Fallout 4 how to get out of power armor

Fallout 4 how to get out of power armor

In Fallout 4 how to get out of power armor is often a question that not so many players know the answer. Power armor is a unique multi-component armor unit that has a base frame and uses a fusion core as its primary source of power. The fusion core often gets depleted, depending on the rate of depletion. Once depleted, the power armor becomes a burden as it restricts a player’s movement. Moreover, a player cannot use V.A.T.S once the fusion core gets drained. For this reason, a player has to find a way of getting rid of the power armor.

The Fallout 4 power armor is a little bit different compared to the one in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. This is because it requires no training whatsoever to use it. Players can acquire it very early in the game. Furthermore, they’re allowed to modify, repair and customize their metal suits in whichever way they prefer. Power armor suits are a symbol of mechanized power as they boost the player’s strength beyond the normal limit. They provide total body armor completely negating all fall damage. Therefore, you can even hop down from a skyscraper without dealing any damage or health reduction.

Basic Facts about the Power Armor

  • If you undertake activities that consume AP, the Fusion Core will be drained quickly.
  • Power armor parts can be repaired and customized at power armor stations.
  • It can be stolen, so make sure you always remove the fusion core.

Regardless of how amazing and secure you feel when you’re inside the power armor, there comes a time that you’ll need to hop out. You should note that exiting the power armor sometimes overrides the Quick Hand perk thus making reload times slower. To fix this, players need to switch their weapons occasionally. Below are steps you can follow in Fallout 4 how to get out of power armor.

You can get out of your power armor using default mappings on your console:

  • Xbox

-Press and hold button A on your controller. This will get you out of the power armor.

  • PlayStation

-Press and hold the cross button (X). This will get you out of the power armor.

  • PC

-On your keyboard, press and hold E key. This will get you out of the power armor.

Basically, the same buttons that were used to get you in the power armor are the same that you’ll use to get out of the power armor. Unless you changed the control scheme, the default buttons are A, X and E for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The process is that simple.

Once you exit your power armor, you should find a nice location to store it, especially a location that has a Power Armor Station. If you can’t find a place with a Power Armor station, go ahead and keep it at one of your Fallout 4 settlements. Make sure it is a place you can easily access and don’t forget to carry extra fusion cores wherever you go.

Steps on how to completely get rid of a Power Armor Frame(s)

Nevertheless, some players feel like they’ve collected more than enough power armor frames and feel the need to discard the power armor from their inventory. To do this, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Click on Frame in your console.
  2. If it is already enabled, disable it.
  • After disabling, check to see if it has disappeared.
  1. Then mark it as deleted.
  2. Power armor frames should be completely removed on your next load.

This method also works for players that feel like replacing their original Power Armor Frame with a newer frame. Keep in mind that dropping the original frame does not permanently delete it from your inventory as it will keep coming back. If you cannot get rid of your original Power Armor Frame using the above method, the only option left is to scrap it entirely.

N/B: Players should always make sure they save their game before using any console commands. If anything does go wrong while messing with the commands, they can revert to their previously saved game.

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