10 Best Windows 95 Games

Best Windows 95 Games

The Best Windows 95 Games are readily available for all gaming fans. Most of these games are usually shareware. Nevertheless, you can get a few freeware games as well. A player can often access these games separately through a browser that can be quickly installed. Here is our list of the top 10 best Windows …

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10 Best Persona songs

I’ll analyze the best persona songs in the whole series. This list will contain the most memorable songs from the first entry in the series to the sixth entry. Each entry in the franchise had eclectic soundtracks from a variety of genres. Below are a few of the best songs from the whole series so …

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The 10 Best PVE Games

best PvE games

The best PvE games come with fantastic options for gameplay. You will get plenty of content, characterized by the ‘player versus the environment’ concept.  Moreover, the best PvE games typically feature fighting episodes with adversaries that are not controlled by the player. This contrasts sharply with games based on player-controlled adversaries. A few common features …

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10 best isometric rpgs

best isometric RPGs

The best isometric RPGs are generally characterized by real-time combat, in-depth character creation, great gamer mechanics, scores of NPS characters. Additionally, there a host of elements that can readily join your party whenever you want. Yes, this is what it takes to make the best isometric RPGs. Also, Check out the best nes rpgs here. …

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10 Best 4 Player Wii Games

4 player Wii games

Do you like party games? Go for the best 4 player Wii games you can get. The Wii party will make you proud.  You want a machine that is fully equipped for this. A user-friendly machine will do the job fine. The bonus is a fantastic control system, designed to enhance the player’s experience by …

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10 Best Dsiware Games

Best Dsiware Games

Having the chance to enjoy the best DSiware games in the market is quite an experience. For years now, the Nintendo platform has given fans access to a wonderful library full of DSiWare games. I am one of the most ardent lovers of the DSiWare games phenomenon. As a result, I took some time to …

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10 Best RPGs with Character Creation

Best RPGs with Character Creation

Gaming fans prefer the best RPGs with character creation aspects. They want a game they can enjoy and value the creativity that goes with it. Happily, quite many recent games come with an exciting character creation system. Below is a list of the best RPGs with Character Creation. I hope this will prove to be …

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10 Games with Skill trees

games with Skill trees

Many modern games with skill trees don’t always live up to their billing. Rather than make the gameplay have a twisted and thrilling storyline, for instance, they often feature drab and uninspiring plot-lines. This does not mean that gaming fans cannot enjoy some fascinating games with skill trees. On the contrary, they can always enjoy …

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Top 10 Best Jedi Outcast Mods

Jedi Outcast Mods

The best Jedi outcast mods feature exciting and intriguing elements of gameplay that are a sure thrill for the hordes of gamers and Star Wars fans. If you want to extend the entertainment beyond what you got earlier in the popular Star Wars menu, Jedi outcast mods are the way to go. Portray your Jedi …

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10 Best NES RPGs


The best NES RPGs have always been a runaway favorite for many. Moreover, they are often filled with plenty of mysteries, unanswered questions, intrigues, and theories. The Nintendo games offer a highly thrilling experience that takes you right into the world of dragons, dungeons, and similar out-of-the-world. Let us dive right in and explore the …

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Top 10 PSP RPGs

best PSP RPGs

It wasn’t easy selecting the best PSP RPGs to feature on this list. Hence, there are hundreds of amazing RPGs games out there that I haven’t featured here. This list will include game remakes and remastered ports. Here are the best PSP RPGs that have created a big sensation in the gaming world. Legend of …

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10 Kingdom Hearts Beginning Choices

Kingdom Hearts Beginning Choices

It is essential to know what your choice does first whenever you want to select any of the Kingdom Hearts beginning choices. Just like selecting dialogue choices in Final Fantasy, every Kingdom heart game comes with a number of choices. But, I’ll major on the latest release of the game, which is Kingdom Hearts III. …

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10 Best Metal Slug Games

best metal slug game

The best metal slug game typically features a gallant band of soldiers that puts a spirited fight against a combination of some rebel forces, aliens, or other opponents who want to seize control of our world. An epic battle is what you should expect. Check out the best metal slug game among other PS4 games …

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10 Best version of ff4

Best version of ff4

The epic release of Final Fantasy IV by Square Enix came along with different versions, we sure are going to explore the best version of FF4. Keeping in mind that the most recent version may not always be the best, all are interesting but one is always better than the other. Surprisingly enough FF4 is …

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10 Best Lumberjack Deck

Best Lumberjack Deck

It would be quite tactful, when playing Clash Royale, to utilize the best Lumberjack deck in your game approach. Remember that the Lumberjack happens to be the major card in the deck. It offers both a rage spell drop and incredible speed. Moreover, the Lumberjack can effectively defend the guards, goblins, graveyard, and minor. It …

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10 Easiest Junglers

Easiest Junglers

Beginners are advised to pick the easiest junglers to earn gold, experience, and level up in the game. A jungler is expected to clear jungle camps and maximize resource allocation. New players are expected to pick champions that will help them farm jungle creeps easily at the start of the game. Picking the easiest junglers …

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10 Fallout 4 Best Headgear

Fallout 4 Best Headgear

Having a Fallout 4 best headgear will complement your set of armor in several ways. Wearing a good headgear reduces the chances of having a traumatic head injury and reduces the severity of the injury. Helmets play a small role in the game, and some players dependent on Fallout 4 perks can even go without …

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10 Best Yugioh Card Sleeves

Best Yugioh Card Sleeves

Always protect your collection using the best Yugioh card sleeves to avoid damaging them over time. Leaving your cards exposed makes them prone to damage and ruins their appearance. Yugioh rarity cards need protection the most since they’re very difficult to acquire. Different types of card sleeves accommodate different types of decks; hence, you may …

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10 Hardest Overwatch Heroes

Overwatch hardest heroes

When it comes to selecting the hardest Overwatch heroes people have different opinions and views. Overwatch like other games you can play in PS4 is a team-based, first-person shooter game. It has over 30 characters that players can choose. Each player has his/her unique characteristics and conduct of play, depending on the role they play …

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10 Best Shields in Skyrim

Players who want to boost their defensive stats have to acquire the best shields in Skyrim. Shields are pretty advantageous, especially when one is involved in open melee combat. A key point to remember is that shields are most effectively used by one-handed combatants, especially those using light armor sets. Listed below are the best …

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