Skyrim Greatswords

10 Best Greatswords in Skyrim

Skyrim Greatswords deal a lot of damage compared to common weapons. Some Greatswords have special enchantments which make them more efficient and deadly ...
god cards

10 Best god cards

God cards are among the most powerful cards in Yugioh. They’re unique and come with pretty good effects. However, summoning these cards is ...
best Kinect games

10 Best Kinect Games

Once you purchase a Kinect, finding the best Kinect games can be quite a hurdle. There are hundreds of good Kinect games out ...
best solo board games

10 Best Solo Board Games

There are tons of good board games, but let’s only concentrate on the best solo board games. These are games made for an ...
dragon link monsters

10 Best Yugioh link Monsters

There are so many powerful dragon link monsters; we’re spoilt for choice. The introduction of link monsters brought about many changes in Yugioh, ...
Skyrim helmets

10 Best Skyrim Helmets

Skyrim Helmets allows the Dragonborn to deal great damage without affecting his Hp much. This is because your character head receives more pounding ...
funny Yugioh cards

10 Funniest Yugioh Cards

There are many funny Yugioh cards out there. Some card names don’t make any sense at all. There are other cards with funny ...
banned Yugioh cards

10 Banned Yugioh Cards

Forbidden cards didn’t exist till the year 2004, in recent years the number of banned Yugioh cards have relatively increased. There’s an updated ...
coolest shiny pokemon

10 Coolest Shiny Pokemon

Finding the coolest shiny Pokemon is not an easy task for many Pokemon players. Many players give up on the first or second ...

10 Best Yugioh Card rarities

Yugioh card rarity is measurable by the level of difficulty in acquiring the card. There’s always that nostalgic feeling you have when you ...

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