10 Best Roblox games

Best Roblox games

We’re here to uncover the best Roblox games for your family and children. Roblox is an online multiplayer game creation platform with Millions of games to enjoy. It’s so much fun creating games, adventures and playing games with friends across the world. Roblox has plenty of games that look similar in aesthetic. Here are some of the best Roblox games that you can enjoy playing.

  1. Roblox High SchoolBest Roblox games

This is a high school simulator game that brings back the High School experience. By playing this game, you’ll bring back high school memories and feel the nostalgia. You can interact with other players on the platform and share your experience. You’re rewarded by the amount of time you stay in the game. You can use the rewards to buy items like motorcycles, pets, etc.

  1. Booga BoogaBest Roblox games

This is a miniature version of Minecraft. It’s one of the best Roblox game that gives you a Minecraft experience. It shares similar objectives with Minecraft, and only a few aspects are different. The main goals that players have are to kill animals, craft weapons, and mine. Only the names of a few ores are different from the ones in Minecraft. Otherwise, Booga Booga gives you the same experience you’ll receive while playing Minecraft.

  1. Super Bomb SurvivalBest Roblox games

This game is created the same way as Natural Disaster Survival. The main objective is to run away from explosives and seek a haven. You’ll have to evade many explosive materials to remain in one piece. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself disintegrated into many pieces. They’re so many threats in this game, and you’ll have to find new escape routes every time a threat comes up. Such as dynamites that explode when the timer runs out and fires caused by explosions.

  1. Ghost Simulator

Ghost Simulator has a lot of similarities with Clicker games. This is because its main functionality works by clicking on a ghost to suck it up. Players get rewarded by the number of Ghosts that they can suck up with their vacuum cleaners. The player is given the role to cleanse the world by removing ghosts. You’ll move around towns, forests, and deserts in the aim of ghost cleansing. Complete different quests in the game and earn more rewards.

  1. Fashion Famous

Lovers of fashion and trends will definitely like this game. This multiplayer game allows players to create outfits based on the theme given. You have to dress to kill in this game for you to stand out. Furthermore, Players can dye their hair and apply makeup on their faces to have them looking spectacular. There’s a given time for a player to get prepared. Once the time is up, players are expected to come out. All players do a catwalk before judges who are their peers. You can unlock a special VIP room which has interesting fashion accessories in it by a one-off purchase.

  1. Natural Disaster Survival

This game shares a few aspects with PUBG. Well, the main goal of the game is to find cover from various natural disasters designed to kill you. There many natural disasters that you’ll face, including but not limited to Earthquakes, Flash floods, etc. You have to ensure you survive in the Island by seeking safe shelter. Only the best players will survive playing this game, or else you’ll find yourself killed by a natural disaster. Safe havens include at the top of glass towers in the Island, although it might not be a safe place during an earthquake.

  1. Jailbreak

Jailbreak is the Grand Theft Auto game for kids. This game gives players the option of either becoming police officers or criminals. For example, for players who choose to become criminals, their main objective is to escape from Prison. While the main goal, if you choose to become a law enforcer, is to ensure no one escapes from Prison. But I’d rather choose to become a criminal because it’s more fun. The game has plenty of side missions, which is also fun. This game is one of the best Roblox games as it keeps receiving updates.

  1. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Become a Theme park manager with this Roblox game. One amazing thing about this game is that you can build parks with your pals. This is a decent simulation game whereby you manage establishments such as Theme Park. Constructing an incredible park will have many visitors flowing in the park. As a result, you’ll earn enough revenue to keep your business running and also expand the park. It has a few challenges that make it much more interesting. Just like ‘Work at a Pizza Place,’ it provides you with a tutorial on how to create and manage a successful theme park. Keep your guests happy and earn more revenue than your rivals.

  1. Work at a Pizza Place

This role-playing game gives players the responsibility of managing a Pizza Parlour. Players have the power to choose their suitable work positions. They can choose to either Work as Delivery guys, Pizza chef, Pizza boxer or supplier. It also provides players with tutorials for any particular role that they choose to play. Besides, switching of roles is allowed. For example, if you choose to become a Delivery guy, then you feel the position doesn’t suit you, you can change to a better position of your choice. Play’ Work at a Pizza Place’ and discover how fun it is.

  1. Phantom Forces

Ever played Call of Duty, especially the multiplayer mode? Then Phantom Forces is the ‘Call of Duty’ of Roblox games. This game players to choose the class of their own and face their opponents. The game also has different modes depending on the number of maps. Players can choose to play either King of the Hill or a Deathmatch game mode. With the recent update, players can upgrade their weapons depending on their ranks. You earn rewards and increase your rank by the number of kills you make. There’s a decent weapons selection although new players have a limited choice of weapons.

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