10 Best Shields in Skyrim

Players who want to boost their defensive stats have to acquire the best shields in Skyrim. Shields are pretty advantageous, especially when one is involved in open melee combat. A key point to remember is that shields are most effectively used by one-handed combatants, especially those using light armor sets. Listed below are the best shields in Skyrim.

  1. Orcish Shieldbest shields in Skyrim

The Orcish shield is best when you’re starting in the game at the mid-levels. It has a very good design and decent base armor stat. The defensive stat is 32 and has a weight of 14. The shield is part of the Orcish armor set and will become available at level 26. It is upgradable at a blacksmith’s forge and further improved using the Orcish smithing perk. Lastly, it is very easy to obtain as a world item, blacksmiths, or from Orcs.

  1. Aetherial Shield

Perphaps one of the best shields during the early stages of the game. It has pretty decent stats and amazing capabilities. Get it by crafting it in the Aetherium Forge as part of the ‘Lost to the Ages’ quest. It can be further upgraded at a workbench and smithed using the Arcane Blacksmith perk to double its improvement. Furthermore, it can be enchanted and make enemies ethereal hence, they become incapable of attacking you.

  1. Ebony Shieldbest shields in Skyrim

Ebony shield is part of the ebony armor set. For the best results with this shield, it is advisable to acquire the full set Ebony armor. Need not to worry about that since the Ebony armor set is one of the best heavy armor in Skyrim. It has a base armor stat of 32 and a weight of 14. To craft this shield at a workbench, you’ll need the Ebony smithing perk. Furthermore, it can be enchanted to enhance it. Get it from crafting, merchants, or as random loot.

  1. Dawnguard Rune Shieldbest shields in Skyrim

As the name suggests, this is a unique Dawnguard DLC shield. To obtain it, you must be a member of the Dawnguard DLC, and you’ll find it during the radient Dawnguard ‘Lost Relic’ quest. It has a base armor stat of 27 and a light weight of 6. This shield can be further enchanted to enhance it. Also, it can double its improvement using the Advanced Armors perk. The enchantment comes with several benefits such as bash damage against Vampires. Additionally, the sun shield capability which causes damage to nearby enemies.

  1. Dragonplate Shield

Dragonplate Shield is one of the best shields in Skyrim but has only one downside that hinders it from ranking higher on this list. It is extremely rare to find and very costly to craft. If you plan on acquiring it, then good luck with that, and if you successfully obtain it, consider yourself very lucky. You may try finding it from general goods merchants, blacksmiths, or as random loot. Otherwise, save yourself the time and energy or rather look for an alternative shield to use. It can be further upgraded at a workbench and smithed using the Dragon armor perk to double its improvement.

  1. Shield of Ysgramor

This is the best shield I can recommend to anyone leveling up in the game. It has a base armor stat of 30 and a weight of 12. Once you acquire it, you’ll receive a 20% magic resistance, and it fortifies your health by 20 points. However, I can’t recommend this type of shield, especially on higher difficulties. Since it doesn’t support enchantment regardless of the perks, you may have. Hence can’t be enhanced to face the kind of enemies you’ll meet on higher levels such as 40 and above.  You can obtain it at Ysgramor’s Tomb during or after the Companions questline.

  1. Daedric Shield

The Daedric Shield belongs to the heavy armor category. It has the highest base armor stats in that category and the second highest defense stats overall. It can be further upgraded at a workbench and smithed using the Daedric Smithing perk to double its improvement. This shield can be found in various places such as in random loot or sometimes sold by merchants. The only hurdle you may encounter is while trying to craft it without a Daedra Heart.

  1. Shield of Solitude

The shield has the same defense stat as that of Auriel’s shield but is a little bit lighter with a weight of 12. To obtain this shield, a player must first complete ‘The Wolf Queen Awakens’ quest; then, it will be given to you by Falk Firebeard. This shield can be enchanted to make it a very powerful piece of armor. The best magnitude of enchantment is at level 40. At this level, the magic resistance of the shield increases by 30%, and it can block 35% of all physical damage. Only one reason hinders this armor piece from becoming the best shield in Skyrim. It is that it requires level 40 and above to experience the best possible version of the shield.

  1. Auriel’s shield

Auriel’s shield is a unique DLC Dawnguard shield with the second-highest defense base armor stats in the game. It has a defense stat of 32 and a weight of 14. It works by storing the energy exerted on it during attacks, then releases the stored energy through a power bash. The power bash is strongest after 15 or more hits. To obtain this shield, you must first kill the Falmer Warmonger located in the Forgotten Vale Forest. However, reaching the Forgotten Vale Forest is not easy, and most players give up mid-way. Auriel’s shield is one of the best shields in Skyrim and without a doubt, deserves second place.

  1. Spellbreaker

This is one piece of defensive armor that no player should miss, especially on higher difficulties. Spellbreaker is a legendary shield in Skyrim that protects players from magic damage. It is the shield with the highest base armor stats in the game. Spellbreaker has a defense stat of 38 and a weight of 12. It grants players a 50 magic damage protection against magic by summoning a ward to protect them from spell damage. Get it by completing the Daedric shrine quest and receiving the shield as an award by Peryite.

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