10 Hardest Overwatch Heroes

Overwatch hardest heroes

When it comes to selecting the hardest Overwatch heroes people have different opinions and views. Overwatch like other games you can play in PS4 is a team-based, first-person shooter game. It has over 30 characters that players can choose. Each player has his/her unique characteristics and conduct of play, depending on the role they play in the game. Some heroes require plenty of practice and time to master than others. Check out the top 10 hardest Overwatch heroes below.

  1. PharahHardest Overwatch Heroes

Perhaps the most vulnerable hero when it comes to facing good players in the game. Most of the time, when she is up against strong heroes such as McCree or Genji who have hitscan-type weapons, Pharah is easily knocked out. To unlock her full potential, you must gain extensive knowledge of how to control her abilities, and this is what gets most players discouraged.

  1. Zenyatta

Zenyatta is extremely powerful, but it’s very difficult to master his abilities. He has a very high damage output with his orbs. However, most players fail to master how to control their travel speeds. It becomes very hard to hit or at small targets with such speed. All his abilities require a good understanding to use. These, among many other factors, make it hard for many players to play Zenyatta.

  1. SombraHardest Overwatch Heroes

She is classified as an offensive hero and has great spy skills. Sombra is a great team player and is responsible for supporting her team using her abilities. Her main ability is hacking, and she is quite proficient in that. She mostly hacks things such as enemies, heroes, and health packs in her team’s favor. The only hurdle that most players have playing Sombra is that she requires players to have in-depth knowledge of all the heroes. Also, players should have a deep understanding of their targets and maps. Knowing the map helps the team find safer paths or an escape plan.

  1. Zarya

Zarya is one of the most underrated heroes because of her style of play and difficulty. But Zarya has a lot of locked potential that most players haven’t discovered yet. The major thing that makes many players shy away from playing Zarya is that most lack the knowledge of how to use her barriers. At first, her basic mechanics often seem so simple during the early stages of the game. As the game advances, Zarya’s shield becomes pretty difficult to use, especially for new players. Zarya’s abilities Particle Cannon and Particle Barrier require a bit of experience to use since the effect lasts for a very short time.

  1. Widowmaker

She is a complicated character to play, especially for players who can’t seem to aim right. Widowmaker expects players to master the art of landing consecutive headshots. This takes hours of practice for players to become competent enough to play with Widowmaker. She is an unforgiving character for players who miss shots. It doesn’t matter the type of assault rifle you have or the abilities you’ve mastered in the game. As long as you can’t aim right, you can’t be a Widowmaker player. If any player wants to succeed with Widowmaker, then they better master the skill of delivering perfectly aimed headshots from a long distance.

  1. Ana

Ana shares a few characteristics with Widowmaker. Just like Widowmaker, she requires a high precision when it comes to aiming and delivering long-range sniper shots. However, with Ana aiming is not the only thing that the player is required to master. You’re expected to precise shots and kill your enemies, or else you risk having your teammates killed. Her Rifle has two functionalities: healing allies and killing enemies. Players need to be more precise while aiming since Anna does not discriminate targets. She will attack allies and enemies alike if the player isn’t careful. Other than using a rifle, Anna uses sleep darts to attack her enemies. However, learning how to use sleep darts takes a lot of time to practice and master.

  1. TracerTracer hardest Overwatch Hero

Tracer is a swift hero; to play her effectively, you’ll need to be sharp and focused. Aiming is one aspect that you can’t be mediocre in if you want to play Tracer. She requires players to be masters in up close aiming. This is because she’s good at short-range attacks than long-range attacks. You’ll have to be more accurate with your shots since you’ll be directly in harm’s way and so close to the enemy team. Also, to use Tracer’s pistol, players need to have a moderate skill level as far as aiming, and reloading is concerned. Furthermore, Tracer’s abilities, such as Blink, Recall, and Ultimate Pulse Bomb, require players to have proper mastery before using them. Lastly, she only has 150Hp making her one of the easiest heroes to kill and vulnerable to attacks.

  1. McCree

McCree is a very vulnerable hero because he doesn’t have good survivability, and that makes him one of the hardest overwatch heroes to play with. McCree has many abilities that players need to learn how to use first. Players also need to be precise when aiming since his revolver only has six shots, and reloading may take quite some time. Inexperienced players will often die quickly if they choose to play McCree since he cannot heal himself like other Overwatch heroes. He can’t move fast when he is up against his enemies.

  1. Hanzo

Hanzo is a master of archery. He uses his expertise to strike down his targets with ease. This is one hero who is stealthier than even Widowmaker. However, most players find it difficult to use him since his abilities require a lot of practice and insane skill to master. Two of his abilities require an adequate level of understanding to use. While his deadly ability, Scatter Arrow, requires a lot of skill and practice.

  1. Genji

Undoubtedly the hardest Overwatch hero. Every aspect of playing Genji is difficult and requires mastery. First of all, just like all the heroes, Genji players need to be precise when it comes to aiming. Forget about hitscan aiming that the majority of the heroes use. Genji requires the mastery of projectile aiming, it doesn’t matter if you’re 2 feet or 100 meters away. Moreover, his abilities, such as Deflect, Swift Strike, and Ultimate Dragonblade, require a lot of practice and insane skill to master. I guess to unlock his full potential; players need years of practice.

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  1. I think Hammond is one of the hardest heroes to play because you have to know when to pile-drive and you have to think about what situation your in and if you should leave or use that powerful shield of his to survive, also not to mention you have to pile drive and while you are still in the air you have to do a 280 or something (I am not a Hammond main) and then ult which I find hard to do in such short amount of time.

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