Top 10 Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Songs

The Kingdom Hearts series as always had fantastic music especially from the Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack. No matter the title, platform, year, or story, every time you pick up a KH game you are going to hear some excellent music. We can thank Yoko Shimomura for that as she is the lead composer for just …

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Thoughts on the Upcoming KH: Melody of Memory

Many people who are not largely invested in the Kingdom Hearts franchise may look at the newly announced rhythm-action game, Melody of Memory and see it as fun spin off title for fans of the series. However, as a KH diehard since I was old enough to hold a controller, believe me when I tell …

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10 Kingdom Hearts Beginning Choices

Kingdom Hearts Beginning Choices

It is essential to know what your choice does first whenever you want to select any of the Kingdom Hearts beginning choices. Just like selecting dialogue choices in Final Fantasy, every Kingdom heart game comes with a number of choices. But, I’ll major on the latest release of the game, which is Kingdom Hearts III. …

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