best longboard wheels

Best Longboard Wheels

What could be the best longboard wheels for your skateboard?  The ideal wheels for your longboard would be determined by how fast you ...
AKG K612 Pro

AKG K612 Pro Review

Buy on Amazon Have you been looking for an AKG K612 Pro review you can trust? How would you like to own a ...
Best Longboard Trucks

Best Longboard Trucks

  You may want to get a custom made board and are wondering where to get the best longboard trucks for your board.  ...
Pokemon girls

10 Best Pokemon girls

Pokemon girls are the best trainers around. Today we’ll have a countdown of the best female characters in Pokemon. This list will incorporate ...
best bloodborne weapons

10 Best Bloodborne Weapons

Choose the best Bloodborne weapons and become a nightmare to your enemies. Even though, Bloodborne does not have many weapons compared to games ...
best sims 3 expansion

10 Best Sims 3 expansion

Sims 3 released 11 expansions in total, find out the best sims 3 expansion packs in this article. Sims 3 follows the same ...
worst pokemon

Top 10 worst Pokemon

Let’s analyze the absolute worst Pokemon ever created. There are over 800 Pokemon released in all generations combined. Not all of them appeal ...
Minecraft parodies

10 Best Minecraft Parodies

Minecraft has a community of creative, talented geniuses who produce so many Minecraft parodies that are released annually. Minecraft lovers release some of ...
Best fire emblem game

10 Best Fire Emblem game

The ever-growing popularity of this Nintendo made game has had many players debating on which is the best Fire Emblem game. This article ...
Fortnite Sucks

10 reasons why fortnite sucks

There are plenty of reasons why Fortnite sucks. I wouldn’t mention all of them because they’re inexhaustible. However, I’ll consider the major reasons ...
Best electric pokemon

10 Best Electric Pokemon

Choosing the best electric Pokemon is quite a hurdle. There are plenty of good electric-type monsters among different generations in the Pokemon universe. ...
easy to draw pokemon

10 easy to draw pokemon

There are lots of easy to draw Pokemon due to their simple design or appearance. Some are quite easy to draw, while others ...
best anno game

10 Best Anno Games

The Anno series consists of many wonderful games; it’s difficult to know the best Anno game. Each game installment has its unique title, ...

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