10 Best Metal Slug Games

best metal slug game

The best metal slug game typically features a gallant band of soldiers that puts a spirited fight against a combination of some rebel forces, aliens, or other opponents who want to seize control of our world. An epic battle is what you should expect. Check out the best metal slug game among other PS4 games that you can play in the list below.

  1. Metal Slug Attackbest metal slug game

Metal Slug Attack is a gaming guru that gives players a special opportunity to improve their units. It is quite distinct from its predecessors. It comes with a huge cast of actors, weapons, vehicles, and other accessories. This makes the game special. Indeed, some have described the Metal Slug Attack as among the best metal slug games of recent times.

  1. Metal Slug 7best metal slug game

Metal Slug 7 is among the few games that do not feature routes. This makes it unique. As the story unfolds, all the other unused spots in the game turn out to be perfect alternate routes. Indeed, the Metal Slug 7 is unique in the sense that it is yet to be released a second time on a different system. Moreover, it is just about the only game to exclusively feature a single hero in its major series.

  1. Metal Slug XXbest metal slug game

The reconstruction happened fast; miraculously. It was no longer easy to pick out the scars of destruction of the army-headquarter ruins. Just as the celebrations were starting, marking a return of the era of national vitality and order, it suddenly became apparent that the Morden’s soldiers were on their way coming. A six-man secret band is quickly dispatched to thwart this and eliminate the enemy. Meanwhile, the Morden forces are getting ready, swords sharpened. The stage is ripe for a mega battle, featured at Metal Slug XX. The rest, as they say, is history. Find out.

  1. Metal Slug 7best metal slug game

As a leveling map, the Metal Slug 7 utilizes the Nintendo DS touchscreen. This makes it quite easier for the hero to see it. In this way, he can figure out how to get the captured prisoners. These are known as power-ups. Metal Slug 7 beautifully introduces the menu for the Prisoner’s List. It also features the combat school mode that makes a grand comeback. The earlier console versions of the series, including the Metal Slug 2/X and Metal Slug 6, also featured this mode.

  1. Metal Slug 6

Metal Slug 6 is one of the best metal slug games around. The game beautifully introduces several mainstay elements in the drama. It even offers a new system of stocking weapons that comes close to Contra. In this game, the player is allowed to have several weapons at once. He can even switch between these weapons by pressing a button. With this, the player can get rid of weapons he doesn’t need. It comes with a much-improved combo system. This is a method by which a player earns extra points for causing more destruction to the opponent. In a thrilling climax, a huge amount of coins, translating into lots of money, pops out of the enemy after much damage is caused by the victorious character. The Metal Slug 6 is a true thriller.

  1. Metal Slug 3

The game takes the game a notch higher, improving the fortunes of Metal Slug X. In some ways, it makes everything longer, bigger, and ultimately better. There is little doubt that Metal Slug X is a perfect production. Metal Slug 3 is considered to have superior features. It comes with crazier enemies, more slugs, weapons, fluid graphics, and dozens of different paths piercing through. Most fans think of it as offering some of the best ever Metal Slug missions in the field. Moreover, it is rated as one of the best action games ever to be produced.

  1. Metal Slug 1

A good number of fans rate the Metal Slug 1 ahead of popular peers like the MS 4. There are sober reasons to think so. For one, the featured music tracks in this series are way better than what most predecessors offered. Moreover, the game has a superior level design, making everything here a renowned classic. In many ways, the Metal Slug 1 is really an excellent game. The sequels featured merely come as a bonus to boost its already high ratings.

  1. Metal Slug 2/X

Many people wondered how a successful sequel would ever come out of the original Metal Slug. The game was fantastic and seemed to have hit the roof as far as excellent gaming standards go. To everyone’s surprise, the SNK took the cue to produce their next blockbuster, and out came the surprisingly robust Metal Slug 2/X. Most fans consider this as their favorite game primarily because they rate the Mission III experience as wildly fantastic. Can you imagine getting a chance to turn either into a comically obese soldier or a mere mummy? That is the stuff that makes the Metal Slug 2/X thrilling. The bosses in the classic game also introduce an array of new gadgets, including the super grenade, the laser, and the enemy laser. The Metal Slug 2/X certainly earns its place.

  1. Metal Slug 4

Many gamers easily put the Meta Slug 4 ahead of the MS1.  Indeed, this is a highly likeable outfit. It does well despite the fact that it is actually a sequel to the excellent MS3 and the MSX. The latter pair is hailed as some of the best games that ever came out of the gaming factory. It is a thrilling game, featuring a band of diaper-clad monkeys shooting out at zombies with the sky threatening to break loose over everyone’s head. The celebrated game features more characters, enemies, weapons and slugs compared to most of its predecessors.

  1. Metal Slug 5

Some fans have mixed feelings about the Metal Slug 5. It is, however, a most exciting game that is likely underrated in comparison to its peers. Indeed, we must admit that the Metal Slug 5 got it right in a  good number of episodes. The Slug Gunner, for instance, comes out in this series, making a fantastic debut. The fight against the Black slug is epic all through to Session III. The SNKP and theTank Metcha slug give a good account of themselves and prove their pride of place. The evil metcha robots, who are the enemy, also do a good job of making the Metal Slug 5 memorable as one of the best metal slug games in record.

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