10 Best Normal type Pokemon

best normal type Pokemon

With many normal types assumed as weak, the best normal type Pokemon are incredibly powerful. Normal types are best in defense position rather than attack position because of their good defense. They come with various coverage options and support moves. With over 37 different normal types to choose from, here are the ten best normal type Pokemon.

  1. Dittobest normal type Pokemon

This is a 1st generation Pokemon that does not evolve. It can breed with any Pokemon regardless of the gender provided it is not another Ditto. This Pokemon has the power to transform into anything it sees and morph itself into any Pokemon. Ditto is one of the easiest to draw Pokemon. It looks like a star with a flat bottom and has two small dots that represent the eyes.

  1. Staraptorbest normal type Pokemon

This is a 4th generation secondary type Pokemon. It is made up of elements from the Flying and Normal types. Staraptor is the final evolution form of Staravia at level 34. Staravia is also an evolved form of Starly. Its physical appearance is that of a bird of prey. That’s why it’s often referred to as a Predator Pokemon. The base stats aren’t that disappointing, and it has high attack and speed stats. It exhibits powerful moves such as Aerial Ace and Final Gambit that it uses to scare off its enemies.

  1. Regigigasbest normal type Pokemon

Regigigas is one of the few legendary normal type Pokemon to appear on this list. It can only come to life when the other 3 Regi Pokemon are present in a player’s party. Regigigas is master of the Legendary Regis and does not evolve. It has black stripes on its arms and body while the feet seem to have a plant growth. This 4th generation normal type Pokemon has a powerful move called Crush Grip that it uses to demolish its enemies. It has a slow start ability that is sort of disadvantageous in battle, but given adequate time, Regigigas becomes unstoppable.

  1. Mega Kangaskhan

Mega Kangaskhan is the evolved Mega form of a Kangaskhan during battle. Kangaskhan also known as the parent Pokemon, is a normal type that is not an evolved form of any Pokemon. Mega Kangaskhan is a more powerful and stronger version of the Kangaskhan. It has a base stat total of 590, which is incredibly high. As a result, in certain Pokemon tournaments, Mega Kangaskhan is illegal. It has the physical appearance of a dinosaur-like kangaroo and has a pouch on its belly. Interestingly, Kangaskhans have no male counterparts.

  1. Porygon-Z

This is a 4th generation non-legendary normal type Pokemon with the same appearance as that of a Porygon. The only distinctive feature about this Pokemon is that it’s much darker in color. Porygon-Z is an evolved form of Porygon2, and this only occurs when a Porygon2 gets traded with a Dubious Disc. Porygon Z has tremendous power and has the highest special attack stats compared to the other normal type Pokemon. Even though it’s a bit unstable, it has plenty of useful moves that players can exploit. Moreover, it has an adaptability power that enables it to double the power of a move in battle. It’s odd appearance and behavior is a result of a programming error during its creation.

  1. Arceus

This is a 4th generation mythical Pokemon. Arceus is an alpha Pokemon believed to have created the entire Pokemon universe. He is the only normal type Pokemon that can change to another type by the use of a special plate. The total base stat of Arceus is 720 which is the highest among all non-Mega Pokemon. Additionally, it has a signature move that is unique to it. This move is called Judgement and is the move responsible for the change of type.

  1. Ursaring

This 2nd generation Pokemon looks like a wild bear. It is the final evolution form of Teddiursa. Ursaring is a powerful Pokemon mostly because of its strong crushing jaws and long claws. It uses its long claws to attack its enemies by scratching them. The reason why Ursaring is among the best normal type Pokemon is because of its powerful moves. It has amazing signature moves such as Fury swipes, Slash, Thrash, and Scratch. Most players prefer using Ursaring in battle because of its strong attack stats. It is one of the few normal type Pokemon with good attacking power.

  1. Blissey

This is a 2nd generation normal type Pokemon. It evolved from Chansey at maximum happiness. The reason why Blissey ranks so high on our list is because of its Hit Points stats. Blissey is the Pokemon with the highest base stats in HP among all normal type Pokemon. This means it can receive the highest damage in the game. There’s only a female version of Blissey; the male version is not available. Blissey often represents happiness. It has an egg on its belly and whoever receives it is believed to become happy. Additionally, it has the power to sense illness and will often make the ill person healthy again.

  1. Snorlax

Snorlax also known as the sleeping Pokemon. It’s one of the laziest Pokemon, only beaten by Slaking. It spends most of its day sleeping until it gets hungry and starts looking for food. Afterward, it will go back to sleep again. Snorlax disregards humans and often ignores people. Despite its laziness, Snorlax is an incredibly powerful Pokemon. It has a high defense and attack power, and most players prefer using it as their number one defense choice. Snorlax has a cute bear-like appearance, and because of this, most players love it. It evolved from Munchlax at level 19 with high happiness.

  1. Slaking

It’s not easy selecting the best normal type Pokemon from the huge pool of normal type Pokemon available. However, Slaking stands out as the non-legendary Pokemon with the highest base stat. Besides, it has the highest attack stat compared to the other Normal Pokemon. It has a slack off signature move that it uses to heal 50% of its HP. That said, Slaking is the laziest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe. It literally does nothing but sleep and eat. Slaking only moves when no more food is available within its reach. It looks like a gorilla-like pig making it one of the ugliest creatures in the Pokemon universe.

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