10 Best Free PS4 games

best free PS4 games

The best free PS4 games have a lot to offer in terms of gameplay. The fact that they’re free doesn’t mean that they’re boring or not worth your time. There’s a vast selection of free to play quality PS4 games that are worth your time. Below are the best free PS4 games that will keep you entertained without spending a dime.

  1. Brawlhallabest free PS4 games

This game borrows heavily from Super Smash Bros, and the main is to knock your opponent off the battle arena. Enjoy playing this game together with your friends kicking and punching each other. Battle it out until one of you remains on the stage as the winner. Alternatively, the player with the most points is considered the winner. The game has several game modes, and you can unlock over 40 legends.

  1. Warframebest free PS4 games

This is a 3rd person shooter game developed by Digital Extremes. In this game, your character controls members of an ancient warrior race at war. You’re required to use powerful weapons and abilities to beat your enemies. There are several missions you will be required to accomplish to advance further in the game. You can upgrade your character further using improved gear.

  1. Paladins: Champions Of The Realmbest free PS4 games

If you’ve ever played Overwatch, then Paladin would be a lot easier to play. It is a first-person shooter game that makes you take the role of a unique character in the game. This game has about 34 heroes with each hero having his unique ability. You may play any of the characters together with your teammates. You’re allowed to pick your favorite character and battle it out with millions of other players online. Moreover, customization of the game and the characters is allowed. Also, there are special cards generated in the game that you can use to buff your abilities.

  1. DC Universe Online

This game is mainly for comic lovers. Whether you love comic books, movies, or any other material, then this game is for you. It brings all your Superheroes into action and allows you to create your own superhero or villain. Imagine battling against or alongside your superheroes. This game is for all the DC fans out there. For example, you may fight alongside Batman or against Superman. All DC universe heroes are in this game. The game receives continued support annually. Moreover, it receives updates with new content and characters. You can partner up with other players together with iconic characters and perform raids.

  1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 lite

Discover a whole new soccer gaming experience while playing PES 2019 lite. PES 2019 lite is among the best free PS4 games because of its decent gameplay. Even though you can’t compare it to the paid version of the game, PES 2019 Lite is one of a kind. Developed by Konami, this game is for players who are sick or tired of playing FIFA. The main reason why Konami developed this lite version of PES is to convince players to buy the paid version, which has a lot of features and has better graphics. Players are only allowed to play exhibition matches, which is quite limiting. But we can’t complain since it is a free version of the game. All in all, PES 2019 lite is a great game.

  1. Let it die

This is a free to play game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and became available to PS4 players in 2017. It is one of the best souls games on PS4. Players are to play to the Top of a Tower, most players either die or give up on the way. Meanwhile, they’re required to obtain weapons and armor to fight their enemies. Also, they’re supposed to eat mushrooms and creatures to stay alive. If a player dies, his death data gets shared with other players, and he is considered a formidable opponent.

  1. Smite


Smite is a multiplayer online game developed by Hi-Rez Studios. Your character in the game gets a god or any mythological figure to control. There are about 90 or so gods to choose from eight different Pantheons. Each has a specific character class among the five classes. Afterward, you join a team whereby you fight against other gods controlled by players from other teams. The game also features multiple tournaments in which players can participate. Players have plenty of customization options and can choose a game mode of their choice.

  1. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is part of the Fallout games series. The player character is required to create their own vault whereby they’ll have control of their inhabitants in a virtual Fallout world. As you advance in the game, you have to add and upgrade new rooms then add new dwellers. To run a vault room effectively, certain skills are required. Also, you have to ensure your vault gets protected from raider and deathclaw attacks. If you enjoy building new structures, looking for resources and managing a populace, then Fallout Shelter is the game for you.

  1. Apex Legends

This is a free to play game developed by Respawn Entertainment. The game features battle royale games and class-based shooters. Players get pitted against each other, and they must look for weapons and resources to survive. The winner of the game is the last squad standing, bringing the game to an end. It allows team members to communicate by use of a voice chat or ping system. Apex Legends has good game control and character abilities compared to other battle royale games. It’s the only game that is a worthy competitor of Fortnite Battle Royale.

  1. Fortnite Battle Royale

Across the globe Battle royale is one of the most popular games. Developed by epic games, it’s available on Playstation 4 as a free game. By 2018 it was one of the most played games in PS4 played by over 200 million people. It allows players to fight alone or engage in a duel. Players can also invite others and fight as a group. The last player or team that remains alive becomes the winner. Battle Royale has character customization enabled and introduced limited time events. Although a few people dislike Fortnite games, we have to give it credit where it deserves. Battle Royale is one of the best free PS4 games.

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