10 Best Division Exotic Weapons

Division exotic weapons

Division exotic weapons are very difficult to acquire. By difficult I mean you’ll have to break a sweat to find these weapons. You have to persevere and dedicate yourself into finding them because they’re unavailable during casual play. Even so, there are several ways you can acquire these weapons. You can either buy them from special vendors or find them in their respective caches or loot. However, there’s no guarantee you’ll get them. Listed below are the best Division exotic weapons you can find in the game.

  1. BullfrogDivision exotic weapons

It used to be a normal weapon till the Update 1.6 made it an exotic rifle. The Bullfrog is an exotic assault rifle with low damage but can act as a Submachine Gun. Even though the handling traits are quite poor, this weapon still has a high firing rate. It is most effective for use in short-range battle because of its high recoil. You can acquire this exotic weapon in the Dark Zone at contaminated events.

  1. WarlordDivision exotic weapons

This weapon is a variant of the AK-47. They have the same handling; the only difference between the 2 weapons is that the Warlord has 2 randomized talents. Just like the AK-47, you can get a high or lower damage per shot. The gun is more furnished than the AK-47 hence has a more flashy appearance. It takes this position because of its low firing rate.

  1. LiberatorDivision exotic weapons

This weapon is part of the free republic weapon gear set alongside the Centurion pistol. The weapon designed is based on the Lightweight M4 rifle. Surprisingly, it has better recoil power than the Lightweight M4 rifle. You can buy this weapon from the special equipment vendor located at the Terminal. This is one of the few Division exotic weapons with no unique talent.

  1. Urban MDR

Urban MDR is one of the first Semi-automatic rifles in the game. Even though it has a low RPM, this gun is high powered and has better accuracy than most assault rifles in the game. This exotic weapon is most effective when used for medium to long range attacks. Its special talent enables it to deal 18% more damage for opponents with status effects. If not for the semi-auto firing mode this weapon could have been higher on our list.

  1. Hungry Hog

You can acquire this exotic light machine gun by killing high or low-end enemies in the Dark Zone. It is a standard M60 variant and very bulky in size. The Hungry Hog’s special talent increases damage dealt by 10% for every enemy eliminated until you stop firing. If you eliminate a good number of enemies, the damage dealt goes up five times. It is an extremely rare weapon that you can only find in the Dark zone. Combine this weapon with a Lonestar gearset and your enemies won’t stand a chance.

  1. Big Alejandro

This exotic light machine gun came with the latest update of the game. The weapon is most effective when launching melee attacks. By use of its special talent, you can fire the weapon from cover and take down your enemies. It has a high RPM and a great DPS that increases its rate of fire. Big Alejandro belongs to the category of exotic weapons that allows players to change the appearance using weapon skins. The most outstanding feature about this exotic weapon is its RPM power. Big Alejandro can fire up to 1,000 rounds per minute making it one of the best Division exotic weapons.

  1. Historian

Historian is another exotic Marksman rifle making it on our list. You can buy this weapon from the special equipment vendor located at the Terminal. One thing that makes this weapon look spectacular and unique is its wooden stock. A lot of ‘new’ weapons have dropped the traditional wooden stock and preferred the modern high-tech stocks. This weapon is incredibly powerful, and it deals up to 700% damage to the enemy depending on his firearms power. Historian exerts such massive damage by use of its special talent. This talent enables a bullet to detonate 1 second after embedding itself in the target.

  1. The Devil’s Heel

Acquiring the Devil’s Heel will give you 2 deadly weapons. You can choose to use the exotic weapons separately or use them together. Either way, the semi-automatic marksman rifles won’t fail you. However, for the best experience, I’ll advise you to use them concurrently. This is because there’s a two-piece set bonus that only activates when both weapons get equipped concurrently. This two set bonus gives you a 30% increase in Headshots stability for a maximum of 15 seconds when you use the Devil exotic weapon. Also, weapon damage increases by 15% for a maximum of 15 seconds when you use the Heel’s exotic weapon.

  1. Showstopper

This exotic shotgun came a bit earlier in the game in Update 1.3. It’s one of the best Division exotic weapons that I’ve come across so far. The showstopper is the pioneer automatic shotgun in the game. You can acquire this exotic weapon from Named bosses by completing Legendary difficulty missions. It is one of the first few weapons that allowed players to change the appearance by equipping a weapon skin. This shotgun comes with only 2 mod slots. Even though this limits the player, you can still use them for optic and under-barrel modifications. It has a high RPM and a great DPS that will destroy any enemy that comes your way.

  1. The House

Ultimately the best Division exotic weapon in the game. I’ll say without fear of contradiction that there’s no other Division exotic weapon that comes close to The House. This exotic submachine gun came with the recent update of the game. It provides bonus damage as long as you keep track of the ammo count. This weapon allows players to change the appearance by adding a weapon skin. Only a limited number of exotic weapons give room for that. The weapon is adaptable to most situations and won’t let you down. It has one of the highest damage output, and with critical damage attachments, no opponent can stand your way.

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