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10 Kingdom Hearts Beginning Choices

Kingdom Hearts Beginning Choices

It is essential to know what your choice does first whenever you want to select any of the Kingdom Hearts beginning choices. Just like selecting dialogue choices in Final Fantasy, every Kingdom heart game comes with a number of choices. But, I’ll major on the latest release of the game, which is Kingdom Hearts III.

  1. SwordKingdom Hearts Beginning Choices

Some players consider sword to be a natural winning order. Indeed, sword can be the best option if you want to improve your attack. Can you imagine the excitement of inflicting a significant defeat on the mighty optional bosses? Before settling on any other choice, try sword. Additionally, you’ll have more physical strength.

  1. StaffKingdom Hearts Beginning Choices

Like some players, you may first choose the sword abandoning staff, to tie up the game. Later, you may adopt the shield abandoning sword, then the invincible speedster and unchanging armor, in that order. Staff is, however, the best and only choice if you want to attain the maximum MP.

  1. ShieldKingdom Hearts Beginning Choices

Shield is a game-changer, especially for beginners. Because it is much easier to play and has many stakes in the game. For instance, it decides the abilities with which you start the game. It determines what you learn. It decides the order in which you learn. Interestingly, Sora can gradually master all the games’ vital abilities. This choice does not affect Sora’s genius because it impacts on Sora’s advantages only at the initial level. Lastly, shield improves your skills, especially on higher difficulties.

  1. MagicKingdom Hearts Beginning Choices

Magic can help you reduce every spell cast in a single combo. Moreover, it will gradually give you the power to make your combo continue in the game. You can tie the game using this pair of persuasive techniques. You will then be able to cast your most lethal spells from a reasonable distance. In case you wish to get the game to proud mode or just let it off on a speedrun, Magic Combo is one of the top kingdom hearts beginning choices.

  1. Power Of The Mystic

If you want to start at the vantage point of a mage, go for Power of the Mystic. You will drastically lower the cost of every successive magic spell that you cast in a combo. In fact, it may go down to just one. As long as you choose to start with Power of the Mystic, you are starting the game with the Magic Combo Drift. This is a great start. Moreover, you will be taught useful abilities like elemental boosts and Haste MP before learning other things. Further, you will master some great defensive tactics, including Leaf Bracer. This would help you whenever you want to cast the curative magic on the opponent.

  1. Power of The Warrior

If you want to begin the game with the advantages of the extra ground Combo, your first choice should be Power of the Warrior. Indeed, one of the best Kingdom hearts beginning choices that will enable you do greater damage to the opponent with mere physical assaults. Indeed, this choice will allow you to muster some vital physical techniques like Combo Plus and Combo Boost. All these are crucial in boosting your power with the situation-command. You will also benefit from a mastery of useful offensive magic techniques much faster than you would do if you opted to go with guardian. Why? With the former, you will learn some great abilities for defense later on in the game.

  1. Power Of The Guardian

Power of the Guardian is legendary. It will give you an added ability to control damage. In the end, with Power of the Guardian, you will find that the worst that will befall you is to suffer a mere quarter of the damage that others experience with a low HP. You can also be in a position to master a great mix of skills. You can master most skills useful for self-defense. This happens earlier in the game, thus putting you in an advantageous position. As a result of this early mastery, you will easily alternate between your magic-based skills and attack. As the game progresses, you will master other vital damage-boosting skills.

  1. Balance

You can choose to go with a middle ground, somewhere between Vitality and Wisdom. No wonder it is referred to as Balance. With this choice, a player typically begins his game with less HP and more MP for a start. You will soon discover, as the game advances, that your magic is hurtling higher than the attack. This is even though you began the game with more starting MP and less HP. Ultimately, if you decide to go with Balance, it is clear that magic will decidedly carry the favor all the way.

  1. Vitality

Most fans find it interesting: Vitality has proved, over time, that it is the very opposite of Wisdom, in terms of effect and result. What is the secret of success when you choose to start the game with vitality? With this, you may begin with a lower MP and a higher HP. In time, you will discover that your attack is much faster than magic. Do you wish to have your attack outpacing your magic every time you play? You have only one choice to make this happen. Choose vitality. Moreover, this choice allows you to use Sora as your raging beat stick. Further, choose Sora if you don’t want to keep blocking during the game. The reason is simple: vitality allows Sora to start with the highest possible HP.

  1. Wisdom

It is relatively easy to settle on Wisdom as the best kingdom hearts beginning choices. Without a doubt, it is one of the best beginning choice for any player. Once you pick on Wisdom, you can start the game with a higher MP and a lower HP. Soon, you will discover that your magic has more impact than the attack. Choose Wisdom if you care about magic power and care less about overall health. It is the best choice to make if you prefer casting magic than direct combat. All in all, selecting which choice to use heavily depends on your playstyle.

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