Fallout 4 largest settlements

Fallout 4 largest settlements

Owning one of Fallout 4 largest settlements will give you access to a considerable amount of supplies and plenty of space. There are various settlements of different sizes in Fallout 4, and players are allowed to change settlements as often as they wish. Base building gives players the power to create their own mini-empires and build a ton of settlements. Some settlements can be unlocked by discovering the settlement location or clearing out baddies. However, others require players to take part in radiant Faction quests. Here are some of Fallout 4 largest settlements.

  1. Somerville PlaceFallout 4 largest settlements

This settlement is located south of Egret Tours Marina, on the opposite side of the river. It is one of the settlements unlocked by participating in a radiant quest for resident humans given by Preston Garvey. It is a medium-sized settlement that you can use to build a shelter and a small farm. There’s also enough space to produce defenses for the settlement. The settlement can be highlighted by Minuteman radiant quest if not yet secured.

  1. Kingsport LighthouseFallout 4 largest settlements

It is located between the Slog farm and Finch farm, which are east of Midway point, North East of the map. It is a huge settlement that comes with its own Lighthouse, dock, and a nice house. There are plenty of resources available in the settlement that you can use to scrap junk and build your defense. To obtain it, you must defeat the children of the Atom Members as they’re willing to defend it no matter the cost. The settlement can be highlighted by a Railroad radiant quest if not yet secured.

  1. Echo Lake LumberFallout 4 largest settlements

This settlement is found on an isolated place west side of the Island. The nearest locations to this settlement are Atom’s Spring and Bgrney’s Bait, west of Arcadia. You must be willing to travel a long distance and get your feet wet to reach this settlement. The settlement is a former lumber mill, which makes it a suitable place for a great base. You’ll need to do a lot of garbage clearing because the settlement was abandoned for some time. However, there are tons of resources such as wood and other building materials available, making it easier to create your desired settlement. Also, there’s plenty of space for farming and housing settlers. Moreover, it is easy to defend; thus, you can go ahead and increase your number of settlers. You have to complete the Turn back the fog side quest to obtain it.

  1. Vault 88Fallout 4 largest settlements

Vault 88 is a huge seamless settlement that can serve as your new underground home. It has a vast space that can be used for any purpose. To obtain it, you’ll have to complete the Vault-Tec Workshop mini-campaign triggered by passing through the Quincy Quarries area. The Vault-Tec Workshop is available after completion of the Better living underground quest. This quest will give you the power to access prototype technology, which you can use to improve the lives of your settlers.

  1. GraygardenFallout 4 largest settlements

This settlement is located North West of Diamond City, west of Starlight Drive-In. The settlement has its own robots and a large greenhouse. The greenhouse is used to boost food production for your settlers. You can build to the overpass column and it is easy to defend. To obtain it, you must complete the troubled water quest. This quest requires you to murder the robot inhabitants to create ample space for your settlers.

  1. Warwick Homestead

This settlement is located south of Jamaica Plan, southeast of the map. It is an abandoned waste treatment plant located in a vast area that you can use to build your desired settlement. The indoor ex-factory provides good defense and accommodation for your settlers. There’s a large farmland for food production, and a few gourd plants are already planted. You can unlock it by completing a minuteman quest or the quest for building better crops for resident humans.

  1. Abernathy Farm

It is located south of the Sanctuary Hills, southwest of Red Rocket Truck Stop. It is a simple farm with an electrical pylon at the center. The Abernathy Farm has the highest building limitation in the entire game, with players are allowed to build up to 20 stories. It has a vast farmland for food production and a wall that offers modest defense. To unlock it, you must complete the quest of Returning the favor.

  1. The Castle

It is located Northeast of Jamaica Plan, east end of the Peninsula. The castle has enough beds for your settlers, an electrical system, a water purifier, and a stash of turrets. It is the ideal settlement for players that don’t like building settlements from the ground up as it does not need much customization. Its walls provide for a good defense system. You can unlock it during the Minuteman faction questline, which can be completed before endgame events. However, you’ll still have to complete the Old Guns quest to access it.

  1. Sanctuary Hills

This settlement is found east of your starting vault, at the northwest point of the map. It can still be visited during the main quest. It is one of Fallout 4 largest settlements with plenty of supplies to get you started in the game. The settlement can be easily defended without a physical defense system. This is because low-level enemies only surround it. To unlock this settlement, you must complete the main questline mission. This will, in turn, open up the Sanctuary quest and Minuteman faction quests.

  1. Spectacle Island

Without a doubt, its size makes it the biggest among all Fallout 4 largest settlements listed before. It is a massive private Island and the settlement with the most extensive square footage in the entire game. Spectacle Island has a decent height limitation and full of potential. The settlement comes with free power supplied by a ship generator. It has a natural defense system by the ocean that surrounds it hence easy to defend. To unlock it, you must kill all the Mirelurks and turn on the power.

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