low tier damage throughput and lacks a stagger.

  1. Chikagebest bloodborne weapons

This is one of the best Bloodborne weapons in terms of stats. You can use Bloodtinge to upgrade the weapon by increase the stats and the ranged capabilities of the weapon. Also, it’s one of the best weapons to use in melee attacks. The one thing that I love most about this weapon is its fantastic move called Katana. The only disadvantage of this weapon is the fact that it’s very difficult to use. Making it usable to only expert players. Besides, most players use it only when it’s necessary. You can either purchase the weapon for 50,000 Blood Echoes or join the Cainhurst Vilebloods to acquire it.

  1. Whirligig Saw Weapon

Also known as the ‘Pizza Cutter of Justice.’ This versatile weapon is best for serration damage. You can use it as a one-handed weapon or spin it with two hands. It will deliver massive damage to any enemy in its path. Besides, it has an excellent move set for its mace and saw. One downside of this weapon is that you have to operate it exclusively. This means you can’t use other weapons while using the Whirligig Saw. Moreover, it can only be found in the Old Hunters DLC expansion and has a long charge wind-up. To acquire this weapon depends on the version of the weapon you have. Each version has a unique way to get it.

  1. Blade Mercy

Blade of Mercy is another agile Bloodborne weapon. You don’t need to pause to dodge when using this weapon. It covers you while chop off your enemies and is better than most Bloodborne weapons. If you’re quick on your feet, then this is the perfect weapon for you. However, I advise against using it against multiple enemies at once. This is because it has poor control ability and AoE. To acquire this weapon you have to kill Eileen the Crow first and purchase it for 4,000 Blood Echoes from Hunter Dream Messengers.

  1. Burial Blade

This powerful weapon requires some time to master how to use it. You’ll have to exercise a little bit of patience to learn how to use it, especially if you’re a beginner. It is another agile weapon that makes it on our list. You can use it to launch surprise attacks on your enemies, and it has pretty good base damage. Besides, it is upgradable in Hunter’s dream, which means it becomes more efficient with time. To acquire this weapon, defeat Gehrman first and get the Old Hunter badge from him then purchase it for 60,000 Blood Echoes from the messengers.

  1. Ludwig’s Holy Blade

Ludwig’s Blade is one of the best Bloodborne weapons. Actually the hardest hitting weapon in the entire game. It has near-perfect move sets and lunges quickly to hit your enemies at the very opportune moment. One of the most amazing thing about this weapon is that it can do massive burst damage on your enemies without sacrificing health. Also, it has good stats and high base damage. Moreover, unlike Blade Mercy, you can deploy this weapon against multiple enemies without suffering much damage. You acquire it by obtaining a Radiant sword hunter badge first then purchase it for 20,000 Blood Echoes.

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