10 Best Smite gods

best Smite gods

Smite has many gods, and players find it hard to know the best Smite gods. All the gods have different roles and have different formats of play. Some gods can be a bit difficult to play with while others are much easier. This article will cover a variety of God types and won’t rank according to Meta rather how useful they are in the game. Check out the best Smite gods below.

  1. Thorbest Smite gods

Thor, the god of thunder, is one of the best Smite gods with excellent mobility. You can use him to make agile attacks and long-range attacks to your enemies. This is because he can leap into the air and deal great damage to his enemies when he lands on them. He also has one of the highest single target damage compared to the other Smite gods.

  1. Ramabest Smite gods

Rama is a mobile character with very high attack speed. You can use him in the offensive attacks because he has an excellent escape plan. Additionally, you must train in skillshots to perfect his shots. Hence if you don’t use him right, you won’t unleash his full potential. He is one of the few Smite gods that can deliver long-range attacks using Astral Arrows and cripple his targets.

  1. Bacchusbest Smite gods

Bacchus is one funny Smite god. First of all, he drinks while on the battlefield. Funny enough, this is how he gains most of his powers, and he is much weaker when sober. For Bacchus to unleash his full power, he has to start by drinking from his jug of liquor. This will give him additional buffs and the power to conquer his enemies. Another funny ability of his is called the Belly Flop ability. Using the Belly Flop ability, Bacchus can use his belly to land on his enemies and deal great damage on them. Lastly, he has a Belching ability whereby he lets out a loud belch that debuffs enemy healing. If you want some fun while playing Smite, then this is the god to select.

  1. Ymir

Ymir can block even the strongest enemy using his Ice Wall ability. Ymir deploys frost in the battleground and prevents enemy progression in the battlefield. The Ice Wall ability allows him to block his enemies with a block of Ice. If deployed at the right time, not even the strongest enemy can escape from the wall of Ice. There’s also another powerful ability that Ymir possesses called Frost Breath. Frost Breath makes enemies at close quarters, stunned. This hinders further battle progression for a considerable amount of time. Lastly, there’s the Ultimate Ymir ability called Shards of Ice that does damage to enemies in close range when frozen air erupts.

  1. Ares

Ares is a guardian and a very powerful Smite god. He is best used to stop a group of vicious enemies. His abilities can be combined, and he becomes a formidable force. Ares ultimate ability allows him to chain all the enemies that come close to his quarters. This ultimate ability gives him the chance to deal great damage on his opponents and also stuns them for some time. Lastly, his ability called Shackles that can cripple his enemies and give him the chance of making a hit at them.

  1. Thanatos

This scythe bearing god is even scary to look at. He wreaks havoc whenever he steps in the Arena and has a powerful ability called Death Scythe. This ability allows him to deliver damage to his opponents using a Scythe and reduce the maximum health of enemy gods by 10%. The Death Scythe can also heal Thanatos whenever he is injured and slow down his enemies by 3 seconds. His black wings come in handy when he uses his Ultimate ability, Hovering Death. Using this ability, he can fly up in the air and pick his targets.

  1. Kukulkan

Kukulkan is another powerful mage that appears on our list. He is one Smite god that is present in almost all the Arena matches; he rarely misses a match. Just like the other Smite gods, Kukulcan has very powerful abilities that can take down even the strongest opponents. He has a powerful ability called the Whirlwind ability. This ability allows Kukulkan to create a tornado that will deal great damage to the eney gods and minions at close range. He also uses this ability to move the enemies that try to get close to his quarters. Moreover, it can prevent enemies from advancing further in battle. Lastly, he can spawn a dragon spirit which deals huge damage on his enemies.

  1. Ra

This is one Smite god that a few players find it hard to play with. This is because Ra demands effective use of his skills. He uses his sniper skills to deliver long range shots to his enemy. Ra has the power to summon a sun beam that has very high speed and deals massive damage on his enemies. For Arena matches, Ra uses his Solar blessing ability. Lastly, he has a very high healing potential and uses his power to heal his allies.

  1. Guan Yu

Guan Yu is a warrior type Smite god. His ability to self-heal makes him a fierce opponent to face in battle. You cannot easily kill him because of his mobility skills, and he can also take a considerable amount of damage before he dies. He has a unique ability that works to his advantage and his allies’ advantage. This ability is called conviction, and whenever he gets injured in battle, he can use it to heal himself and his allies. Also, he can deploy the Taolu Assault, which uses blades to slice enemies at close range. The Taolu Assault best used when he wants to progress further in battle. Guan Yu is extremely good in battle and will lead you to victory.

  1. Vulcan

Vulcan is a beast in the Arena. His Turret is one of the best high damage poke. I think Thor’s Hammer is no match for Vulcan’s Turret, especially in close-range battles. Vulcan is a burst mage Smite god and has a unique ability called Inferno cannon. This unique ability he possesses allows him to shoot fireballs towards his enemies, and it deals great damage. This unique power is best in the Arena for enemies that try to get close to your quarters. Vulcan also possesses a Magma Bomb. This is a destructive bomb that upon explosion kills all enemy gods close to his portal. Vulcan is one of the best Smite gods and has a great poke in the game.

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